Be a person with light in your heart.

/October 2023

there is a lamp that can illuminate the front;

there is a beam of light that can penetrate the chest;

has some qualities that make life shine;

there are some beliefs that can convert the soul.

people do not need to have an attractive appearance, wealth, or even profound knowledge. The most important thing is:

spend your whole life sticking to and adhering to the character you should adhere to.

people should first of all be kind people

I always think that kindness is the foundation of life and the highest point of human nature. People with good thoughts will walk steadily and steadily in life.

goodness is the brightest light in human nature. it contains the kindness and compassion, forgiveness and redemption of life to life. Under certain circumstances, kindness also includes tolerance and rejection.

the world is numerous and complicated, and everyone will face all kinds of temptations, so everyone is being tested by human nature all the time.

as a result, some people collapsed in the face of temptation, losing the character they should have adhered to, while others stood firm in the face of temptation and clung to the pure land of human nature.

truly good people, no matter how powerful the temptation is, no matter how ugly the world is, they have a clear police line, stick to the holy land like saints, and never cross the line of conscience.

likes Liang Xiaosheng's expression of "culture" very much:

is rooted in inner self-cultivation, self-consciousness without reminding, freedom based on constraints, and kindness for the sake of others.

I understand that each of these four sentences is inseparable from kindness.

goodness has nothing to do with poverty, wealth, knowledge, or position. It exists in every ordinary person with a good heart.

in this world, it can make all people get along with each other without selfishness and fear, and make everything reasonable and reasonable, all because of goodness.

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A man must also be a just man

the meaning of justice includes punishing evil and promoting good, distinguishing right from wrong, dealing with justice, fair attitude, balance of interests and so on.

Justice is not only one of the sources of law, but also the pursuit and destination of law.

Justice comes largely from a wide range of social forces and individual behaviors, and it exists among people who advocate peace, justice, integrity and other good qualities.

"one evil grows ten good."

people should have a good heart, but the bottom line of good is justice.

No bottom line is no principle, and when good loses principle, it is bound to encourage evil. To connive at evil is to blaspheme justice.

only with justice in mind can we fight against bad social phenomena, and only by maintaining justice can evil have nowhere to hide.

to maintain justice is to maintain social rules and order.

it is also the moral obligation of every member of society to maintain justice.

people must be responsible again

taking responsibility is a kind of responsibility, a kind of realm, a kind of spirit, and it is the moral sentiment that "there is no need to exert oneself with a whip".

the so-called responsibility means not only the bearing of shouldering important responsibilities to small families, but also a strong sense of social responsibility and mission.

"every man is responsible for the rise and fall of the world."

as every individual life in the society, it is the responsibility to strive to shoulder a social responsibility.

being loyal to duty is a kind of responsibility, self-restraint and public service is a kind of responsibility, carrying forward righteousness is a kind of responsibility, and establishing virtue and cultivating people is also a kind of responsibility.

people have different endowments, but as long as they exert their talents and try their best to move forward in the right direction, they are shouldering social responsibility.

all responsibilities must be subject to the lofty virtues of human beings, such as truth, civilization and humanity. therefore, its highest state must come from the call and guidance of beautiful human nature.

in fact, as long as it is the life of every individual with excellent personality, it will play a beneficial role in promoting the social process.

their existence adheres to the pure land for the society, and their words and deeds inherit a light for the society.

this in itself is an invisible and great responsibility.

people who are kind, just and responsible

is the person who has light in his heart

A person with light in his heart can illuminate not only himself but also others.

there is a strong positive energy on them, and a strong magnetic field can be formed wherever they go.

they pay a kindness, others can feel a warmth; they uphold a kind of justice, others can get a kind of equality; they bravely choose a responsibility, others will understand a responsibility.

A good atmosphere not only promotes mutual learning, but also creates positive small groups for the society.

the best life state for a person with light in his heart is to infect more people.

through their own continuous efforts to enrich experience, enhance the realm, broaden the field of vision, so as to expand the light source to increase energy, open up the bridge of communication with the world, and let more people walk on the road leading to the light of human nature.

May everyone be the one with light in their hearts

people with light in their hearts can not only live a positive life full of positive energy, but also realize the maximum value of life and deliver sunshine and fragrance to the society.

the world is calling for those who have light in their hearts.

if more people can become people with light in their hearts, if everyone can have light in their hearts, the world will certainly be less ugly and more beautiful.Less strife, more harmony, less suffering, more happiness.

be a person with light in your heart, let there be a light in front, light in your chest, life can shine, and your soul has a home.

be a person with light in your heart, brighten yourself and the world.