Congratulations to those who don't post on moments.

/October 2023


I saw a hot search some time ago, saying that Liu Yifei had not updated her moments in nine years.

she admits that female stars are not perfect in all aspects, and that she, like ordinary people, has moments of confusion and mistakes or mood ups and downs.

do not send moments, not because of their strong willpower, but to open up a mode of anti-addiction, want to return to peace, free from external interference.

she said:

"I wish I had no rules. The changes over the years have made me more tolerant, happier, and more focused on the inside and perception."

I quite understand her idea.

my personal Wechat moments haven't been updated much in the last year or two. I occasionally want to post something on a whim. On second thought, I finally give up, and sometimes I choose to delete it soon after I send it out.

the catharsis of emotion is a mountain falling apart in one second, but it may be light in the next; joyful sharing is excited at the moment, but it is just a thing of the past after a while.

the more you perceive the phrase "not happy with things, not sad with yourself", the more you lose the desire to share in some places.

I don't think this is a bad thing.

after all, people will gradually become silent and get used to walking alone.

remember that Fu Seoul once said:

"people have moments of collapse and weakness, which may be a lovelorn or a failure." We stopped and cried, picked up the broken ourselves and buried what we couldn't pick up. "

then regroup, rejuvenate and become a better self.

being quiet and alone, being introverted and moving forward is actually a good state.

"one of the signs of maturity is to understand that 99% of what happens to us every day is meaningless to ourselves and others."

so now when we encounter some unhappy things, we will not rush around to find people to cry and vent, to seek comfort and companionship, because life is not a pure land, everyone has their own unspeakable pain and suffering.

No one can redeem each other, everyone has their own way to go, peers are fate, strangers are the norm.

"ups and downs, sorrow or honey are all brewed from the heart."

some people still find the food tasteless and life boring when they eat three full meals from nine to five.

while some people go out early and return late every day for 365 days, they are precarious, but they have no complaints and always go all out.

people who live a serious life will find that no matter what life gives them, wind and rain, rainbow, smooth road or mud, they will catch it and continue on their way without saying a word.

they know exactly what the focus of life is and what it is, so they spend most of their time and energy shaping themselves or creating life, which is far more cost-effective than spending time on emotions.

many people who are no longer keen to update their moments just choose a relatively more comfortable state.

Don't worry about P-map, don't be afraid of who interprets a sentence too much, and don't worry about an emotion that will worry people who care.

what I want to say is that the times are moving too fast, in fact, we can slow down a bit.

you can share, record, and live in your own love, but don't be repressed, don't be bound, and don't be blinded by excessive attention.

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after all, love and emotion take place in life, not in moments.

Mr. Lu Xun said that the joys and sorrows of human beings are not the same. I just think they are noisy.

We used to care too much about others, but later we are more willing to please ourselves, because life is really not easy, often in places that others can not see, only to experience alone.

moments is actually such a place, it's not good to indulge in other people's world, and it's even worse to indulge in your own world.

I suddenly thought of a female friend of mine.

she used to be in our small group every now and then, clamoring to lose weight in her moments, taking pictures at night, clocking in skipping rope, eating a diet meal and hoping to lose ten jin when she woke up the next day.

but she has never really lost three jin at a time, or her persistence has never lasted three days.

but some time ago, I accidentally thought of her. It seems that she has been very silent recently, I don't know what she is doing, and clicking on the moments is just a "three-day visible" line.

happened to be on a business trip near her home and made an appointment for dinner. I exclaimed that she had lost a lot of weight. She said that she kept exercising every day and cooked for herself. When I said I didn't see you post on moments, she smiled and said, "I'm afraid of a circle of friends."

Yes, as Cai Kangyong said:

"We want to congratulate those who do not post on moments, devote most of their efforts to real life, and congratulate them on finding the focus of life."

Life is like a reverse journey, we all have to walk through some wind and rain, across the mud and thorns, in a person's day, to find their own ferry and return to the boat.

, I wish you a good life, not just in your moments.

May you no longer cling to perfection itself, and may you devote more time and energy to yourself and to the important people and things around you.

May we be sober and calm, and live richly and enthusiastically in the real world.

good night and sweet dreams.