Five signs that a person is quietly getting better

/October 2023

what is the best state of life you have ever seen?

some people say: your eyes are full of stories, but you don't see wind and frost on your face.

if you think about it, a person who can make life better is bound to have a big mind.

he will not be discouraged by the years, nor will he be bothered by the trivialities of life.

he will not hesitate to devote all his strength to improving himself to cope with one torrent after another in life.

if you look carefully, you will find that these signs are indispensable to everyone who quietly gets better.

work hard quietly

in this year's high school entrance examination, a girl named Zhang Xinyan became popular.

many people say that this child is too good.

does not know is that she has worked hard for decades.

her family is poor. Her father runs transportation during the day and does odd jobs at night. She also has a sister and a younger brother who are in poor health and need to be taken care of by their mother.

after realizing the difficulty of her parents, Zhang Xinyan is determined to change her fate by learning.

class, she is the most hardworking one. She is the first to arrive at school and the last to leave. She does not forget to recite the knowledge points repeatedly even for lunch.

she ate bitterness that no one else had ever eaten, and reaped sweetness that no one else had ever experienced.

because she knows in her heart that the quickest way to dream is to keep her feet on the ground and do what others dare not do.

in fact, in this world, everyone will have such a difficult time. At this time, you might as well think about the people you want to protect, the distance you want to go, the things you like, and use all your beautiful dreams to change the motivation to move forward one by one.

every time when you are quiet and working hard to pursue your dreams will make you a better self, a silent person who tries to enrich yourself.

put aside your obsession

think of Hong Kong actress Sister Pomegranate-Yuan Qiongdan.

she is a very strong woman, as well as in marriage, she will ask her husband to do things perfectly.

once when her husband did something wrong, Sister Pomegranate picked up the alarm clock and smashed it, and her husband's eyes were black and blue.

sometimes when she gets angry, she even tries to sign a separation agreement with her husband.

her idea is very positive and her obsession is very serious. according to this trend, she does not have to think about how many infighting and trivial troubles they will have in the days to come.

what made her change was that her mother came to live at home once.

at that time, my mother was ill and people needed to take care of big and small things.

her husband did his best to take care of his mother-in-law without any complaint.

looking at her husband, Sister Pomegranate rethought the meaning of family.

she began to lower her demands on her partner, allowing him to make mistakes and accepting that he was an imperfect person.

after giving up her obsession, her marriage life became less paranoid, more considerate, and sweeter and sweeter with her husband.

in fact, this is the way people interact. Two people who grow up in different environments are bound to rely on running-in before they can live together hand in hand.

less haggling and more tolerance will make life better and better.

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in fact, there is no need to be so tired, simple, calm, casual and kind.

the heart is an inch wide, the road is one foot wide, the flowers bloom, the four seasons are gentle, and there is beauty from spring to spring.

tolerate your anxiety moderately

many people say that this is a fast-paced era.

A reader told me that she was in a bad mood every day, and that she had been anxious for several nights because of layoffs in the company.

because of the heavy mortgage, car loan, and the expectations of her family, she dare not slack off.

anxiety goes hand in hand, and it seems that if you don't work hard, you will be eliminated by the times.

if you look closely, you will find that most of the people around you are like this:

when preparing for pregnancy, you worry that your child will fall behind.

even if I retire safely, I can't help worrying about the work of my children and the education of my grandchildren.

it seems that if you don't run for your life, you will be left far away.

so many people say that in order to alleviate anxiety, it is necessary to reduce anxiety.

but I don't know if you have ever thought that the times are developing so fast that we receive information several times faster than our predecessors.

the speed of replacement of industrial and technological products is also much faster than before


when we wake up every day, we will face a world that is changing with each passing day.

in such an environment, coexistence with anxiety will become a major development trend in the future.

tolerate your inner anxiety moderately, accept the troubles of life, and live well in the present, is the best choice.

Life is a journey, with sunshine, wind and rain, smooth road and muddy road. Only by keeping a calm state of mind can we find freedom and peace of mind.

know how to give full play to your strengths

there is a plot in "Hello, Li Huanying": Jia Ling accidentally goes back to the past and happens that her mother is not yet married and has children.

in order to prevent her mother from living the hard life again, Jia Ling tried her best to prevent her mother from marrying her poor father.

she tried her best to match her mother with the son of the factory director, because she knew that after marrying the son of the factory director, her mother would lead a rich and rich life in the future.

I didn't expect it, but my mother refused.

even though it can be expected that the future will be very difficult, my mother is duty-bound to marry Jia Wentian, who is burning the boiler.

because even though his family is poor, he has a positive heart.

in the eyes of my mother, this is her husband's greatest advantage, and this optimism is enough to dispel many troubles in the future.

not only in movies and TV dramas, but also in reality.

some people are not good-looking, but have meticulous thinking; some people are poor, but optimistic and positive; there are others who may not be good at math problems, but are gifted in poems and songs.

when we live in the world, the most important thing is not to envy other people's lives, but to make full use of our strengths and avoid weaknesses, give full play to our strengths, and quietly live as we like.

the true dignity is not how well you live in the eyes of outsiders, but how well you know what you want, the love of life from the inside out, the fullness of heart, and the light in your eyes.

in life, the most important thing is to practice an ordinary mind, do not care about secular standards, accept your imperfect self, and give full play to your strengths.

overcome your fears

the film the King of Soul records the life of Charles, an American blind rocker.

in one scene, little Charles tripped over his chair. Because of physical pain and fear of the darkness around him, little Charles lay on the ground and cried loudly:

"Mom, come and help me, please, I'm scared! "

when she heard the cry, her mother rushed forward and stopped halfway.

she knew that she could not help her son stand up, because she could help her for the moment, but not for the rest of her life.

she endured her inner pain and watched helplessly at her son lying on the ground:

watch him go from panic to calm a little bit.

watched him dry his tears and groped to his feet.

watched him get burned by charcoal and retract his poor little hand.

watched him distinguish the sounds around him by his ears, and finally succeeded in standing up.

it is not that she is not distressed, but she knows that there is still a long way to go, and if the child can not overcome his fear of darkness, he will live in darkness forever.

someone has done a survey of people who are about to die: what is the last thing to regret in life?

did not expect that most people

what I regret is not what I did, but what I didn't have time or courage to try.

as a result, what is left is a lifetime of regret.

in fact, there are nine times out of ten unsatisfactory things in one's life. Only when we are not afraid, do not compromise, and pluck up the courage to fight hard, can we use confidence and strength to meet a better future.

there is still a long way to go. I hope what you worry about now can be easily and comfortably laughed off when you mention it one day in the future. I hope that day will come soon.

Yang Jiang said a paragraph:

everyone has an extremely difficult time, the pressure of life, the frustration of work, the pressure of study, the fear of love all day long, survive, life will suddenly open up, can not survive, time will also teach you, how to shake hands and make peace with them.

Life, vegetation and autumn, the landscape and mud are all scenery; the joys and regrets you have tasted are experiences.

I hope you can live a good life as you wish.