The 20th Anniversary of May Day: five fools embracing the Crazy World

/October 2023


lead singer Ashin went to the choir selection when he was a child.

but the teacher brushed him out after singing only two notes.

A Xin said that he knew from that time: "I don't sing well."

this is the last sentence: "I play the worst in the band, so I have to be the lead singer."

they met in the guitar club of the middle school attached to National Taiwan normal University in 1992. At that time, Ashin and Monster were the presidents and vice presidents, respectively, and Shi and Martha were their younger brothers. Later, Guan you, the boss of the band rehearsal room, joined them and formed a band together.

but at that time they were not called "May Day", but "So Band".

on March 29th, 1997, they took part in the wild stage singing that year with Martha's BBS registration name MAYDAY as the new name of the band.

May day officially joined the army.

such a casual "army" has to make people around them feel that if they can release an album, they will pray to God and worship the Buddha.

in January 1998, May Day's composer "Rolling Cart" was included in an orchestra collection released by Corner Music.

although May Day only accounts for one song in that album.

but on that day, it was the first time the world heard the sound of May Day through CD.


later, A Xin went to Rolling Stone with her first DEMO "Zhiming and Chunjiao" on May Day and said to the front desk, "if you want to throw it away, please listen to it again and then throw it away."

it was Li Zongsheng who picked up May Day from that trash can, then called the Colonel Monster and said, "hello, this is Li Zongsheng."

the monster replied on the other end of the phone, "you are Li Zongsheng, and I am Luo Dayou."

in this way, the green May Day was "picked up" by Brother Li Zongsheng from the trash can into the Rolling Stone record.

at that time, Li Zongsheng said to them, "if you don't make your own music, you won't call a band."

from then on, Ashin took the banner of independent lyrics and songs and wrote songs to himself as well as to others.

however, May Day joined Rolling Stones for more than a year, but failed to wait for their release period.

after all, Rolling Stone is one of the most powerful record companies in the Chinese language circle, and you can imagine the prowess of its artists.

around Li Zongsheng, Luo Dayou, Zhou Huajian and Chen Sheng, May Day at that time was an existence that would be forgotten if not careful.

they yearn for people to listen to their songs, but they know that it is not the right time.


as a matter of fact, it is not that Ashin has never thought of giving up, because music has never been an easy way to go. At that time, a pair of hands was enough to count the bands that could rely on music for a living.

they do chores at the record company every day. Ah Xin's mother even said, "if you go on playing music like this, you will be a beggar sooner or later."

A Xin replied with a smile, "that would be cool, too."

when I ride my bike back to my dormitory after making music every night, when I pass through the dark "self-improvement tunnel", it is the most confused time for A Xin every day.

"will there be a future if we go on like this?"

Our cheap prom dresses are made to unsettle even the casual looker. The collection is in different beautiful materials.

but such a problem did not trip May Day.

it was not until 1999 that the first album was finally born, which has been a full three years since the establishment of May Day.

there are 12 songs in the album, the first six are mandarin songs including "hug", "Crazy World" and "reveal", and the last six songs include the current "Chi Ming and Chunjiao" and the extremely sad "I LOVE YOU hopeless".

and every song uses music to express what young people want to express.

as the album introduction behind CD wrote: "May Day is such a student band close to you, saying what you understand and singing the songs you want to hear."

everyone says that "hug" is the best word Ashin has ever written: "indulge your wildness and find your own tomorrow."

everyone says it's because it sings "homosexuality".

but in fact, this is not what every young man looks like.


A month after the first album was released, the first ten thousand people concert was held at the Taipei City Stadium on May 28.

it was also the first orchestra in Taiwan to stand in the stadium for a concert. At that time, May Day, which won eight awards in a row, was regarded as a miracle of a Chinese orchestra.

this concert laid a huge foreshadowing for live's career in May.

the millennium is a hopeful year for the whole world, especially for May.

in July, under the pressure of college courses, they broke through many difficulties and finally completed their second album, long live Love.

also at that time, Chi Ming and Chunjiao became the champion song of KTV for 52 consecutive weeks, and young people all over Taiwan unwittingly became "Chi Ming" and "Chunjiao".

but they didn't stop because of this. In August of the same year, May Day held three concerts in Taipei, Taichung, and Tainan. The audience of the concert called "100,000 Young people stood out" also happened to be 100,000.

this student band has become a rising star in Taiwan.

the future, which I can't see clearly, seems so close to them for the first time.


when everyone was full of expectations, May suddenly said, "We are going to disband."

after graduating from college, Ashin,Monster, Stone and Martha are going to do military service, while Guan you is going to the United States to study drum sets.

the funniest thing about the result was that Ashin had flat feet, monster anemia, stone heart disease, and Martha was the only one who joined the army.

but farewell is still sad.

the farewell concert "where are you going" in 2001, after Ashin sang the last song "believe", the fans were drenched by the heavy rain, but still refused to leave for a long time.

