An hour before going to bed determines the quality of your marriage

/October 2023

Audio Marriages after middle age are all self-knowledge. White day Going to work, doing housework, brushing your cell phone at night, in a daze, seems to be more and more boring. But I've seen it. The marriage of too many people around us, a lot of mutual understanding, a lot of interesting, washing and cooking can not escape, one Chicken feathers are not inevitable. If you want to run a good marriage, don't lose the hour before you go to bed. What happened to a brotherly marriage? In the past, I always felt that both husband and wife knew best about marriage. Until recently, Zhang he and his ex-wife Guo Keyu fell in love with each other. They have been together for 10 years, and there is a self-portrait section in the show, and their description of each other is 100% accurate. Zhang Helen Guo Keyu likes to wear high-necked clothes, and the details of his hairstyle are clearly remembered. When he got to the suspension bridge, Guo Keyu found Zhang he was afraid of heights and waited for him at the end, giving him a big hug. When Guo Keyu made up a lie that a man had just added her as a friend, Zhang he would be secretly jealous. The whole network shouted to get back together, and even Ni Ping said, "you two are such a good couple who insist on divorce." How on earth did they get separated? Guo Keyu gets up at more than 5 o'clock every day to practice yoga and running, while her husband Zhang he gets up at 10:00. When she went to bed at 7 o'clock, Zhang he was having a party with her friends. The time before the two people go to bed, there is basically no intersection, and slowly become more and more polite, from husband and wife to brothers, and then to roommates who have nothing to say. After ten years of suffering, I was exhausted before the divorce. As Guo Keyu said, "he can't enter my world, and I don't want to go to his world." There is a saying that there must be no love in marriage, because even if there is love, it will be exhausted. It seems that the longer you get married, the less you look like husband and wife. At most, I talked a few words about eating, drinking and children at night, and there was no one next to me before going to bed, let alone a "good night". Feelings are very fragile things, not careful care, really will be broken. It seems that it does not interfere with each other, but it is actually the sadness of both sides. An hour before going to bed is worth a day's tiredness. "No matter how loving a couple is, they will want to divorce 100 times and strangle each other 50 times." When the two get along with each other every day, conflicts are inevitable. But discontent has accumulated for a day, love has been consumed for a day, and there has to be a time to slow down. The best time is just before going to bed. I saw a post online: "if it hadn't been for my son to have a complete family, I would have divorced him." The girl works in a foreign company, gets married early and is ambitious in her career. Her husband was lazy, reading novels or playing games after work, which made her angry. She can only beat him every day, shake her face, and turn herself into mammary gland hyperplasia. Recently, it has been a year since she posted a post, but a paragraph has been added after that: "I have seen the dawn of happiness." After a quarrel, the two men had a long talk before going to bed and felt that there was something wrong with each other. They reconciled during the chat and slept soundly that night. Later, the two agreed to talk an hour before bed, no matter what they talked about. She listened to her husband talk about his bellowing boss, and all kinds of people she met on the road were like listening to serial novels. She also opened the chatterbox and shaken off all the interesting things between friends. The couple found that they were so interesting to each other that they both wanted to say too much. Once she was too tired at work and her husband kept talking, so she fell asleep in her husband's arms and began to snore. The memory of an hour before going to bed is always the deepest. A little bit of beauty between husband and wife, the brain will automatically preserve, after the arrangement of the hippocampus, easily become a long-term memory. It is said that two different people have to go through a long journey before they can be merged into one. Go to sleep with warmth and love, the corners of the mouth are up. The resentment in your heart dissipates, and you can taste the sweetness of life over and over again. Don't forget to do these three things before you go to bed Marriage is not much vigorous, we are all moved in the details, but also in the details of the collapse, love in the details, not love is. Feelings can heat up quickly with a few small moves before going to bed. Tell me what's on your mind. When two independent people come together, they hope to open their hearts and share the bitterness and sweetness of life together. But slowly you will think: "what is there to say about such a thing?" If you are numb, you will be silent. If you have been silent for too long, you seldom speak again. It's better to take advantage of the peace of mind before going to bed to talk to each other, treat each other as your own friends, talk to each other, listen to each other, and wake up with a new look. Say something nice. A survey conducted by the Kinsey Institute of Sex in the United States found that feelings can always be well cared for by recalling the good old days and talking sweet words before going to bed. After getting married, he is always ashamed to say the word love. Even if the affection is deep, it is difficult to speak up. As Yi Shu wrote: "most sweet words are spoken to irrelevant people." When the night is getting thicker, try to say a few words in each other's ear. In fact, a simple warm word is enough to be comfortable all night. When you hear those comfortable words, you will also find that it is all worth it. Hug each other tightly Someone asked Cai Shaofen, "what is the most touching thing your husband has ever done to you?" She smiled: "Zhang Jin lay next to me, hugged me tightly, and said nothing." After Cai Shaofen had children, she slept in the middle of the bed, and the two children dared not turn over on both sides, making her very tired. Seeing that she was not feeling well, Zhang Jin took the initiative to let out the cushion under the bed, changed places with her, hugged her before going to bed, and slowly loosened after a long time: "have a good sleep." Cai Shaofen filmed the next day and snickered all day. Don't begrudge your feelings and hug the person next to you. The small contentment before going to bed, which is also the constant warmth, is an indispensable happiness of marriage. Marriage is not only firewood, rice and salt, but also has long-term companionship. The longer people are married, the less they expect romance, because we all know that marriage is too realistic. No one can avoid dressing, eating, making money and spending money. But for a marriage to last, there must be something else, such as long-term companionship. The writer Wu Xiaoshi talks about her.My grandparents have been introduced and have been sweet for the rest of their lives. Grandma couldn't cook, so the first grandfather, who went back to be a guest, said, "you can get some, and I'll eat whatever you cook." Grandpa ate all the fried rice that looked like a pot of rice. When two people get along after marriage, it is all grandpa who is cooking. Grandma concentrated on being a teacher. She could write elegant words and embroidery at home. The two often chatted and smiled at each other. Once my grandfather brought back a watch in the evening, which was sent by his advanced staff. It was agreed to change the women's watch band to his grandmother, but the watch band could not be disassembled, so he could only hold a women's watch band and a men's watch and handed it over embarrassingly. But before going to bed, Grandma wore the watch strap on her hand and gave the men's watch to Grandpa: "so we all have watches." The two were suddenly tossed about with joy and had a good night's sleep. There is a saying in "Massage": "you hold my hand, I hold your hand, waiting together, that is, the so-called together." Between husband and wife, there is no need to make every effort to please, as long as in the long years, do not forget to hold each other's hands. Miss each other every day and night, dressed as the rest of my life. Spend time with your partner, no matter how busy you are, set aside at least an hour before going to bed, sit quietly, chat quietly, and hug quietly. You will find that in addition to life, there is also love and comfort.

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