I want to fall in love with you for only half a year.

/October 2023


A Zhou has been joking with me that she wants to fall in love but no one wants it. Let me introduce her to her boyfriend.

and not long ago, she was poisoned by several boys, some of whom I thought were quite good, and then she refused one by one.

I find it interesting to be around. Single dogs like to yell that they want to get out of their own business and that it is difficult to fall in love. But in fact, everyone knows that falling in love is not a difficult thing: as long as you are willing to lower your standards and try to find a few more people, it will always work.

in other words, it is not difficult to fall in love, but difficult to fall in love as scheduled.

so sometimes I think about a question: when we are looking forward to love, what on earth are we expecting?

some say sense of security, some say companionship, and some pretend they are not looking forward to it at all. And A Zhou thought for a long time and told me that in fact, all her expectations should be happiness.

this is an answer that I relatively agree with. I once wrote an article "Don't look forward to Love so much", but today I still want to share my expectations for my next relationship:

I want to fall in love for only half a year.


in the past, I always wanted to add a time to this relationship: forever.

and then gradually from stupid to not so stupid, I began to doubt whether there is everlasting love in the world, and even doubt that I do not have the ability to like a person forever.

most couples don't dare to pat their breasts and say they can go on forever. Zhang Jingzhi and ViVi love each other very much, but Zhang Jingzhi also said: "she doesn't like me to raise her." And I hope she has the ability to support herself, because no one can tell in the future. "

but no one knows exactly when this future will be.

after my four-year relationship broke up, she had a remark that touched me very much. She cut off a chat I had not long ago, which read, "Let's talk about travel later. There's plenty of time anyway." The words are: some things really don't wait until later.

Let's travel to Xiamen in the future, write an unpublished novel for me, and cook you a bad dinner later. There's no more.

because we don't know when we will be apart, we always feel that there will be a "future", so we always leave too many regrets.

and if I fall in love with the next person I like, I make it clear: Hey, we'll break up in half a year.

then our accountant compares how many movies we have seen in the past six months, how many stupid things we have done in these six months, and what else we can do and what we have not done.

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can see when it is lost, so it will be cherished beyond imagination.


when we were young, teachers would teach etiquette, honor and disgrace, common sense and learning, and tell us to be grateful, take the initiative, and work hard, but never taught us how to say goodbye.

even when we say goodbye, we have to use the word "good-bye" to express our expectation of our next encounter.

I have seen many people look like after being lovelorn. The more unprepared they are, the more likely they are to lose their manners. I have seen people cry and refuse to let each other go, and I have seen people drink alcohol to say goodbye in a way that hurts themselves.

in fact, it's easy to understand that most people don't have the experience of losing something important, or not much.

A relationship that is cherished very much will bring a very strong sense of happiness, but the happier a relationship is, it is always ugly when separated.

too many people left in a hurry when they broke up, and everyone said, if I do it again, I want to say goodbye that day. People should learn how to say goodbye, which is something we must come into contact with in our lives.

and when a relationship is clearly marked, it is valid for half a year. When we are going our separate ways, because we are psychologically prepared from the very beginning, I will seriously say goodbye, maybe a fireworks, maybe a Kongming lantern, maybe a letter.

when we agreed to fall in love for only half a year, the relationship was more likely to be happy. Happiness does not mean eternal happiness, but that happiness has a wonderful beginning and a wonderful end.


have you found that when we expect a relationship to be forever, we can't get along with it, or even write its ending well?

some people say that when you like someone, you can't help but imagine the future about him.

but this expectation weakens our ability to cherish, just like the defense of couples when they snub each other because of their work: "I'm not thinking about our future." It also magnifies our loss when we don't know what to do, just like when our loved ones parted, "how come all of a sudden, you don't love when you say you don't love?"

if a lot of thoughts are put far behind, the current emotions will be ignored.

now I don't want to think about the future too far. Set half a year, because I do not want, one day when I can not go to their own "future", looking back to find that I did not even take good care of the past.

good night.