When I travel later, I always think of you.

/January 2023

maybe it's because I'm about to graduate, and I always feel that many people in my moments are on their way to travel.

I like reading these moments about "travel" very much.

I like to see their charming photos and listen to them tell interesting stories about their journey, because they let me know that in addition to the library dormitory company, there can be some less boring beauty in life.

when I was writing this article, I went to chat with some friends and asked only one question: what was the one thing that impressed you most during your trip?

Lao Han asked me if I had any requirements.

I smiled and said, "what I want to hear is the thing that pops up instantly before your brain can think about the word travel."


"A person is eating hot pot in Chongqing." Zhang Jingshi said he had never felt so miserable.

"Don't come to Chengdu or Chongqing alone. Because when you are alone around that big oil pan, you will doubt your life, no one will remind you to drink water when it is too hot to extricate yourself, and no one can hear the sigh (or "tsk" or "hiss") after the white wine. The next tables are all drinking cheers, and you are the only one taking pictures. You also want to eat without touching your cell phone, but without it, who will prove it when you recall it later?

especially when eating strings, I feel uncomfortable, just like eating a buffet alone. The first time, you have to take all the food you want, and when you go the second time, you have to think about whether you want to leave the bag in place. Let it go, you're afraid of being stolen; if you don't, you're afraid that people will think you're gone.

eating Sichuan food today, watching Kung Pao Chicken, Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili, Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce, Mapo Tofu, and all kinds of chicken and beef. Since there is only one person, we can only choose two of them.

I can't finish it in the end, which pisses me off. "

the photos we took in Beijing not long ago

the photos we took in Beijing not long ago

the photos we took in Beijing not long ago

the photos we took in Beijing not long ago

the first time I took a 56-hour train to Lhasa, when I was fiddling with a new camera in the car, a girl with long hair, big eyes and a white dress broke into the lens.

according to Lao Han, he looks exactly the same as he imagined. Both of them are from Guangdong, and they chatted happily along the way, and the girl even ate up all the snacks on the way to Lao Han.

but perhaps the most regrettable thing about the journey is that everyone who enjoys talking to each other will go their separate ways.

Lao Han got off the train at Qinghai Station with some regret and said goodbye to her. In those days, he suddenly looked a little empty on the way to Lhasa.

until a few days later, he walked into the youth brigade with his luggage, and a white dress came into view. It was the girl he met on the train. When they looked up, they were stupefied for a moment, and then smiled involuntarily.

both the girl and Lao Han studied in the university town and later became his girlfriend.

this is the first thing that pops out of Lao Han's mind when he talks about travel.

he described it as an affair, but I thought it was more like some kind of fate with envy.

the photos we took in Beijing not long ago


some friends on Weibo also commented on some impressive stories, which were quite interesting.

the story of a girl named Ah Xiao is about a convenience store on the road.

in 7-11 in Kenting, she bought some snacks to go back to the hostel to eat. When she paid the bill, she saw the price adjusted from 555 to 557, and then said somewhat cute, "it would be a coincidence if it was 555."

the shop assistant at that time was very cute. When I heard this, I got rid of the 2 yuan. The receipt of 555 is still in Ah Xiao's wallet.

some people met their mother, who ranked third in the college entrance examination in the province.

some people listened to the driver finish talking about his life and his family.

some people spent the night at Qingba's strange boss's house after not sleeping.

A friend said that what impressed her most was that when she was about to reach for the snacks handed to her, she was accidentally fed.

while listening to the stories of these journeys, I found a very interesting thing-what impressed most people most was not the magnificent scenery, but the people and experiences.

the experiences brought about by different cultures, various, ingenious and indescribable people.

the photos we took in Beijing not long ago

Zhihu searches for "travel" and "travel", and the painting style is different.

the search results of travel always have such a literary spirit. The result of tourism is often a very practical point of view, such as where the scenic spots are famous and how to play more.

at first I couldn't tell the difference between travel and travel. Until I saw two English words, Traveler and Tourist.

one is a traveler and the other is a tourist.

what are tourists?

like Zhang Jingzhi, run to Chengdu to take pictures, and then go back to the hostel or Starbucks to watch the computer after posting on moments, and then listen to Chengdu and pretend that a lot of stories have happened to them, that is, tourists.

because they took nothing but pictures and left nothing behind.

while traveling, I think it's more like a different way of life.

in stories like above, actually II don't know what kind of scenery they have experienced and what kind of mountains and rivers they have seen, but this does not hinder my yearning for travel.

it's because what I really yearn for is their funny, coincidental, and warm experiences.

when you are away from the repetitive life of libraries, schools and companies, people will unconsciously magnify these interesting things during the journey because of different cultures, different distances, and different mindsets.

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the most fascinating thing about travel is that at that moment, it frees people from making money, from learning, from the state of fighting for survival.

Monterrey, USA


I like to compare travel with delicious food.

when we eat to survive, there is no such concept as good food. But slowly, after solving the pressure of survival, we will want to eat better, at this time Japanese cuisine, eight major cuisines and other delicacies were born.

and travel is a kind of exquisite food, our busy work is to survive, but we always want to live a more interesting life, so we travel a long way to eat different food and live a different life.

because they are different "delicacies", there are different ways to eat them.

some cities, such as Hainan and Dali, are suitable for "cozy" and "casual". But if we go to another country, we can't ignore the local conditions and customs and turn "travel" into another kind of "business trip" as Zhang Jingshi did.

so this time, Youfan Art decided to join wellmet, disorganized, Tmall and other brands to set up the "American Western Life Exploration team."

We decided to invite ten "explorers" with different personalities or skills to explore a total of 14 days of self-driving trips from US Highway 66 to eight exploration sites, from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Palo Alto. To explore a different life.

the key point is that the cost is entirely borne by the active party.

this time, we will not only go camping in the Grand Canyon National Park in the United States, but also stop in Los Angeles for two days, stay in the homes of local people, experience the local customs and go to the game with you; even Los Angeles Fish Market to buy food and cook with everyone in the United States.

so if you want to be a member of the American Western Life Expedition, click on today's "read the original" to sign up.

Hello, everyone. I am the thorn. In fact, the above paragraph only mentioned a small part of this activity, because I have also signed up, so I really don't want to reveal too much, ha. So the rest is up to you to click and read the original text.

by the way, the activist told me that the Maxi Life Expedition is particularly short of good photographers, and if you take a particularly good picture, you will really have a better chance of being chosen.

good luck and good night.

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