In the end, we all became black can ladies.

/October 2023

1. The black can lady

actually the can lady is not as cold-blooded as she looks.

friends all say that she used to be a lovely schoolmate, and in recent years she has become more and more like a cold personality. The plate once asked her, "you were colorful before, but why is it only black recently?"

Miss can said, what do you know? this is colorful black.

Miss can doesn't want to be a lovely sister. Although she still likes pink in her heart, she only buys black clothes and quietly matches them with all kinds of pink items.

Miss can has been single for a long time, because few cans like black cans, because they can't understand her colorful black.

Miss can had a good time by herself.

2. The colored can lady and the blue piggy bank

at that time, Miss can was a genuine and lovely sister, emitting beautiful colors.

at this time, the blue piggy bank looks very different.

he just stood by coldly while others were talking and dancing. Sometimes help her out of the dust, or give her a hand when she can't stand still and fall off the table.

the piggy bank is special because he can't talk.

3. The dumb piggy bank

Miss can is not talkative because she can't stop burping when she is talking, and the other cans can't wait to interrupt her. So she gradually doesn't like chatting.

but Mr. piggy bank can't talk, so the can lady especially likes to chat with him. It's not so much chatting as the can lady talking to herself.

Miss can told Mr. piggy bank a lot of secrets, and he occasionally opened his eyes and closed them as if he were listening but not listening. The can lady is not worried about the secret being known by the other cans. Because she believed that these words would be hidden in the round belly of the piggy bank and disappeared.

but talking alone is really boring.

Miss can finally couldn't help it one day. She quietly asked the piggy bank, if you could talk, what would you say to me?

Miss can knew there would be no reply, so she turned her head when she finished talking.

but then she heard a voice behind her.

-- I'd say, you look good.

the low voice rolled into the big belly of the piggy bank and drilled into people's ears, like the sound of a nice cello or an uncertain thunderstorm in spring.

4. Things that have never happened before

piggy bank talk.

Miss can glared in surprise, while Mr. piggy bank smiled a little narrowly.

Why didn't you keep telling me you could talk-the piggy bank lady kept asking Mr. piggy bank-why didn't you tell me?

Mr. piggy bank was pestered impatiently, but he didn't go away. In the end, he only said, because he was afraid that after you knew I could talk, you would no longer share your story with me every day.

Miss can understands, because Mr. piggy bank likes to listen to her.

she met someone who would listen to her.

this is still something that has never happened to Miss can.

5. Piggy bank

Miss can and Mr. piggy bank are still standing side by side.

they are really talking now. Although Mr. piggy bank doesn't say much, he always makes the can lady laugh.

they stand together all the time, as if the days like this never end.

it seems that sometimes they like each other, sometimes they are not.

I guess they like each other most of the time.

it's only in a few quarrels that they say, "I hate you." But when they are mostly happy, they don't say, "I really like you."

6. The can lady is leaving

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one afternoon the can lady said to Mr. piggy bank, "I may have to live in the window. It's brighter and cleaner."

Mr. piggy bank closed his eyes and opened them slowly, but said nothing.

Miss can waited for a long time, she couldn't help asking Mr. piggy bank, do you think I should go?

Mr. piggy bank says, go ahead. It's brighter and cleaner.

Miss can asked him with a smile, what about you? do you have anything else to tell me?

Mr. piggy bank smiled and replied, "always remember you."

in fact, neither the can lady nor the piggy bank man can speak their minds.

-- would you like to come with me?

-- can you stay for me?

7. I guess there is no

after Miss can does not stand in her original position, Mr. piggy bank no longer stays idle and silent.

he cleaned himself up and gradually became talkative. He quickly established a deep friendship with the other pots and pans in the cupboard. He began to try to save money in his body, hoping to fill his empty stomach.

Miss can just peeps at him in the window not far away. She watched him meet more and more people.Watching him save more and more gold coins, watching him live better and better than when he stood with himself.

sometimes the can lady even wonders whether she haunted him and delayed his career. Maybe if she left earlier, he could blend in with his friends earlier? But as smart as he is, he can easily feel like a spring breeze as long as he is willing to put down his pride and add a little more patience and kindness in silence.

in fact, another question that Miss can wants to know is whether Mr. piggy bank has ever been reluctant to give up, even a little bit, about her leaving.

8. A must-tell

Miss can stood quietly in the window looking at Mr. piggy bank.

but Mr. piggy bank never knew.

Mr. piggy bank is so busy that he has no time to look up at the scenery around him.