I want to have the ability to get better with you.

/October 2023

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what is the planning department living in the push?


text /disorganized planning department

I wonder if you will have a lot of things that you want to do but dare not to do, as I did before.

one of the most confusing offline activities is called "start now".

because when people hear the name for the first time,

often don't know what it means.

start right away and do just one thing:

We'll accompany you to do what you want to do but don't dare to do.

I'm looking for a stranger to buy me a cup of coffee.

I'm looking for 20 people with the same name.

I want to interview the love stories of old people on the street.

I want to follow stray dogs all afternoon.


this is one of the magical places of the disorganized planning department.

and now, right now, I want to ask you a question:

do you want to join us?

Video Source: 12-hour annoyance Big Bang

what is it like to live in chaos in a push? Since the planning department began to plan and organize offline activities last summer, we have made a lot of attempts.

spend 12 hours all night to ease your troubles,

disorganized grocery store,

don't come to the cinema, secret room breakup farewell,

A bizarre internship sharing meeting to share the oddities of your internship,

spend $100 to fall in love with a stranger a day.

now, I also want you to "leave now" with me and join the New Blood2.0 program.

New Blood hopes to gather a group of young people with ideas to plan and design fun and interesting activities for young people.

New Blood

Last Christmas, ten New Blood participated in the planning department's projects (disorganized barter grocery store, immediate city adventure and ferryman's movie party).

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We gathered together in the studio for warm-up activities and we didn't go back until 11:00 in the evening. After a hard day's work, they still went back to the studio to practice dancing and fell in love for the first time on the night when we were about to say goodbye.

in the market center, we still dance to the melody broadcast on the stereo. I was really impressed by Christmas that year. I am very grateful to this group of NB for their help. They bring their own positive energy just like their names.

We are still looking for such New Blood:

1 this time. Hope to find like-minded students

2. Think big and find a way to do it yourself

3. Reliable and responsible

4. If you have an idea, you can't help doing

5. Be able to get along well with everyone and have an independent mind

this New Blood 2.0 project, we hope you have relevant experience in event planning and execution, and are curious about all kinds of magical things. We don't mind that you are a freak with strange ideas in your head.

there are many types we want. Please look down carefully to see if you have the position you are looking forward to.