A woman with foresight has a way back.

/October 2023

youshucc In the world, there are variables in many things, there will be troughs in career, feelings may slowly fade, and life will always coexist with joys and sorrows. In the face of these variables, we should learn to prepare in advance and leave a good way forward for ourselves. Especially for women, after entering marriage, they need to leave a good way back for themselves, so that no matter what situation they encounter, they can be on their own, so as not to let themselves be too embarrassed. Really smart women have already set aside these ways for themselves, laying the groundwork for happiness at every stage of life. Having the ability to make money is a woman's greatest strength. Writer Zhang Yanxia said: "Freedom, calmness, calmness and elegance all come from independence. Independence allows you not to be attached to others and not to fear the future, which is your inexhaustible strength." The life of adults is full of firewood, rice and salt. If women do not have the ability to earn money, they do not have the right to speak in the family and have no strength to gain a foothold in society. Su Qing's book "Ten years of Marriage" tells about the married life of Huaiqing and Chongxian. Huaiqing married Chongxian at the age of 15, but her married life was not as perfect as she thought. Her husband never meddled in family affairs except reading. Huaiqing originally had a teaching job, but she quit because of her rich family. Later, her husband went to work in Shanghai, Huaiqing accompanied him to Shanghai, the standard of living was very high, and the money sent by her mother-in-law's family was obviously insufficient, so her small family fell into an economic dilemma. She thought about contributing to the magazine to earn money, but she was opposed by her husband and had to give up. Due to lack of money, Huaiqing worried about firewood, rice, oil and salt, so when he went back to his mother's house, he had to pawn the ring to honor his mother. The two often quarreled over financial issues, and the marriage ended in failure. After ten years of marriage, Huaiqing has been suffering from injury and grievance. The story of Huaiqing tells us that no matter who a woman is with, she should not lose her way back. Fortunately, in the end, Huaiqing gorgeously turned around and got out of marriage, picked up her writing skills and regained her ability to make money. Relying on a pen in her own hand, she raised three children to grow up. Although she was tired, she was no longer humble and finally lived out her best appearance. There is a line in the TV series "Dad in charge" that says: "for a woman, a job is not only an income, but also an expression of your value and dignity." Love is not all of women, marriage should not become the shackles of women's growth, women have the ability to earn money, have the strength to turn around. If you have the ability to love yourself, you will have the strength to protect the one you love. At any time, smart women will let themselves maintain the ability to earn money, but rely on others to cultivate the foundation of their own survival. Only when you take root in life, will you not be afraid of the wind and rain in life. It is the most beautiful posture for women to practice both inside and outside. The British writer Owen said: "Human happiness can only be established on the basis of physical health and mental peace." The beauty of a woman lies not only in her skin, but also in her physical and mental health. I once saw a 92-year-old Hale and hearty grandmother who paints seriously on the Internet. she is the famous picture book writer and illustrator Tasha. Tasha came from a wealthy family, received a good education from an early age, fell in love with painting and agriculture at the age of 15, and has since built her own rich inner world in painting. She had a marriage when she was young and had four children, but in the end their relationship broke up and her husband left her. In the face of the failed marriage, she did not immerse herself in sadness, but continued to live with optimism. After her husband left, she supported her family by painting and knitting. Instead of complaining or failing to recover, she devoted herself to experiencing the beauty of life every day, drawing it into a picture and passing it on to more people. Grandma Tasha is also keen on all kinds of hand-knitting and sewing, often designing her own dresses and wearing all kinds of beautiful flower headscarves. A woman who studies both inside and outside always brings her own elegance. She is not happy with things or sad with herself. No matter what changes she has in life, she can cope with them freely and will not collapse easily. When the child grew up, Tasha, 57, moved from the city to the countryside to start a pastoral life, self-sufficient, raising chickens and ducks, gardening and gardening. "I live in a holiday mood every day," she said. " With a good state of mind, life is getting better and better. A woman with a rich spirit leads a simple and interesting life. Her beauty does not need to be decorated deliberately, pure, natural and approachable, everywhere exudes vitality. She does not pursue fame and fortune, nor is she afraid of being buried. With the passage of time, she becomes more and more calm. The beauty of a woman is always more than her appearance, both inside and outside, sunshine and health are the most beautiful posture of a woman, which can make you glow. Having an independent mind is a woman's greatest wisdom. There is a classic saying on the Internet: "people with foresight never lose." Yang Lan is a model of success for women. She majored in English, but when she graduated, she applied for a variety show host on CCTV and stood out from many outstanding ones. She is knowledgeable and talented, and "Zhengda Variety" has been well received since its inception, and won the host's "Golden microphone" award after four years in the job. When Zhengda Variety was at