Enrich yourself (this article is priceless)

/October 2023


as the old saying goes, "stand at thirty, don't be confused at forty, and know destiny at fifty."

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when people are young, they are used to living in a decent way, busy with the repetitive routine, but always forget who they really are.

Mr. Nan Huaijin wrote in his book: "each of us lives in spiritual practice, and we also practice in life."

when I know my destiny, I understand the cold and warm of the world, know the trade-off, and slowly realize that the most valuable thing is to have a healthy body, a peaceful state of mind, and a rich mind.

in life, whether you are rich or poor, if you want to live a thorough life, you should start by enriching yourself.

enrich your body

there is a saying that goes like this:

"A person must take good care of himself all his life. Nothing but health belongs to you."

indeed, without health, what if you have the whole world!

during the warring States period, Duke Huan Cai was also a big celebrity, but he never cherished himself. He ignored a minor illness and pain at all, even when he saw Bian Que, a medical genius.

you know, Bian Que was a miraculous doctor at that time, and it was easy to talk about any difficult and complicated illness. when he first met Duke Cai Huan, he told his pathology. Duke Cai Huan not only ignored Bian Que, but also satirized Bian Que for not looking for a disease to prove his ability.

A few days later, Duke Cai Huan was in great pain, so he sent someone to ask Bian Que, but Bian Que had already left the State of Qin, and in the end, Duke Cai Huan died of illness.

as the saying goes, "A strong body is the good capital of life."

Yes, whether you are rich or poor, you are powerless to resist when a major disease comes.

in today's society, most people are pursuing the so-called "success": living in a big house, driving a luxury car, and having endless wealth.

in order to achieve the goal early, dragging the tired body, still working overtime, quickly consuming health and life, but not waiting for the dream to come true, the body is already in the hospital.

the Buddhist sutra says, "all sentient beings are happy with their health."

you know, health is 1, and everything else is 0. Without the previous health, no matter how much wealth, power and status you have, you will automatically return to zero.

born as a human being, you must have good health before you have the opportunity to create wealth and enjoy life.

enriching our bodies is not only the best way to save our lives, but also the secret of the lowest cost, and it is also the magic weapon for us to have a happy life.

the mentality of enriching oneself

as Zhou Guoping said, "the human body is controlled by the mind, and a good state of mind is the best way to maintain good health."

Yes, if you care too much and care too much, you will be framed by these unhappy people and things, so it is better to keep your mind at ease and be more bearish.

in the Song Dynasty, the famous Su Dongpo and Zhang Dun were a pair of good friends. They often wrote poems and paintings together and became officials together.

only in the first year of Shaosheng, Song Zhe Zong wanted to implement the new law, and Zhang Dun chose to support it, which was reused by the Song Emperor and became prime minister. Su Dongpo raised an objection, so Zhang Dun demoted him to Huangzhou in spite of his former friendship.

but after Su Dongpo was demoted, he did not bear it in mind. Even if he was out of luck, he could do it himself, grow no rice by himself, go fishing by the river without meat, recite poems and paintings in his spare time, and live a leisurely life.

once heard the saying: "No one can torture a man but himself."

if you think about it, it is true.

there are many unpleasant things in life, but life is your own, happiness is also a day, sadness is also a day, it is better to learn to let go and live with peace of mind, you will be able to control your mood and control your life.

if you care about everything, always worry about the past festivals and grudges, and let them take root, it will give rise to resentment and suffer day and night.

State of mind, when we take the state of mind apart, we can see that if we have a bigger heart, we can naturally accommodate people and things.

it's like putting a spoonful of salt in a glass of water, the whole glass of water becomes salty, but if you put it in the sea, it won't have the slightest effect.

and the mentality of enriching yourself is to see the world with peace of mind, even if you encounter great difficulties, you can live a life full of scenery.

enrich your mind

there is a sentence that impressed me particularly:

"Reading is the best way to learn. To follow the thoughts of great people is the most interesting science."

I think so.

eating can only increase the nutrition of our bodies, while reading can enrich the minds of our brains.

Fan Zhongyan, a famous figure in the Song Dynasty, lost his father when he was young, and his life was bumpy and hard, but he was determined to be a good doctor instead of a good minister. "

A young boy, jingling poor, what to take as a good appearance, as a good doctor. Only by reading and exploring can you change your destiny.

in his porridge, he ate pickles for five years. Kungfu lived up to the kind-hearted man, and finally Jinshi and the first, entered the DPRK as an official.

but officialdom is sinister. He, who has no background and no strength, has been demoted again and again, and it is reading that makes him understand that it is common to encounter difficulties and be able to treat them with a normal mind.

even in the last years, Fan Zhongyan could have lived comfortably in his twilight years and lived a decent life, because reading had made him understand that it would be better to leave wealth and status to future generations than to leave spiritual wealth.

so he took out his life savings to build Fan's Yizhuang, so that the Fan people could have food and clothing every day, and FanZhong Yan himself had no spare resources, and he had no money to be buried when he died of illness, while the Fan family had been handed down for 800 years.

Fan Zhongyan has gone from being an orphan from a poor family to a celebrity through the ages, and has become a role model for scholars all over the world.

he left only noble character and rich spiritual wealth to future generations.

as the Buddhists say, "things change with the heart, and the environment is created by the mind."

people's body and mind, there must be one on the road.

Yes, there is a long way of life, only reading and footsteps can not be stopped, you know, reading is to travel inward, to the spiritual world; the step is to read outward and explore the greatness of heaven and earth.

more reading when we are young can not only increase our knowledge, but also explore the world in books and experience different lives.

although you can't understand it deeply for a while, the books you read will blend into flesh and blood and enrich your thoughts.

Reading is to enrich your own thoughts and make your life have many different ways of living.

the older you get, the more you understand the old saying:

"the first thing you should learn is how to be good to yourself."

Yes, I spent the first half of my life running for parents, lovers and children. With the passage of time, I suddenly found that you were the only one who was still moving forward.

in this life, you have to be yourself after all.

you know, to enrich one's own body, the body is the capital, and having a healthy body is more important than anything else.

enrich your own state of mind, there are many unpleasant things in life, only happiness is always on your mind.

enrich your thoughts, enrich your thoughts, and be a person with fragrance in your soul.

in life, there is still a long way to go, and you have to carry your own ups and downs.

May you enrich yourself and not forget poetry and distance while taking care of the firewood, rice, oil and salt.