Your WeChat name reveals your level.

/October 2023

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when you first add a Wechat friend, the first impression of the other person often comes from ta's Wechat nickname and profile picture.

avatars may be changed frequently, but nicknames generally do not change frequently.

people like their names, Wechat nicknames are actually a magnifying glass of a person's character.

your WeChat name reveals your secret.

Real name

people who use their real names as nicknames pay attention to the efficiency of interpersonal communication, are pragmatic, and have a strong heart and idealism.

in reality, such people are often full of self-confidence and aboveboard. In dealing with people frankly and sincerely, what ideas will not be hidden, never beat around the bush.

when you get along with this kind of people, you don't feel exhausted by infighting.

people who dare to use their real names as Wechat nicknames pursue a simple and real life.

they have experienced more and seen more, so they choose to live a more thorough life.

treat others sincerely, treat yourself honestly, treat others with sincerity, and treat life with a simple heart.

they tend to be down-to-earth, reliable, not hypocritical, not affected, not deceived, simply walk in the world, steadfastly manage their lives well.

the name of literature and art

there is a kind of people, Wechat nicknames follow the literary style, such as "high mountains and flowing rivers", "tranquil Zhiyuan", "comfortable as the wind" and so on.

their avatars are also often accompanied by landscape pictures and pictures of flowers and plants.

this kind of people love to be close to nature and are delicate and gentle.

in dealing with the world, they are not slow, do not argue, do not disturb, and have a calm and calm state of mind.

share a short story:

Mr. Feng Zikai once went sightseeing with his friends, and suddenly it began to rain heavily.

when his friend was impatient, Mr. Feng was intrigued by the "lonely and deep interest" in front of him, and thought it was better than traveling in the mountains on a sunny day, so he borrowed a huqin and played it casually, setting off the bitter rain and barren mountains with warm colors.

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people who use literary and artistic nicknames or landscapes will treat the world with peace of mind.


there is a group of people whose Wechat nicknames are their own nicknames, mostly nicknames given by their families when they were young, or reduplicated words adopted by friends, such as "Xiaoxiao" and "Yuyu".

these people are mostly easygoing and approachable. Just like a little sister next door, she feels cordial but respectful, comfortable but not estranged.

the Book of Rites says: "those who are gentle must have a pleasant color, and those who have a pleasant color must have Wanrong."

people who use nicknames as nicknames for Wechat are full of peace.

they treat life gently, do not show off, not arrogant, optimistic and casual.

there is no figure in life, friendly to people and friendly to the world.

this kind of people tend to be very popular and can gain more friendship and sincere praise.

pure emoticons or symbols

Wechat nicknames are pure expressions or symbols, often the pursuit of personality, humorous and funny people.

these people feel that words are not enough to express their inner vitality. on the contrary, pure expressions or symbols are more interesting.

there is a saying like this: "for those who are full of happiness, all the processes are wonderful."

in the eyes of people who use emoticons or symbols to make Wechat nicknames, life is full of fun, even Wechat nicknames.

they have an interesting soul, which can capture the happy factor in the dull gap of life and make the boring life blossom.

they dare to live their lives, do what they like, and make their lives lively and vibrant.

WeChat names are varied because of their different personalities, and also reflect the life outlook and world outlook of different people.

Russell said: jagged polymorphism is the source of happiness.

what kind of WeChat name is everyone's freedom, a little more respect, less mockery, is the embodiment of self-cultivation.

, I hope we can learn to see our own unique, magnanimous to be ourselves, but also know how to appreciate others.

cherish every true feeling and let the jagged polymorphism become the most graceful scenery.

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