its peak, she chose to go abroad for further study. others wondered why she gave up the hot industry. Only she knew that the bottleneck period was coming, and only by breaking through the limitations could she improve the space. At the age of 28, Yang Lan received a master's degree in international affairs from Columbia University with honors, and she has been talking about her life ever since. After returning to China, she started an interview with Yang Lan, joined Phoenix Satellite TV, interviewed more than 1000 core figures from various countries and fields, and her program once again set off an upsurge. But not satisfied with this, she withdrew from Phoenix Satellite TV, started her own business and joined the new media. After several trials and mistakes, she finally found her own position and set up a media investment company with billions of assets. She has made great achievements in her career, and she has found people of the same frequency in her marriage. Although her husband Wu Zheng is not handsome, he is a high-end talent and economic predator. The two grow up and achieve each other, and they are not only career partners, but also soul mates. Yang Lan once said: "someone may stop you from succeeding, but no one can stop you from growing." Human beingsAt every stage of her life, she does not forget to learn and grow, constantly break through herself, look at long-term goals with a wise vision, stay at the forefront of the times in her career, have a happy marriage, and independent-minded women will not fall behind. Having your own circle of friends is another haven for women. Einstein once said: "the best thing in the world is to have a few friends with an upright mind and heart." Get a confidant in life, enough to comfort the wind and dust, in the long road of life, alone in the face of the wind and rain of life and the troubles around, always weak, if accompanied by one or two confidants, it is the warmth of the world. Meyers, the heroine in the movie "under the Sunshine in Tuscan", is a university professor and a famous writer. When her husband cheated at the age of 35, she filed for divorce, and her husband lost his job and had no means of income. According to local law, Meyers had to pay a large amount of alimony and scored half of her husband's property. Meyers was immersed in pain and his creative inspiration dried up. Her best friend Patty could not bear to see her continue to gaunt, so she signed up for a trip to Tuscany, Italy, hoping that she would get rid of her mental trauma. Meyers set out on the journey, the beautiful scenery along the way inspired her, an antique villa made her even more happy, she decided to stay in Litoscana. There, she met a handsome and kind antique dealer, and the two were immersed in a sweet time. With the help of her best friend, Meyers got out of the predicament, met her beloved, and finally got happiness. I really know people all over the world, with one or two good friends. Friends are the lights in the night, which can illuminate your way forward, add icing on the cake in times of prosperity and help you in times of adversity. After a woman enters a marriage and family, she still needs to have her own space and bosom friends, who can talk when she is suffering and share when she is happy. It is a safe haven outside marriage. Having adverse quotient is a woman's biggest trump card. It is written in the book living the meaning of Life: "some uncontrollable power may take away a lot of things from you, but the only thing it cannot be deprived of is your freedom to choose how to deal with different situations." Amy, the heroine of the Moon and sixpence, lived safely and happily in the first half of her life. Her husband had a stable job and her children were healthy and happy. She kept the house in good order and gathered with writers and artists in her spare time. In the 17th year of marriage, her husband Strickland ran away from home without warning, her peaceful life was disrupted, the family was in financial distress, and May was about to collapse in the face of public opinion. When she was sure that her husband would not come back, thinking that she still had two children to raise, she immediately picked up her mood and faced it calmly. Fortunately, she used to associate with writers and artists, and through osmosis, she soon learned shorthand and typing and found a job typing for writers. Her neighbors and friends sympathized with her experience and helped her with the business of typing. She worked hard quietly, with a skill and resources around her, and she quickly got out of the predicament. Women with adverse quotient will not always immerse themselves in pain when they encounter changes, and can quickly adjust and find a new way out under the critical attack of life. Life is impermanent, and no one knows which comes first, tomorrow or accident. having an adversity quotient is a woman's biggest trump card, even if it falls into the trough of life, it can bounce back and revive. ▽ It is an advantage for a woman to be beautiful, and it is a skill to live a beautiful life. Smart women have independent capital, will not be swayed by men, and will not be banned by their families. Both internal and external training is the most beautiful posture for a woman. Beauty can give you extra points, but health is the starting point for everything. A woman with foresight, who is wise and calm, has a sense of suffering and can break the rules, can walk at the forefront of the times. Make one or two bosom friends, when life is in danger, some people care, someone company, can accompany you through the wind and rain, but also comfort your lonely soul A woman with an adverse quotient has a strong heart, can resist the wind and rain of life, and can tolerate all phenomena in the world. If you leave yourself the above five ways, you can live into the scenery in the eyes of others, go through the Spring and Autumn period calmly, and survive the winter and summer.

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