Some like it, but in the end it's really not for being together.

/October 2023


at that time, I quarreled with her and ignored each other. In the evening, I took my friends out to eat midnight snacks and drink, but suddenly it rained heavily, and I hurriedly hid in the security kiosk. The heavy rain and a bad mood made me feel naive.

the cell phone suddenly rang and she called. But because of the cold war before, I looked at the flashing mobile phone screen and didn't know whether to answer it or what to say after I answered it.

my friend suddenly stabbed me in the back: "pick it up." I looked at him a little bewildered, sighed and got on the phone.

where is it? "Security kiosk."

she didn't say anything again and hung up the phone. Ten minutes later, I saw a thin figure in the distance, holding a trouser leg and a rickety umbrella coming to me.

after handing me the umbrella, she still didn't say anything, turned around and left. When I turned around, I saw her back that was wet by Rain Water. The friend looked at her back and said, "go and coax her back. Not everyone can care about whether you have an umbrella or not when you are angry."

I looked at the umbrella that was shaken by the heavy rain, and for the first time I came up with the idea of trying to cherish someone.

when people know where something is precious, they naturally try their best to take care of it. Although, many people need to "lose" in order to see something precious.


the first time I listened to Zhang Xuan's "about I Love you" was on a hot afternoon in September, when I sat with her in a large empty classroom to study. She suddenly stuffed headphones into my right ear and said it was a song she liked very much.

she asked me if I was good, and I nodded: "this song makes me feel a bit like you."

what I loved most at that time was the sentence "what I had was a fluke, and what I lost was my life". I felt that Zhang Xuan's lyrics were a little special and free and easy.

then we went our separate ways. One night it was raining cats and dogs at school, and I was trapped in the same security pavilion for a long time. When I realized that my cell phone would never ring again, a very common thing made me feel inexplicably uncomfortable.

people always say we should learn to cherish, but at that moment it suddenly occurred to me that the more I cherish something, the more painful it will be when I lose it.

I cycled the single "about I Love you" in the security booth for a long time, and that fluke didn't move me any more. On the contrary, it was the unknown "to squander and cherish is the same thing" that made me tremble with clenched teeth several times.

the pain of profligacy is remorse, while the pain of cherishing is powerlessness, which is more heart-wrenching.

just, no matter it is profligate or cherish, for the outcome, if you lose it, you lose it.


A Zhou once asked me a question: "have you ever thought that you can't let go for such a long time, not because you like it, but because you are unwilling?"

I have been unable to give an answer, because for loss, love and unwillingness are intertwined, and I am not rational enough to distinguish them.

until later, when I accidentally met her in the street, when I didn't see her smiling for a long time, I suddenly and clearly realized: "Yes, I always care not because I am unwilling, but because I really like it."

A Zhou asked me, since it is love, why not go to find her. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm timid and I can't see hope, or maybe it's because the love has been hidden so deep that I don't want to dig it out again.

like the lyrics of another song "like": "of all the unremembered pleasures, I like you best." And I no longer feel reluctant to lose. Sometimes I just want to hear you finish a song. "

it is said that everyone who passes through your life has its own meaning. The hardest thing for a person and the most important thing to learn is to face every departure calmly.

and the most paradoxical thing is that when I learned how to accept my love for her and her leaving, she seemed to never leave in my heart.


disorganized and NetEyun Music planned an activity called "three Love Letters" on Valentine's Day, which means to use three songs as a special Valentine's Day gift for the person you want to give.

on Valentine's Day, some people want to express their love by gifts, some people show their love by gifts, and it's too old-fashioned to send flowers and chocolates, so we say send love letters and give songs to each other as love letters.

I smiled and said that it's embarrassing to have a single dog without someone you like. It's not good to give it to anyone. After everyone laughed at me, I was forced to pick out three songs.

after thinking for a while, I chose "about I love you" and "like". Zhang Jingshi asked me for the third song, and I grinned: "she can't see it anyway, so what if she chooses one less?"

Last night, I shared this "three Love Letters" with only two songs to my moments: I don't want to take a step forward with this gift, I just want to use these two songs to tell her that now I know how to face you.

I guess someone will say, "fool, there are only two songs." Oh, I guessed that it wouldn't be her. I am not sad because of this: now she doesn't seem to be able to poke me as easily as before.

it's just that if she finally comes to me and asks me what the third song is, I'll say, "I want you to pick the last song."

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before, I couldn't understand why some people are willing to stay where they like and look happy and happy.

and then I slowly figured out that some people like it, maybe I really want to be together in the end. I like Xu Zhi very much.Mo wrote a passage like this:

"at least one time in one's life, you will forget yourself for someone." Don't ask for results, don't ask for companions, don't ask for ever to own, don't even ask you to love me, just want to meet you in my best years. "

one night, I chewed this sentence over and over again, thoughtfully. In fact, putting down a person does not mean giving up love, putting down and continuing to like does not conflict.

putting it down means that you no longer have the idea of being with her.

now look back on the lyrics in about I Love you: "when you don't forget and you don't want to have." For letting go of a relationship I still like, this is the most appropriate description I have ever seen.

"good night."