How do you spend April Fool's Day at the age of 20?

/January 2023

there are two most anticipated festivals when I was ten years old.

one is International Children's Day, and the other is April Fool's Day a few hours later.

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Twenty-year-olds no longer seem to celebrate this "stupid" holiday with great fanfare, and the way people joke is limited to whether there is a roll call today and whether or not they want to go to class.

more April Fool's Day jokes, then about "confession".

Today, I collected several stories about April Fool's Day and jokes told by friends to share with you how people in their twenties celebrate April Fool's Day.


Lao Yan also decided to express his love on April Fool's Day.

I laughed at him for being old-fashioned, and he laughed at me for being stupid.

"if she says yes, I'll say it's not an April Fool's Day joke, it's serious. If rejected, I can say Happy April Fool's Day. " Lao Yan is always tough on me, and he is more timid in the face of the person he likes.

that year the clock clicked to zero, and I sat next to Lao Yan and watched them chat.

"actually." Lao Yan only sent these three words.

"?" The other party replied quickly.

A funny scene appeared. I watched Lao Yan delete and write the sentence "actually, I like you" and delete it several times.

finally, Lao Yan took a leisurely look at me: "I suddenly feel that only pushy confession on April Fool's Day."

I opened my eyes wide and wanted to say something, but finally I had no choice but to smile and shake my head.

you see, sometimes people are so strange.

obviously he has figured out all the ways to retreat for himself, and he can solve it no matter what the outcome is, but he still dare not take that small step forward.


April Fool's Day is coming, and the jokes in moments are another wave after wave.

A Guo sent a message on moments: "do you have no courage to express your love on April Fool's Day?" Come, I am a professional confession, 10 yuan simple confession, 50 affectionate confession. The heart is better than action, make a reservation as soon as possible, do not wait for expiration. Small business, full of integrity. "

Twenty minutes after this moments, a fool really ran over and sent a 50-yuan red packet to Ah Guo.

"shit, do you really send it?" Ah Guo said so, but he had already clicked on the red packet, "come on, who you want to confess your love to, it's on me."

the other party only sent one word: "you."

so they stayed together for more than a year.

"that son of a bitch keeps showing off how flirtatious he is." Later, when Ah Guo told me about this, he couldn't help smiling. "he still doesn't know. In fact, I've seen this routine a long time ago, and that circle of friends is only visible to him."

Zhang Jingshi is a strange man. When everyone is confessing the truth, he even believes himself. On the eve of Valentine's Day, he told me, "do you know it's really stupid to prepare a gift?" but he showed off his gift to Vivi in his moments.

on April Fool's Day, when everyone was plotting to confess his love, he told others the truth in moments in the middle of the night:

"Let me tell you this, the projector bought by the office is not turned on almost once a week except every day in the first month." the new compromises bought by the office still don't wear them every time they come in. In the oven in my house, the chicken legs were roasted twice and never got through the electricity again. So I can understand why some people say they like you very much but stop looking for you a week later. That's because they will eventually find that it's good to have you, but it doesn't really matter without you.

so those who have planned for a long time to confess their love to you on April Fool's Day, even if they become, it will be very difficult to last long. "

the next day, he will send screenshots to the editorial group to show us how many likes the joke got in the middle of the night.

I called him stupid, but he mocked me and said, "Zepeng, which girl are you going to lie to tomorrow?"

I didn't answer his question because I knew he wouldn't believe that I didn't have someone I liked at the moment.

Oh, but no, no matter how hard you try.

it seems that since I lost my favorite people, no matter Valentine's Day, or April Fool's Day, International Children's Day, Christmas, they all seem to have become the most ordinary days in my life. There will be no more "conspiracy" and no more "expectations". The best I can do is to fan the flames of those brave people in the moments and shout a few words of "congratulations" as perfunctory.

so how do I spend my 20-year-old April Fool's Day?

it probably means: I don't want to go anywhere because of the rain, so I'll be the last one lying in my room or dormitory.

sounds a little lonely, but it's okay, because I know you're actually just like me.

smile manually. Good night.

PS: Hello, everyone. I am the thorn. Today, I brushed three films in one breath, which is also regarded as minesweeping for you, namely, "the dedication of suspect X", "the kidnapper" and "extraordinary Mission".

extraordinary Mission is quite good. After all, the director is the director of Infernal Affairs. If you choose one of three, you can choose it first.

"the dedication of suspect X" is no good, if you haven't seen the Japanese version, you can take a look.

"kidnapper" forget it, don't read it, trust me.

by the way, look at Zepeng's writing so badly, give him a red packet and let him trick someone to accompany him tomorrow.

good night again.