After all, this is boring.

/October 2023

"did I run naked at this time last year?"

I used to say this joke every year when I was changing seasons.

this is due to my previous consumption habit of giving me the same amount of money to buy clothes. I would rather buy a bunch of different styles but of mediocre quality, so that they can wear the same clothes every day and save some money. I don't want to buy some high-priced and high-quality ones, which in my opinion is expensive and boring.

and for a long time I was complacent about it, thinking that this method had the best of both worlds and filled the wardrobe with money-saving methods, which was the king of cost-effective.

until one time I heard a girl I liked for a long time inadvertently say, "Why are you wearing this again today?"

at that moment I stood still and felt like an idiot.

because the pile of cheap clothes bought every year is always quickly eliminated because of quality problems, look at the wardrobe at the change of season, either fade or lose hair, and there are very few people who can wear them out properly.

in fact, many people are suffering from "saving money":

more than one friend has complained to me about his 16g mobile phone, making them worry about what should be deleted to make the phone work properly, constantly forcing them to make painful choices.

or the chicken rib cosmetics that little girls bought cheaply for a while, put on a powder-stuck foundation, and feel sorry if they want to throw it away, so they can only be tortured repeatedly.

wait until time goes by and people finally find that those chicken rib items can no longer be used, they have to abandon them, and finally find that they leave only a pile of rubbish and a very poor user experience.

I do not know since when, we are always looking for cost-effective, in order to save the small money, but do not hesitate to give up more time and experience, making our lives troublesome.

the price-to-performance ratio is important, but it seems too pathetic to be scared in every aspect and afraid to give yourself a good experience.

Lao Bai works in Shanghai, with a salary of 7k +, which is not very low, but his life still seems to be quite strapped.

he told me that because the conditions at home were not very good, after receiving his salary every month, he would first transfer money home and buy things for his parents during the holidays, which made Lao Bai famous in his hometown. No matter whether he was a relative or neighbor, he knew that his family had made a promising white man and had a good time in the big city.

so every time an acquaintance passes through Shanghai, or whose child wants to travel to Shanghai on holiday, everyone will be the first to think of Lao Bai, and Lao Bai is a person who will not refuse, and because of the face of his parents, it is convenient to book hotel tickets for those acquaintances every month.

"when I remembered that when I got my first month's salary, my colleagues around me added new equipment to me, and at that time I also wanted to buy an iPhone5 I had in mind and replace the millet I had used for a long time." Lao Bai told me, "obviously I can afford it, but I dare not buy it. I always feel that it is not a necessity and it is too extravagant. At that time, I wanted to break a dollar into two pieces."

later, after Lao Bai changed his boss, he was wearing small shoes everywhere, and his work became more and more unpleasant, but because he was reluctant to give up this salary, he had to keep going and endure the hardships brought by life day after day.

until the day the millet, which had been used for several years, was broken, the emotion that Lao Bai had accumulated for a long time finally broke out with the fragmentation of the mobile phone screen. Lao Bai called me that day and said a lot of nonsense with choking words. Finally, I only heard one sentence:

"I have worked hard for three years, and the money I have earned is used at home and spent for my friends. Even for relatives who can't hit the pole, I'm the only one who has never flattered myself half a time. "

when I saw Lao Bai again later, he had already used iPhone 7 Plus. He told me with a smile that his demand for a mobile phone was not that big, and it was enough to buy a millet, but when he used iPhone, he was still very happy to enjoy that kind of refreshing user experience.

at that time, he suddenly felt that he had been through so much that it was worth it, and he finally had a chance to save himself from haggling over the "value for money".

it's not about vanity or luxury, it's like a medal for the soldiers who fought in the bloody battle of battlefield, so that he has the courage to continue to fight those hardships and to once again gain the motivation to fight for his family and the future.

I have seen a survey question on the Internet before: "what things do you think are very expensive when you buy them, but feel good and worthwhile to use after buying them?"

people's answers include, but are not limited to, iPhone, Mac computers, Kindle, and electric toothbrushes, all of which conquer their owners with an extremely high user experience.

many people always cling to the apparent value of something and like to calculate its performance-to-price ratio with visible costs, while those invisible values are always ignored.

on the contrary, what you think is free is just free, and the debt due will always be made up with something else, including, but not limited to, wasting your time and torturing your experience.

however, it must be recognized that not pursuing the ratio of performance to price excessively does not mean living an extravagant life, spending money lavishly, nor unrealistically shining on lipstick packets.

it means to maximize the price of the money in your pocket as much as you can.It's worth it, to use it for you.

for example, dare to pay for high-quality content in order to learn and improve yourself.

for example, eat a better meal when you are sad and lost, to find the motivation for your life.

another example is to buy a kindle. From then on, when you go out, you can no longer hold a book as heavy as a brick, and you can read it in fragmented time.

recently, I bought Xiaohe's electric toothbrush, which made me more firm in my "not saving money in order to save money" lifestyle.

according to the homework I have done, manual toothbrushes do not effectively remove dental plaque, and the Corkland Library study shows that electric toothbrushes have 21% less plaque and 11% less gingivitis than manual brushes after three months.

most importantly, electric toothbrushes do not have any drawbacks, which can be said to be a good product in the era of consumer upgrading.

I remember the dentist said that it takes three minutes to brush my teeth. In fact, I often don't have this kind of patience every day. I do things hastily for one minute, resulting in dirty brushes and residues, while electric toothbrushes will give you a time of two minutes. 30 seconds in each area, I will remind you if I want to change the area.

I also heard that toothbrushes have to be changed every three months, but I can never remember that my toothbrush has been used for a few months, and the electric toothbrush will prompt automatically after three months, which is simply too smart.

for lazy cancer patients like me, Xiaohe family is the good news for me in the electric toothbrush industry. Watching a good-looking toothbrush make my lips red and teeth white every day, brushing my teeth, which I originally hated, has become a great happiness after getting up every day.

using a good electric toothbrush can not only enhance the cleaning experience, but also maximize the protection of your dental health, but also add points to your personal temperament. In fact, it is also a high-yield long-term investment.

I think that this is to let the money in my pocket serve me and create more value, rather than a life that revolves around a couple of taels of silver.

in this era full of capital, many people have forgotten what the meaning of life is, and all they have in their heads is how to survive and how to live.

in their eyes, whether reading, working, or anything else, the ultimate goal is for money. It seems that people are born with a money acquirer, and everyone's goal in life is to "become a more powerful money taker as possible".

money is important, but don't forget that saving, saving and making money are only a way for us to live a better life, not an end.

money can play many roles in our lives. It can be a proof of your ability, a basis for survival, a condition for happiness and happiness, a prerequisite for buying knowledge and growth, but only. It should never be the meaning of your life.

good night.

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