Be a man and keep your temper in order to leave a blessing.

/October 2023

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Sidney said, "A good temper is like a sunny day, with brilliance everywhere."

temper is everyone's spiritual practice in this life.

people with a good temper make people feel like a spring breeze, like good times, while people with a bad temper just want to stay away as soon as possible, or even hit a brick wall everywhere.

A bad temper will drive away luck. When a person's good temper comes, good fortune will come back.

losing temper is instinct, managing temper is skill

Zeng Guofan had a bad temper in his early years, and he often had disputes with people during his tenure in Beijing.

often for trivial things, "abusive, resentful, almost forget themselves and relatives".

when you scold someone, you talk fiercely.

during his stay in Beijing, because of his bad temper and unpopularity, Zeng Guofan was shunned by others, and no one wanted to sit with him.

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Zeng Guofan later lost in officialdom.

go home and continue to fight heaven and earth, and the brothers and servants of the family are scolded every day.

after being persuaded by his friends, he began to reflect on himself:

my temper is "flagrantly impersonal".

also figured out why he hit a brick wall again and again before.

it's not someone else's fault, it's your own personality and temper.

when Zeng Guofan returned to his post, he became extremely friendly when he realized the problem.

after his temper changed, his career gradually improved, and he was finally made a first-class brave Marquis. He served as the governor of Liangjiang and Zhili.

Mr. Nan Huaijin said in the Analects of Confucius:

"the superior people have the ability but not the temper, the middle people have the ability and temper, and the inferior people have no ability and temper."

A person's temper, whether round or square, can be sent and received freely, which is called "ability".

it is a great ability to control your temper.

even if Xiaomin in Shijing has a good temper, he can live like a fish in water, forming a climate of his own among relatives and neighbors.

if you want to keep your luck, you must first control your temper

such a thing was reported on the Internet:

after the couple quarreled, the wife slammed the door angrily, ready to drive away.

then the husband rushed out, blocked in front of the car, hammered the windshield and refused to let his wife go.

at this time, the wife was out of control, throttle, only heard "bang", the husband was knocked out, the back of the head hit the roadside stone, died on the spot.

until she was taken to the police station, the wife still couldn't recover and kept saying:

"if I hadn't lost my temper just now."

every time you lose your temper, someone will be hurt, and even irreparable consequences will occur.

I remember a master said that to lose one's temper is to make a big earthquake, and the whole body and mind will be torn apart, and it will be difficult to fully recover for a long time.

every time you lose your temper, your good luck decreases a little.

Wang Yangming said:

"narrow-mindedness is the root of evil, and carelessness is the door to happiness."

when temper comes, fortune is gone. if you want to keep it, you must first control your temper. Don't let your temper ruin your luck.

lose your temper less and you will be half successful. A good temper can attract both wealth and happiness.

if you can't manage your temper well, your luck and luck will go away.

learn not to be angry, learn


there was a famous Zen master in the Edo period in Japan.

one day, a believer came up to the Zen master and said:

"I was born grumpy, and I don't know how to correct it."

after hearing this, the Zen master said to the believers, "take out this naturally grumpy temperament, and I'll help you change it."

the believer replied, "No!" I don't have it now. I only have it when something happens. "

so the Zen master said, "if you don't have it now, you can see that it is not born. It is made by yourself when you argue with others."

We are all born with no temper. Originally there is nothing, where is the dust.

there was such a fable:

once upon a time there was a man called Aidiba. Every time he had an argument and got angry, he ran home as fast as he could and ran three times around his house and land.

then Aidiba's premises got bigger and bigger, but as long as he was angry, he would still run around the house.

when Aidiba is old, the premises are already very large.

one day, his grandson asked him:

"Grandpa, no one around here has more land than you. Can you tell me why you run around the land three times when you are angry? "

Aidiba said:

"when I lost my temper, I ran three times around the house and thought," my house is so small and the land is so small, how can I have the time or right to be angry with others? "

I lost my temper at the thought of this, so I spent all my time working hard.

now that I am old, I will still be angry. When I walk around the house, I will think, "my house is so big and there is so much land, why should I argue with others?" I lost my temper at the thought of this. "

emotion is an endless cycle, and if you are covered by those negative energies, you will sooner or later consume all your blessings.

you lock yourself in your temper, which is your greed, anger and stubbornness.

once people are not satisfied, they will have grievances, and when they are angry, they will lose their temper.

all sayWin in forgiveness and die in temper.

only those who know how to be contented will have peace of mind and peace of mind.

if you calm down, the blessing will come

people's luck, to put it bluntly, is a magnetic field.

when you are more kind than complaining, the people and things around you will help you, and all good things will happen.

writer Rhonda Byrne once mentioned the idea of the Law of attraction in one of her books:

everything that happens in your life is attracted by you. A gentle and gentle gentleman who treats others naturally attracts the fragrance of flowers and sunshine around him.

your temper determines life's attitude towards you.

the worse the temper is, the thinner the blessings are; the better the tempers are, the better the blessings are.

White Dragon King, a legendary figure in Thailand, has a saying to warn people:

"A lot of people come here and ask me," how's my career?

how is the family? How's the baby? Is it a good marriage? I'm just asking first, do you have a good temper? "

the better the temper, the deeper the reward.

May you cultivate peace of mind, cultivate a good temper and bring countless good luck.