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/January 2023

I suddenly found that I haven't recommended some interesting official accounts in the main tweet for a long time. The reason for the lack is not because we are afraid that people will stop looking at clutter when they follow other official accounts, but because there are so few creators who can really be called "good" and "interesting".

We originally wanted to be lazy for another day tonight, but just after seven o'clock, I saw a video just posted by Lin Huachi, entitled "Ching Ming Festival's confession skills". I found that Huachi's brain could only be described as "Qingqi". So I immediately called him to get the authorization back and post it here.

can also take this opportunity to say good night to everyone.

I don't wish you a "happy holiday". It feels weird.

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in fact, have you ever thought that Ching Ming Festival is more suitable for expressing love than April Fool's Day?

if you don't believe me, you can click on today's video to see.

this is the QR code of Lin Huachi's official account "Mu Shiya"

you can follow

he, like us, is a young man who has worked hard for a long time

and then found that his efforts do not use the egg

the young man who continues to work

good night, everyone

the editor introduces

Zhang Jingzhi