As a native of Dongguan, it seems normal to be misunderstood.

/October 2023

Wang Nima sent a MV yesterday. Adapted from Zhao Lei's Chengdu, it sings in Dongguan.

two of the sentences go like this: "you will gently take off my sleeves and I will unbutton you with one hand."

12 hours later, the Weibo message was forwarded more than 20, 000 times. The audio version has also been uploaded to NetEase Yun Music. I can't see the number of broadcasts. I only know that there are more than 1500 comments under Dongguan. Most of the comments are such as "pilgrimage", "the third anniversary of industrial upgrading" and "regret not going there".

and in that Weibo post, a popular comment read: "the word Dongguan is intriguing."

707 people liked it.

as a native of Dongguan, I always feel a little uncomfortable when I see this interpretation.

"Dongguan" is actually a kind of plant. In the past, Dongguan was a water village, rich in Dongguan grass, so it was named "Dongguan". However, Chinese people have an extraordinary ability to interpret characters, and the division of "Xi" into "sex" and "finish" is exactly in line with most people's impression of Dongguan:

A city that has something to do with sex.

obviously most of them have never been to Dongguan or experienced that kind of service, but they always pretend to be "regular customers" and talk about the so-called "service" on the Internet. They self-righteously have the so-called "respect" for the city, but it is just another kind of ridicule.

these remarks can actually be summed up as "regional black". And the region is black, among all the cursing words, it is the lowest and the least level one.

it's as if every time I watch a live game, some malicious Marines will deliberately take a rhythm and say some slang such as "steal manhole covers and guess a place name". Although it is low-end and boring, it can always provoke a big dispute. Henan people will scold on the bullet screen: "did Henan people steal you?"

those water armies continued to fan the flames, pretending to represent the people of the whole country, to run and laugh at Henan.

in this way, the people of Henan were isolated in that studio. Originally, they just watched the live broadcast, but they had no choice but to leave, because the argument did not help at all.

I'm sorry.

because I never thought that Wang Nima would be the one who incited the flames, and the "violent event" he represented in order to take advantage of the hot spots, in order to show his "different", the regional black in the form of video to the extreme.

after hearing that song last night, I told my friends around me that I would write the song Dongguan. A friend told me not to waste my time, and I asked why.

he said: "first, this article will only flow in the circle of Dongguan. No matter how many Dongguan people agree with you, you can't change the fact that you are isolated." Second, if not a person from Dongguan to read this article, they will only scold you for not having the spirit of entertainment. What do you say, "it's just for fun, but you guys are so serious". As a result, it was thankless. "

I thought about it, and my friend's words were right.

but I still have to write it out.

you can see the reason after looking at a picture.

in order to let more people see this video, Wang Nima even launched a Weibo raffle. This has gone beyond the scope of "entertainment". At the beginning, the Dongguan version of "Chengdu" was regarded by the team as a tipping point, a tipping point that could trigger tens of thousands of retweets.

that's why he said, "one of the fans will give you 666 yuan."

the popular comment "rectifying the name of Dongguan", which has been hung on it since yesterday, is still ignored.

I don't think it is necessary to introduce the current situation of Dongguan to others here, because those who are black for the sake of black will never see the real Dongguan.

they have no intention of getting to know the city seriously.

although it is a bit unfair, I know that such things will continue to happen in the future.

without Wang Nima, others will continue to use the "Dongguan sex industry" as a common topic so that they can talk about things they can't talk about normally.

because boring people always pretend to be funny. In order to be praised as an "old driver", he is even willing to try his best to pull the bottom line down.

the onlookers laughed, but everyone knew that no one would stay.

when I was a freshman, I watched Neil Pozman's "Entertainment to death" and wrote down several words in my notebook. I didn't expect it to be used today on my once favorite show:

Nothing can stand to be compared with mother of the bride dresses for outdoor wedding. Here are the absolute best choice to make you shine!

there are two ways to wither the cultural spirit, one is Orwellian-culture becomes a prison, the other is Huxley-culture becomes a farce.

good night.

finally, I am in Chongqing these days, every time I am introduced that I am from Dongguan, although the other person will not be rude enough to laugh at my hometown, I believe that kind of "knowing smile" is something that everyone in Dongguan has encountered.

but no matter how many times I encounter such a "knowing smile", I can't really get used to it.

during dinner, we talked about this topic again, and I said, "as a native of Dongguan, it seems normal to be misunderstood outside."

"well," my cousin who went to Chongqing with me thought for a moment and said, "then explain it again."