Not everyone who works hard can get a monthly salary of 50,000 yuan.

/October 2023

come on, spread negative energy with me tonight

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"Don't doubt that I am a thorn."

I've been messing around for almost three years. From the beginning of "a bottle of vitamin milk" to this month Pudong Development Bank asked us to do business promotion, we seem to be able to live better and better, but this is not the case. I look at the computer for almost ten hours every day. Even when I go out for a bowl of sugar water with my girlfriend, I have to take my computer with me in case I want to change something in the tweet that night. And what saddens me most is my cervical vertebra. I have been going to massage for a month in a row, and every time the doctor said to me, "you shouldn't work in one position for a long time."

every time I say, "all right."

Massage, cupping, scraping. Only after going through this pain can I feel "more relaxed" the next day.

this is one of the negative energy.

and tonight, I received a message backstage: "you will feel stupid if you read these articles in a few years."

I replied "you're funny" and blocked him, because I don't know what he went through, so casually buckle "stupid" to other people's works.

I don't like it. I just don't like it. I didn't write it for you, it's just that you just opened it, and the tweet happened to be disorganized. We do not intend to impress anyone, nor do we intend to serve anyone.

but for some people, talking high always seems to bring them an inexplicable pleasure. Sometimes they comment on other people's official accounts, sometimes they comment on other people's articles, and more often, they comment directly on others.

language violence.

this is the second negative energy.

well, I feel much better after saying it.

do you have any negative energy to share?

good night