She wrote to me and asked, "is it a bad thing to be responsible?"

/October 2023

Hello, thorns.

College female students have recently been selected as the person in charge of an activity in the Youth League Committee of the university.

in fact, there are two responsible persons, and the other is very strange. He is not responsible at all and doesn't care about it at all. If there is any need to discuss, he will say that he will not come. In short, I am the only one who is worried about this activity. In college, everyone is very lazy. Let an idea go down in vain. So most of the time, you have to do a lot of things by yourself.

but now the result is very tangled.

each activity may have its own process, and then I am not very clear. At first, I write what I think is the best, but in the end, basically every edition of the activity seems to violate the so-called rules and regulations of the Youth League Committee. Then, at the beginning, the presidium gave a sample, saying that it was written according to this sample, and the result was that the sample was wrong, and some of our team members put in the original text (in fact, we see no problem), and the chairmen themselves said that it was illogical. Then I had to change it myself, but no matter how I changed it, there always seemed to be a problem. I am also an impatient person. As soon as I say anything, I will change it. I always want to pass it as soon as possible. Instead, there will be more and more problems, and I will make mistakes here and there.

in the view of the chairmen, it may be that we did not write attentively, and in the eyes of several of us who wrote the planner, we simply did not understand what the so-called problem was, and why we could not finish it at once. When I let it change again yesterday, I really broke down and felt very depressed and aggrieved. Because the example he gave me was wrong, and then none of the questions I asked in the group were answered by the chairman, only changed again and again. The more I asked, the more annoying they became. But sometimes we really don't understand what their demands are, and the tone is also a kind of condescending command and dissatisfaction.

Today, I couldn't help saying that the example he gave me was wrong. We didn't know how to change the requirements in many places, because everyone's vision and standards were different. As a result, the minister was really angry. A few angry words made me even more aggrieved and angry. Later, my tone was also very impolite. Whenever I had any thoughts and dissatisfaction, I told him directly. Then there was a vicious circle, which completely pissed him off.

now I think it's not worth it. I paid the most, but it turned out to be like this. If I had known that it would be better to be as quiet as another person in charge (or I won't be so responsible after this time), maybe people can't have a strong sense of responsibility, always thinking about doing things well by themselves, and the loss outweighs the gain.

then I wondered whether I should be obedient in front of my boss and could not refute it. At least this thing I really think they do flawed, but also take it out on us, always an angry look makes me feel very helpless.

because this activity has delayed my study for several days, in fact, this activity itself is also a very boring activity. I don't like it very much, so I kind of want to quit now. But I think it's not worth it. After so many days, I got nothing. On the contrary, I feel like a loser who ran away from the battle. And seems irresponsible? If we don't go back, we are all embarrassed to see the chairman now, and we feel that we will continue to delay our study (because I have the habit of previewing and summarizing), and I don't want to continue to spend time on it. I think it doesn't make any sense.

asked my father, he said I should insist, after all, it is a challenge for me, can not give up in case of difficulties. So I'm a little confused, too. I don't know what to do next.

A responsible person

Hello, the chicken soup I hate most is: "when you face a challenge, what will you do in the future?" Because the person who said this sentence, he didn't think from your point of view.

does every challenge make sense? I don't think so.

obviously I didn't make a mistake, but because I was criticized by my "superior" for my attitude, I felt that I was really wrong. This is a kind of servility and has to be changed.

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Yes, the whole world tells us to "take a step back", but is that really the case? One step back this time, another step back the next time, we finally tried our best to run a few hundred meters forward, but it was unfair that we had to go back to the same place because of other people's mistakes.

if you don't have time to adjust your attitude, you can apologize, but you still have to tell the other person, "it's my problem that I'm too excited, but it's not all my fault."

in this way, the other person will not think that you are an easy-to-squeeze persimmon and ask you to step back again and again.

finally, let's talk about what withdrawal is.

choose to run away before you start doing something, which is "flinching".

failed and decided to do something else. This is not called "flinching", it is a change of strategy.

generally speaking, when people complain to me, I will persuade them to give up, because only in this way will they seriously consider the question "do I really like doing this?" Very often, only by solving this fundamental problem can we solve the problems in reality.

finally, don't be fooled by the consequences of this "sense of responsibility".

because our world favors people with a sense of responsibility.

good night.