Today, I don't want to miss you again.

/October 2023

after 11:00 every night, there are always a lot of people in WeChat moments who share music not so much as themselves in the music.

they can't just say, "I need you, can you stay awake for a while?" instead, they use Yang Qianfu's "if let me go on" instead, because the song sings "I want to cry, can you stop sleeping for a while?"

can't just say "I love you", just use Yu Jiayun's trilogy instead, because the title of the song is "I want to" and "together again".

I always feel that music and emotions always overlap. Eason Chan also sang, "Thank you for always having a song to reveal your state of mind."

it is precisely because of this that disorganized and disorganized netizen Yiyun Music has organized the "three Love Letters", which is very romantic, from the Eastern Valentine's Day (Lantern Festival) to the Western Valentine's Day, that is, today.

Today, I want to help the three people who participated in the event to express their love on the home page of Yiyun Music.

(1) Meatball wants to say to Mr. L, "you wait for me at the end of the line."

when Meatball said he could express his love on the front page, Meatball sent out a playlist without even thinking about it. She was probably the bravest and most straightforward of all. "put me on top. I want to give him the most romantic confession. He is also using NetEase music."

probably because of this silly bluntness and boldness, her message received the most praise.

but when I talked to the meatball, she was scared. She wanted to be heard, but she was afraid of being heard.

she has been in love with him for a long time, and like most people who are secretly in love, she is still guessing each other's mind, careful, afraid of making too much noise, he will be afraid, she is afraid that he knows, and she is afraid that he knows, pretending not to know.

so I can only go on and like you in the name of a friend, so no one will doubt it.

every time she holds down her little emotions, when she can't contain herself, she listens to music. NetEase Yun music is recommended by him. As a result, she is "poisoned" and circulates the other party's music over and over again every day. Guess his mind. Or share the song and hide yourself in the music.

but she didn't get any comments or likes. "just answer that sentence, all the developments are written to you, the whole world has responded, but you have no movement."

when she talked about this, she listened to Faye Wong's "you wait for me at the end". All the lyrics of this song are what she wants to say to each other, especially the sentence, "I have been following the footsteps of your mood, misunderstood by everyone, and understand you."

she said, "I have been catering to all his tastes. Before I met him, I just wanted to die alone, but after I met him, I just wanted to give him all my warmth and bravery."

this kind of confession, called "secret love", said it quietly.

(2) Yang Damien wants to say to Mr. Chen that "depend on each other."

they met on the Internet. She was studying in Ningbo and he was in Changsha. Not long after he met her, he decided to see her. Unexpectedly, the night before he left, he broke his leg. He thought he could not see her and blamed his stupidity, but heard her say, "I decided to travel to Changsha. I'll see you by the way."

although the legs were not stitched, Mr. Chen braved to see Yang Dafa. It was the first time they had met. It seemed like a natural thing, and the two were together.

Yang Damien and Mr. Chen began a long-distance relationship, eight hundred miles, four months, only met four times.

Yang Damien recalled his first date. "it was the first time I took a motorcycle, and when I sat in the back seat holding him, I thought, if only this road could be open for a lifetime. I wish I could open this road for the rest of my life. I first followed him for the New year and received flowers from him for the first time. He gave me a lot of crazy possibilities.

can you believe that when you meet someone you really like, you always have a feeling that when you are with you, no one in front of you is the first love?

on New year's Eve, she went shopping in the supermarket. He was waiting outside. As soon as he came out, the person disappeared. At that time, she was very anxious, afraid that something would happen to him. She looked everywhere. As a result, she passed a flower shop and secretly noticed that he was buying flowers inside.

"I was very angry, but I couldn't stop laughing after seeing it."

he confessed to her in the Book of songs and played the piano to her. He wanted to see her, but he had no money, so he had to take the train and take a hard seat back and forth, just to accompany her to have a meal. On the way back, she asked him, "is it boring?" he said, "not boring," and then played the game of "reporting the station" all night.

I asked Big face which song she most wanted to use to express her love. She said, "depend on each other." Chen Xiaochun sang, "if you don't put me down, I want to make sure I hold the same arm every day."

she said, I don't have time to participate in your past. I will always be with you in the future, Mr. Chen. Please give me some advice for the rest of my life.

this kind of confession, called "passionate love", is obviously far away, but it always feels that it is beside you and can go further.

(3) wency wants to say "my prayer" to Mr. lan

wency and her Mr. lan, who are classmates in middle and high school, have been together for more than a year. He is her ex and they haven't been in touch since they separated. He went to Newcastle in England on February 2. She went to graduate school and went to Reading.

after going to the UK, the two got in touch on the alumni network and occasionally chatted on Wechat. On New year's Day, she went from Reading to Newcastle, his city, and the two decided to get back together that night, many years after they were in high school.

now they are back in Shanghai together and plan to get married next year. She smiled and told me that she felt that it was very orderly to express her love on the first page on the last Valentine's Day before marriage.Read the meaning.

the song she wants to confess to him is "my prayer", which is very special. It tells the story of a boy squatting in church and praying to God that God will take good care of his lover who hasn't shown up yet.

the difference is that she has found the lover she wants to spend her life with, singing "That I was meant to share it with you,My heart my mind my soul" to the effect that I am really willing to share everything with you with all my heart.

listening to this song, I seem to imagine her holding her father's hand, walking slowly into the church, and finally he took her hand and kissed it gently.

I always think that it's over, and that people who really want to be together will meet again even after a few years, even after a few countries.

this kind of confession is called "marriage". After meeting so many people, only you are irreplaceable.


has always felt that music is spiritual. What you need, it will give you what you love. You will hear what kind of song you love, and the whole world will be associated with this person.

have you noticed that from Meatball, to Yang's big face, to wency, there are just three girls, which happen to be the three stages that everyone goes through from unrequited love, passionate love, and marriage, the dilemma of secret love, the desperate love of love, and the conviction that they want to walk into church with this one.

maybe you are still spending Valentine's Day alone today, and you may still be in the emotional stage of meatball. You are not sure if your "Mr. L" will love you, but please believe that you will meet such a person, such as Yang Damien met Mr. Chen who fell in love again, and wency met Mr. lan who can spend the rest of his life together.

"and when you come, I know I can't miss you again."

how about sharing tonight, the one you don't want to miss, and the story between you?

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