Forty does not have much desire, fifty is not affectionate, sixty is not much.

/October 2023

Boya Nan Lang

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as the old saying goes, "if you have more than 40 desires, the tide is over; if you have more than 50 feelings, you will be restless; if you eat more than 60, the time will come."

when the water is full, it overflows, and when the moon makes a profit, it loses.

especially when people reach middle age, learning to subtract themselves is a kind of wisdom in life.

the old saying also says: "not too much desire at forty, not affectionate at fifty, and no food at sixty."

the best way to live for the rest of your life is hidden in these three sentences.

Forty little desires: live out of wisdom

once read such a story, there is a beggar in rags, walking dejectedly in the street, he has not had a full meal for a long time.

as he walked, he thought that he would be satisfied if he could have a full meal now.

the old man asked the beggar what he wanted most now, and he could help him fulfill his wish.

at this time, the beggar had already forgotten his wish to have a full meal, and immediately changed his tune to "want gold."

the old man agreed and asked the beggar to take off his coat and told him not to take too much, because the gold was only gold when it was firmly wrapped in his clothes, and if it fell on the ground, it would become rubbish.

the beggar nodded happily and took off his coat.

with a gentle wave of the old man's hand, the gold rained down, and soon it was covered with beggar's clothes.

the old man warned that it was almost enough. If you pack more, I'm afraid the clothes will be torn out.

but the beggar could not listen, but said excitedly, "give some more".

suddenly, with a "wow", there was a big crack in the beggar's clothes, all the gold fell to the ground and turned into pebbles, and the old man disappeared.

think of the famous limerick of the Ming Dynasty:

"when you run all day long for hunger, you have to eat and think about clothes; you buy something to wear, but you look up and think that the house is low; when you build tall buildings and buildings, you lack a beautiful wife in front of the bed; you have to get off your wife and concubines, and you worry about going out without a horse to ride."

A few words, but full of human greed.

if the human heart is not contented, the gully of desire will never be healed.

just like the beggar in the story, he was only looking forward to wrapping his stomach, but when the floodgate of desire opened, it got out of hand.

in the end, he lost both his husband and his soldiers. He not only didn't get enough food to satisfy his hunger, but also lost the only clothes he had.

the ancients said, "if you want too much, there will be disaster."

especially when they are about 40, their financial and material resources are more than before, and the temptation of the outside world becomes so much that if they are not careful, they will fall into the whirlpool of desire.

if you can't control your appetite, your healthy body will gradually fade away; if you indulge your lust for power, your family career will fall apart sooner or later.

have fun for a while, but you have to pay for it one by one afterwards.

Chuang Tzu said well: "the nest of the wren is but one; the mole drinks the river, but its stomach is full."

when people reach middle age, knowing how to restrain their desires is not only a kind of wisdom, but also an ability. Only when you learn to be contented can you reap happiness.

50 is not affectionate: it's good to be at home

"Zengguang Xian Wen" wrote: "the world is like a new chess game, and human feelings are like sheets of paper."

overestimate human feelings, doomed to only make yourself sad.

I have read a heart-wrenching story. In ancient times, there was a benevolent worker who would spread porridge on his doorstep every day to help the poor.

this act of kindness has been going on for three years.

in these three years, the poor are also very grateful to their employees.

but there was an unexpected situation in the sky. One day, the business outside the staff suddenly encountered a change, and the family was no longer what it used to be.

as a result, outsiders stopped serving porridge to the poor.

the outsider thought that he had served porridge for three years and had done his utmost to the poor, and even if he stopped giving aid now, everyone would certainly understand his plight.

but the poor feel that they obviously don't want to help people any more, so they find such an excuse and resent the outsiders one after another.

I have heard a saying: "there will be a bottom in thousands of miles of deep sea, and five inches of people can't understand it."

in this world, nothing is more fragile than emotion, and nothing is more difficult to fathom than the human heart.

when we were young, we always took the word affection very seriously and always thought that it was easy to go if we had more friends.

but not every sincere heart can get the same response, and not every true love can be cherished by people.

the fate between people is often extremely fragile.

as the old saying goes through the ages: "if you have money and flesh, how can you see a bosom friend when you are in trouble?" If you don't believe it, take a look at the wine during the feast and drink a glass to the rich first. "

it is easier to put the icing on the cake than to send charcoal in the snow. When you are rich, you have a full seat. When you are down, there are few people in front of the car.

the sea of life, there are very few people who can always be by your side.

Wang Xiaobo also said:

"when people are young, they feel that there are people everywhere and that other people's business is your business. after middle age, they feel that there is nothing in the world but their family."

50 years old, to the age of knowing destiny, time is getting less and less, sincerity is becoming more and more expensive, don't take human feelings so seriously, and don't take everyone in your heart.

learn to be bearish.People and things, do not please every indifference, live up to every sincere, precious rest of life, remember to leave it to the right person.

60 don't eat too much: it's good to be healthy

Cang Yang Gyatso said: "apart from life and death, which is not a matter of business in the world?"

when we are young, we always have a higher heart than the sky and want a lot. The older we are, the more we understand that only the body belongs to us all our lives, and health is the greatest blessing.

I remember such a story. Once upon a time, the wife of a poor man found three white-haired old gentlemen in front of her house and kindly invited them to his house to have something to eat.

the old people asked her, would the family mind?

at this time, her husband also came out and told the three elders that they were happy to help people in need.

the three old men smiled happily and told the couple that they were the gods of wealth, success and health, respectively.

in order to repay the kindness of their husband and wife, they can choose one of them to enter the family, but only one.

the wife wants to choose the god of wealth, the husband wants to choose the god of success, but the children say that she wants to choose the god of health, because she thinks that the happiest thing is to live a healthy family together.

after thinking, the couple decided to follow their daughter's advice and invited the god of health into the house.

strangely, the gods of wealth and success followed.

the wife asked in surprise, "isn't there only one person?"

the god of health smiled and replied, "Yes, but there are exceptions. They will follow only if they choose me, because without health, wealth and success are zero."

A Western philosopher once said, "the first condition of happiness is health."

if you compare the happiness of life to high-rise buildings, then a healthy body is the cornerstone of the bottom.

only by having a healthy body can we enjoy all the joys of the world.

as the saying goes, "when the number of people is over 55, count Rip."

when you are in your prime, you will lose one day at the end of one day.

Slip into the super charming in our white dresses for beach wedding. Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.

in the first half of my life, I run around for life and work for my children. I just leave the rest of my time to myself. Eat less and work less to maintain my mind. Good health is the best reward.

Chuang Tzu said, "if Bai Ju crosses the gap between heaven and earth, it's just all of a sudden."

half of my life is gone before I know it.

We carry too much burden in the first half of our lives, and in the second half of our lives, we might as well learn to live a "low-equipped" life.

less desire means more happiness.

instead of being bound by unimportant human feelings, learn to look down on it and live to please yourself.

from now on, love yourself well as the first essence of life, to respond to the waves of the years and laugh at the ups and downs of the rest of your life.