"go home"


"go home"


"there is no song to sing"


that night, the little Dome was washed away by tears and heavy rain, off stage, on stage, and in the sky.

everyone is afraid that this is the last time in May that they will stand on the stage and sing, and even Ashin themselves are not sure what will happen next.

everyone muses repeatedly in their hearts, don't go, don't break up.

two years later, they finally came up with the answer:

"starting from August 16, 2003, May Day will continue to accompany you forever."

that night, they returned to the Taipei Municipal Stadium. Ashin announced loudly in front of the audience of 40,000.

40,000 people, the audience has quadrupled since the last time I came here.

the monster said, "I never thought it would be like this."

but fans who like May Day know that that is their agreement.


in 2004, May Day decided to go inland.

at that time, the Internet was not popular, and the mainland's understanding of May Day was almost zero, which was obviously an adventurous and challenging move.

almost no one has ever recognized them, and most people think of them as "Taibazi underground band".

when he first arrived in Shanghai, A Xin said he hoped to hold a concert with 80,000 people here in the future.

A reporter even choked on the spot: "it's a dream to hold a concert with 80,000 people on May Day."

two months later, they went to Beijing again and performed at a livehouse called "unknown Heights". Their audience was only 40.

they braved the boos of local rock fans and the mineral water bottles that flew to the edge of the stage from time to time, and finally braved their heads to finish the performance.

"I was really afraid of being beaten that night." Later, when talking about this matter, A Xin said with a smile.

there was only a dozen people at the signing meeting in Harbin. In order not to make the scene look so ugly, they signed their autographs so slowly that they even asked fans, "what do you do for a living?"


but no one thought that in 2007, their dream, which was called a dream by reporters, had really come true.

"from the Shanghai Grand stage in 2004 to today's stadium of 80, 000 people, we walked for less than 1540 days. Without you, we would not have today. Angels with blue magic wands, we did it together."

in Jump off the surface of the earth! "at the concert, A Xin sighed. Similarly, in 13 years, the band that was thrown with mineral water bottles while performing in Beijing also held a concert at the Bird's Nest.

100,000 people were packed.

the unknown Highland is actually only 1.8 kilometers away from the Bird's Nest, but May Day has been walking for eight years.

A lot of people cried that night. Many things have changed over the years, but May Day has been with fans, dreaming together and watching each other's dreams come true.


Today marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the army in May, and it is also the day on which tickets for the Hong Kong concert of "Life Infinity" in 2017 are on sale.

Ten concerts were held in a row, but the tickets were sold out within 2 hours.

May Day has long been a veritable "heavenly regiment".

recall that when she released her first album, A Xin thought about cutting off the cable TV at home so that her mother wouldn't find out.

now Ashin's mother is still nagging, but the content has become "write songs well and let people who come to the concert go home with satisfaction" and so on.

the monster who was studying at National Taiwan University was under even greater pressure because he quarreled with his father countless times because he could not take over the family's law firm.

now, the concert has become a special way for monsters to date. After singing, we will go to dinner and chat together.

they persisted, first walking out of the "small home" door, and then breaking through the "everyone" door.


when a person is very popular, he is bound to be attacked, and May Day is no exception.

many people say that Ashin's singing is rubbish, and live is the scene of the accident.

A Xin is not angry, mocking himself that he plays the guitar worst, so he can only be the lead singer

fans are not angry, while black his lead singer's bad singing skills, while continuing to be loyal fans.

"even if A Xin is out of tune and broken every day, even if five middle-aged people play dirty jokes every day, they still love them."

May day looks different in everyone's mind.

what you may remember is "the place that hasn't broken in my heart"

"in fact, we are all the same but full of inexplicable desire to shine once in a lifetime."

it may be "wrong"

"if Yi Jing didn't fall apart in a second after marrying Nobita's lifelong belief" it may be

"in that year, the sky was high and the wind was clear and happy from head to toe"

Eason Chan said, "if I were the god of song, May would be a religion."

We are not so much fans of May Day as their followers.

everyone can get what they want from their teachings.

maybe it's courage, maybe it's companionship, maybe it's to learn to persevere, or it's to teach you how to "not be changed".

or maybe it's a band that hasn't given up for twenty years.


Thorn sent a screenshot to the editor group in the middle of last night. A reader asked him on Weibo: "I don't know if you will write about May Day tomorrow, but I know you are all five fans."

so, with tonight's article.

if you must ask us, "what exactly did May Day give you to make you like it so much?"

after the age of 20, everyone will suddenly find that there are so many annoying and unpleasant things in the world.

We are always compromising and calling it "growing up" when we don't want to accept it.

even the biggest struggle we can make is probably just to say "stupid" angrily in our hearts.

and May Day?

when they live to the age of 40, they still don't seem to have grown up, just like they did when they started singing on the wild stage.

can't you be liked if you sing badly?

can't you glow if no one is interested?

do you have to give up if you don't accept it?

if you can't sing, then come up with first-rate words and songs;

if there is no successful student band, then you will do the first one yourself;

even if only 40 people are listening to the livehouse performance, you must keep singing until 100000 people below the stage.

for this pesky world, we choose to compromise after swearing.

May Day uses another way to change the world, which is to insist on not being changed by the world.

it is precisely this existence that has propped up the youth of countless young people.

it is such existence that tens of thousands of young people are impressed by him.

May Day is a group of excellent creators, but their best work is not a song.

it's May Day itself.

good night.