Can you tell I'm lying?

/October 2023

in class this afternoon, my deskmate stabbed me in the hand and asked me to see how badly the moments exploded.

when I took out my phone and refreshed it, I found that seven of the 10 moments I recently brushed out were all the same links with the words "can you tell that xx is lying?"

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click on the little red dot in the editorial department and find that Zepeng and thorns have already had a lot of fun, so we decided to talk about the interesting story caused by this H5 tonight.

@ Zepeng

I spoof the game of judging whether a friend is lying or not.

"boys who like good-looking or smart"

"can I forgive stars for cheating"

"single or in love"

I deliberately chose the right topic as long as I know a little about me.

but in the process, I lied again.

I like girls, but I deliberately ask others what kind of boys I like; I obviously don't mind the star cheating, but I choose to mind as the correct answer; I am single, but viciously told the system that I am in love.

I did this because I thought the topic was too simple.

with a specific and biased question background, the answer mode with only two options, in terms of probability, even a stranger can have a correct rate of more than 50%.

but this does not mean that the other person is my 50% good friend.

being able to answer these questions can only show that he knows me. But the real measure of a deep friendship should be understanding.

so I lied again on purpose, and I wanted to see how many people really understood what I was doing.

Zhang Jingshi said that when he made a mistake on the second question, he knew what I was doing.

Lao Lin, a good friend of 15 years, commented that he could be completely wrong if he missed one question.

and some friends left messages: "ha".

in fact, in my eyes, this kind of test itself is just a laugh-off entertainment, it doesn't prove anything.

play this game not to tell others, "Hey, what's my life like?"

it's just that when I decide to "lie", it becomes a game between me and my close friends.

I said, "stupid, I'm lying."

those idiots laughed at me disdainfully: "stupid, I knew it."

good night.

@ far Summer

when I watched the Quartet yesterday, I found a plot particularly interesting.

Jia Sen and three other musicians talk about the "implication" when talking about people. He says:

"people always say I miss you instead of saying I like you to the people they like; instead of saying I miss you to the people they want to see, they say if they want to have dinner together." Other mansion, do not say I like you to the person I like, but say that I have an extra ticket here, you have the same situation. "

Today's H5 is the same, with the title asking: "can you tell I'm lying?"

what I really want to ask is, "do you know me?"

I remember that before I was with her, I used to run to Songshan Lake every now and then and send her Wechat: "Hey, are you free for dinner tonight? I happened to be here to play with my friends today."

or shyly ask her, "I have an assignment for an elective course about school architecture. Could you show me around your school?"

actually, I don't have any other friends in Songshan Lake, let alone take such a strange elective course.

I have always been complacent, feeling that it was my most creative time when I could say "I want to see you" in 800 different ways.

when I talked about these things after we were together, I realized that I had already been seen through by her, and she was just acting with me.

but I am never too few for such a part.

for example, I sent her the five questions I set today and deliberately chose the wrong answer. Sure enough, her correct rate was 80%. She came to me and said, "did you choose the wrong question on purpose?"

I smiled and said, yes. Her question made me happier than the 100% correct answer.

because only with enough "understanding" can you see that you are lying and understand your "implication".

so, after playing the game so many times, have you found the person who can see that you are lying?

good night.

@ thorns

I also played the H5 in the afternoon.

and I think it's funny.

after I sent it out, some old friends who had not seen me for a long time, after they had answered one or two questions wrong, said to me privately, "I didn't expect you to be such a thorn that you like cats."

after an explanation, I asked the other person, "how are you? how are you?"

they said, "Yes, it's fine."

"that's good." I said.

these three sentences around "Hello" may seem superfluous, but as long as we put them into any friendship we haven't seen for a long time, it contains greetings, concern, and encouragement.

Adult's world is so complicated, but such complexity is to make both sides more comfortable.

near graduation, when we meet and talk about work and the future, you are too optimistic and afraid that others will think you are showing off; if you are too pessimistic, you will be mistaken for worrying about others. So no matter how we talked, I felt a little embarrassed, so I stopped talking at all.

thanks to this H5, let's all have this one.An opportunity to tell each other: "Hey, I haven't forgotten you yet."

that's nice.