Before you have a good husband, you can have a good family.

/October 2023

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what is a man's greatest happiness?

some people say that it is not to have money or live in a big house, but to marry a good wife and spend the whole life hand in hand.

Goethe also said:

those who can find peace in their families are the happiest.

it is true. Back home, is a person's most real appearance, the most reassuring time.

but many people ignore that things in the world are mutual, and so are love and understanding.

the premise of a good wife is to be a good husband.

the premise of a good family is to take the responsibility of starting a family.

the attitude towards the wife is the best temperature in the family

there is an issue of "A date with Luyu", which invited the famous director Ang Lee.

during the interview, Lu Yu asked, "what is your greatest happiness at this stage?"

Ang Lee thought for a moment and replied with a smile:

"if my wife can smile at me, I will relax a little bit and I will feel very happy.

you have to come every day to earn their respect, you have to meet a certain standard, because this is one of the reasons why I am not slack off. "

after this remark was circulated on the Internet, it was praised by many netizens.

as the saying goes: some marriages are like oranges, which peel off is sweet.

some marriages are like coconuts, looking at the big shell outside, but there is no sweetness on the inside.

I am the only one who knows the best about it.

and this subtle taste is often the embodiment of the temperature of a family.

in a marital relationship, the attitude of the husband towards his wife largely determines the temperature of the home.

after walking through firewood, rice, oil and salt together, having experienced the trivialities of life together, and being able to take care of them as carefully as they did at first sight, is the best appearance of marriage.

not long ago, the relationship between Qin Hailu and her husband Wang Xinjun moved many people in the variety show "my wife's Romantic Journey."

they have been married for seven years. Every day as long as Wang Xinjun is at home, when Qin Hailu goes out, Wang Xinjun will see her out and tell her, "it's all right, it's all right. I have a husband."

No matter how late Qin Hailu usually comes home, Wang Xinjun will wait for her to come back and give her a full sense of security.

his wife doesn't like doing housework, so Wang Xinjun does all the housework; when his wife is hungry in the middle of the night, Wang Xinjun immediately goes to get her food.

being kind to your wife, giving her understanding and tolerance is an integral part of the way couples get along.

"raising a wife" and making her feel at ease is an essential part of family harmony.

if your family is harmonious, you will have the strength to work hard when you are outside, and you can be cured even in the most difficult days.

being good to his wife is the best investment in a man's life.

the pattern of dealing with family affairs is the best education for children

Mr. Cai Yuanpei wrote a profound sentence in "the cultivation of the Chinese people":

"A family is the school at the beginning of life. The character of a lifetime, the so-called constant change, is probably born in the family. "

most of the effects of native families on people go deep into the bone marrow.

I have seen a netizen tell his own experience before.

when my mother-in-law was alive, my father-in-law often drank and played cards, never meddled in family affairs, and occasionally dealt with family affairs.

she often heard her husband mention his father-in-law when he was young: "when something happens, he will criticize his wife and abuse his children at the same time." When he owes a lot of debt, he will only hide out and drink and let his wife figure out a way to solve the mess. "

later, just a month after my mother-in-law fell ill and died, my father-in-law remarried.

when the husband heard the news, he broke off with his father-in-law in anger, and from then on, the husband seemed to be a different person.

in the rest of her life, whenever her husband's temper came up, he would be furious and moody regardless of her mood.

after she became pregnant, as her belly got bigger and bigger, her husband became more and more impatient, complaining that he always got up at night to disturb his rest and complained that his cooking was not as good as it used to be.

until one day, the husband pointed at himself after drinking and hurled abuse for a long time, and then left the pregnant man by the side of the road.

there is an old saying that is true: the pattern of a father is the best feng shui for a family.

only when men learn to be a good husband, can they learn to be a good father, and then pass on this good family style from generation to generation.

when dealing with family affairs, quit being emotional and calm, so that there will be more laughter at home instead of scattered sand.

when solving problems, no longer escape, can be treated rationally, children can get the best words and deeds to teach, learn the value of love.

A calm and structured husband, a considerate and gentle wife, and a healthy child are the happiest appearance of a family.

facing the responsibility of the family is the best reward for the family

there is a question on Zhihu: what is the real meaning of marriage to a family?

A high praise replied: that is,Then again in the difficult days, because someone accompanies you to share the burden, tide over the difficulties together, and become a safe haven for each other.

the value of marriage is reflected in the darkness of life.

as said in the first half of my Life:

because life is difficult, we need a person to be in the same boat.

but for some people, the reality is cruel.

in more and more families, the wife is the only one who carries the wind and rain, and the wife is also the one who cleans up the trifles.

A day in the South Korean TV series "confessing couples" shows the most real state of countless families.

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the woman was alone at home with the baby, and after going to the bathroom for a while, the child kept crying outside the door, so she had to hold the baby and go to the bathroom together.

when the child finally fell asleep, she hurried to eat. As soon as the meal was delivered to her mouth, the child woke up. She could only coax the child and eat at the same time.

because of holding the baby for a long time and straining his wrist, he had to endure the pain and continue to take care of the child after changing the plaster.

in the middle of the night, the child suddenly fell ill and called her husband several times but went unanswered, while the husband on the other end of the phone was talking and laughing in the wine bureau.

in desperation, she had no choice but to cry while taking the child to the hospital and wearing the wrong shoes in a panic.

finally solved the problem and finally got in touch with her husband, but there were only a few faint words: "I'm not coming back tonight."

Marriage is not a person's business, and family is not a person's responsibility.

the efforts of one person can never support the marriage of two people.

if you just want to be the one who takes shelter from the wind, how can the so-called harbor be safe and sound?

only by relying on each other, taking on every responsibility and protecting every family can we get what the old saying goes: husband and wife are of one heart and one mind.

A good husband leads to a good family

Tu Lei mentioned this paragraph in the program:

"as a man, you don't have to be romantic, but you must have a sense of responsibility; you may not be able to earn a lot of money, but you must be able to support your family; you may not always listen to your parents, but you must be filial.

all this is actually telling us that no matter how much money a man has, he may not be able to do so today or tomorrow. The real skill is that every day there is a door open waiting for you, and a light is on for you every day. "

what kind of marriage you will have as you treat your wife;

what kind of family will you have as you treat your marriage?

you will have what kind of life you will have as you treat your family.

the road of life, the right to choose are in their own hands, what kind of cause, will bear what kind of fruit.

to be a good husband and marry a good wife, this trip of life can be regarded as living up to it.

, may you have a happy family and enjoy the best feng shui in your life!