I am a science student who gave up his dream.

/October 2023

Lao Wang always thinks my life is boring.

I am a big three-subject research dog preparing for postgraduate entrance examination, majoring in marine biology. Every time he excitedly asked me to play computer games as a freshman and sophomore, he would receive a cold reply from me: "I isolate viruses in the lab."

one day he finally couldn't help asking me why I was isolating the virus two years ago and still isolating it two years later, and he even suspected that I was living in the lab.

so I stopped and calculated carefully and found that apart from spending time with my girlfriend and class, I spent about six hours in the lab.

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and the most helpless thing is that a year has passed, and even though I spend six hours a day working in the laboratory, I still haven't isolated the undetected virus from the water sample.

I keep changing the water sample and repeating the steps that I already know well. Because the requirement is to isolate undiscovered viruses, I don't know when I will succeed, maybe a semester, maybe a year.

most people do not understand scientific research and think that it is a purely mental technical work, but in fact, it does need luck, and what it needs more is to put up with boundless boredom.

now, isolating a less delicate virus has become my greatest wish.

but there is a gap between people. At that time, there was a leading senior sister in the laboratory, high achiever in the college, who had already discovered a brand-new kind of bacteria at the undergraduate level.

she can do further research on the bacteria, and even if she doesn't want to do any more research, someone else will do research on it in the future, she must write the discoverer followed by her name.

this achievement can bring her postgraduate qualification, and may also publish papers in well-known academic newspapers and periodicals. She was even introduced by a professor to the Institute of the State Oceanic Administration for an internship-there are only three in the country.

this sister has enough ability and has been appreciated by many teachers, and her future in scientific research is visible to the naked eye. I very much hope that I am her, it should be said that everyone who goes to scientific research wants to be her.

to many people's surprise, when she came back from her internship at the graduate school, she told me that she had given up on scientific research and wanted to start a business. I was anxious to ask her why, when a man got everything I wanted on my way, but gave it all up, I was afraid in addition to being puzzled.

she said, "I really couldn't stand the internship in graduate school. I can't stand repeating the boring experimental life every day. What I yearn for more is a life full of passion and struggle. I decided to start a business because it is my dream. "

so she lost the life I envied and moved towards her dream without turning back in my regretful and admiring eyes.

A few days after my sister went to pursue her dream, Lao Wang suddenly asked me if I wanted to try to write a messy tweet. His words brought me to a long time ago: in middle and high school, Lao Wang and I both held a dream called a novelist.

at that time, we wrote novels on the Internet. luckily, we were also on the seven-day list of new books, and the life of more than four or five thousand words a day suddenly appeared in front of our eyes.

just slowly, because of the college entrance examination, because of the experiment, I let it go. When Lao Wang ran over and told me sincerely, "I think you can", to tell you the truth, my heart trembled.

but I hesitated. Lao Wang scolded me for being a pussy. he took out his sister's story and tried to convince me: "aren't you a pussy? aren't you afraid to pursue your dreams?" In the final analysis, you just don't love this dream enough. "

I blew up after I heard it. Yeah, I'm a pussy, but I fucking love this dream, otherwise I wouldn't have written more than a hundred thousand words when few people read it at the beginning.

what annoys me is that he always likes to preach dreams, and he always thinks that people who give up dreams are lazy, because they can't stand the pain, and even feel that people who give up dreams have no faith and muddle along.

I am the eldest son and my family is economically average. I can't leave my family's worries as handsome as my sister, and I can't tell me, like Lao Wang, that he has no way out.

hesitant because I need to consider whether this will affect my state of doing the experiment and my "retreat". Even if this retreat is not what I like, it is also one of my few "prospects".

my girlfriend's family has a good economy, which is many times better than mine. If I want to marry her, because of her family's reasons, I will at least work so hard that I can afford to buy a house in Xiamen.

people don't only have dreams, ah, there is reality on top of dreams. When everyone around me, including Lao Wang, finds it difficult to pursue a dream, so it is a great thing, I would like to say that it is also a very difficult and great thing to give up a dream.

in my heart, there are so many things that are more important than dreams, that is, family, feelings and responsibilities, which I can't ignore. To me, the word "pursuing dreams" is like a virus that can never be isolated. It really depends on luck.

and unfortunately, I don't have the luck. But this does not mean that I do not work hard, nor does it mean that I really do not love enough to give up my dream, nor does it mean that I am living a life of muddling along.

I just learned to give in first and had to.

good evening. I'm Zepeng and Lao Wang from the author's mouth of potassium chloride. This is a man who works much harder than me. He is now studying in Xiamen University in the class next to high school.

when I kept preaching my dreams to the people around me, he showed me a more real side of life. If you think about it, maybeAs he described it:

sometimes give up our dreams because we have more important things we can't give up.

good night.