A home is thriving, with three keys

/October 2023

home, carrying warmth and hope. Family luck Hengtong, wealth is full of doors, the world all look forward to. If you do these three things, good fortune will come and your family fortune will prosper. There are good people in the family, and the blessings are profound. "Taishang Induction" says: "good people say good words, see good, and do good deeds. There are three good things in one day, and there will be blessings in three years. " If there are good people in the family, with good intentions and doing good deeds, over time, the whole family will be blessed by disasters. There is a story in San Yan Erpai. In ancient times, there was a man named Lu Yu, whose son was unfortunately lost when he was 6 years old. Lu Yu borrowed money to leave home to do business and took the opportunity to find her son. One day, while passing through Chenliu County, Lu Yu found a parcel containing 200 taels of silver when she went to the hut. Poor, he did not take it privately, but waited for the owner in place. But at the end of the day, it didn't come. So he walked and looked for it. In an inn, he happened to meet the owner of the package, Chen Chaofeng. So Lu Yuru returned it several times, but the other party was grateful and offered to share equally, but Lu Yu refused. Chen Chaofeng, who had nothing to return, wanted to tie the knot with Lu Yu. when he learned what had happened to him, he pitied him for being childless, so he gave him the young man he had bought a few years ago. As a result, the boy turned out to be the son he longed for day and night. When father and son get together, the two families get close again, which can be said to be a double blessing. Lu Yu did not ask for anything in return for her good deeds, but as a result, she not only found her beloved son, but also arranged an engagement for her son, with both the joy of regaining her loss and the joy of getting married. If people have good thoughts, God will bless them, and if they do good deeds, they will be blessed. Doing good deeds is like giving roses to others, leaving fragrance in their hands; those who love come back, those who are blessed come back. If there is a person in the family who does good deeds, the fortune and aura of the family will be filled with love and blessings, the family will be harmonious, and the children and grandchildren will prosper. As Fang Xiaoru said in the Ming Dynasty, "those who give kindness to others are morally successful, and those who have a good heart are better at home, and are happy for their children and grandchildren." If the family only pays attention to the accumulation of wealth and does not do evil, the family will run out of money because of money disputes, and future generations will also be affected by disasters. Doing good is a family heirloom, a family that pays attention to accumulating virtue and doing good deeds. Even if it is enjoyed forever, it is inexhaustible. Family has a filial son, family luck Hengtong According to the 42 chapters of Classics: "for all ghosts and spirits in heaven and earth, it is better to be filial to their relatives. Filial piety is the most divine." Instead of worshiping the ghosts and spirits of heaven and earth, it is better to be filial to your parents and pray for your parents. Buddhists often say, "the two elders in the hall are the Buddha." Filial piety to parents is the first blessing in the world and the fastest way to increase happiness and eliminate karma. There is a story of "Zhao Zi Ying Thieves" in the Book of Zhao Zi in the later Han Dynasty. One night, a gang of thieves went to Zhao Zi's house to steal. When he found out, in order to prevent his old mother from being frightened, he walked quickly to the door to meet the thief. He ordered someone to prepare the meal and apologized to the thief, saying, "my mother is 80 years old. coupled with her illness and weakness, please leave some food and clothing so that I can take care of my mother." When the thief heard this, he was ashamed. Instead, he knelt down and repented: "We are too reckless. We really should not disturb the virtuous." With these words, he ran away. Since then, the story of Zhao Zi's filial piety has been widely spread. The court heard that he had been recruited to become an official many times, and even the emperor himself issued an edict. Because of filial piety to his mother, Zhao Zi was not only protected from thieves and thieves, but also promoted. As the saying goes, since ancient times, loyal ministers have many filial sons, and the monarch chooses virtuous officials to promote filial piety and honesty. Sima Qian said: "parents are the foundation of human beings." An old man in a family is like a treasure. The old man is the foundation of the family, like a big tree, only with a deep foundation can he flourish and spread his leaves. Do not know how to filial piety parents, the foundation of the family can not be nourished, for a long time, become a tree without roots, such a family, more and more decline, fewer and fewer people. Filial piety is like running water. If the previous generation is unfilial, it will be intercepted, and future generations will be exhausted. Filial piety is a good family style, set an example of filial piety to parents, children and grandchildren will also be imbued, filial piety can be passed on. If there is a filial son in the family, the family fortune can turn into good luck, and the fine water will last forever. The family style is industrious and thrifty. Zhang Zijun's Family motto records: "the word Xingjia means diligence and frugality." No matter born poor or rich, a family can prosper as long as it adheres to the family style of diligence and thrift. Industry can create wealth, frugality can keep wealth, prosperity accumulates happiness, and comes naturally. The courtyard of Qiao's family in Shanxi is well known. The secret of the rise and prosperity of the Qiao family stems from diligence and thrift. Hanging a couplet at the inner door of the compound: "to seek fame and gain, not to ask for others, you must beg yourself; cherish clothes and happiness, not wealth, but fate. . " The upper couplet is to rely on their own diligent efforts to seek fame and wealth; the lower couplet is not extravagant and wasteful, but to know how to be frugal and cherish blessings. At that time, there were stages in the courtyards of many big families in Shanxi, but the Qiao family did not, for fear that their children and grandchildren would lose their spirits. The "newspaper hall" in the courtyard is dedicated to the clay sculptures of the first generation of Qiao's ancestors, alongside begging baskets and dog sticks. As a warning to future generations, do not forget their roots. Even if the family is full of things, the Qiao family has never been arrogant and tired, ostentatious and vicious. The traveling merchants all praise the Qiao family, and the business of the Qiao family is getting bigger and bigger. As the letter from Zeng Guofan said: "diligence and thrift do not fail; arrogance, extravagance and tiredness do not lead to invincibility!" If you only know how to indulge material desires, laziness and extravagance, no matter how much wealth, it will be wasted; even if there are more blessings, it will disappear. The real wealth is not Jinshan and Yinshan, but the industrious hands and the frugal heart. True wealth is not a wealth, but an excellent tradition and a good family style. A family, if everyone is diligent and progressive, frugal, why not worry about the prosperity of the family? There is a saying in Taishang Induction: "there is no way to call good and evil, and the retribution of good and evil is like a shadow." The family is a blessing or a curse, a rise or fall, all of which are attracted by themselves. In a family, there are good people who do good deeds, filial sons who stick to filial piety and good family style of diligence and thrift, which is the best feng shui. The Buddha said, "Happy people live in blessed land, and blessed people live in blessed places." So nourish and infiltrate each other, the family will be blessed, the family will be prosperous and prosperous.

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