Heart, to be simple; people, to be thorough

/October 2023

A person's life will always encounter all kinds of setbacks, some people can turn bad luck, the more frustrated, the more courageous, turn swords into friendship.

there are people who can't stand the storm, never recover after something happens, never get better again, or even have no way out and cut off their lives.

it doesn't have much to do with being rich or not. it's a kind of state of mind: if you don't see through life, you can live thoroughly.

A person who lives through

know what to do

anyone who has practiced Taijiquan knows that if you want to make progress in kung fu, you must first lay a good foundation.

when the foundation is good, the practitioner will be able to run through qi and blood, the whole body can operate freely, and martial arts can be improved in an all-round way.

the same is true of life. Only when you live clearly and thoroughly can you reach the highest state of life, see clearly the essence of life, and see through life.

transparency is not only a concept, but also a presentation of realm, culture and ability.

people who achieve a thorough life tend to be relaxed and at ease, but their hearts are incomparably strong.

they are neither humble nor arrogant in dealing with others.

when you encounter setbacks, you will not be impetuous, but keep calm, save energy, wait for the opportunity to make a comeback, and always maintain the integrity of never admitting defeat.

Su Shi, a great writer in the Song Dynasty, was the one who lived the most thoroughly.

Su Shi had a rough life, but he always maintained a bold and open-minded nature, loved making friends and delicious food, and never complained and gave up because of his unfavorable life.

he was the creator of the bold and unrestrained school of Song ci, but he was able to invent "Dongpo meat". If his official career was not smooth, he devoted his energy to literary writing and the study of delicious food.

when Su Shi's fame just improved, he unfortunately encountered his mother's death.

Su Shi and his younger brother, led by their father, resolutely rushed back from the capital to their hometown to observe filial piety, and they did not give up filial piety because of the future.

the mother of Mencius, a great thinker, is also a well-informed person.

in order to create a good learning environment for Mencius, Mencius's mother did not hesitate to move three times, leaving an idiom and American biography of "Mencius's three migrations" for future generations, which made Mencius a great thinker in ancient China.

therefore, people who live a thorough life know the truth of when and what to do.

permeability is a good medicine to dispel the pain of life

the pain is very strange. If you think there is something, it haunts you; if you feel nothing, it is really nothing. It is completely an expression of your state of mind, depending on how you deal with it and treat it.

some people jump because of family conflicts, such as houses, cars, and children, all because of discontentment, too strong in comparison, and not broad-minded enough.

A famous host is worth learning from in this respect, and she is also a person who lives a thorough life.

when she was at the peak of her career, she suddenly learned that her four-month-old son had been diagnosed with congenital cataract.

in order to cure her illness, she had to leave her beloved post of host. Before she took the stage for the last time, she said to the director:

"the audience has been with me for more than ten years. I can't let the audience see tears on my face because of personal matters."

this is not only her professionalism, but also the performance of her thorough life.

then she quit her job and went all out to treat her son.

when she had no money, she went all out to make films; she could not understand the diagnosis of foreign doctors, so she taught herself English, and her level improved so fast that the doctors found it inconceivable.

however, the blow of life did not stop there, and her husband asked her for divorce because he was overwhelmed.

it almost broke her down.

Grandma said to her:

"son, as long as you don't fall down by yourself, you can get through anything!"

"if you can't save the child, you can't save anyone, grandma knows, only you can!"

A miracle finally happened in one day when kung fu lived up to the good will.

years later, the doctor checked and said to his son, "come back when you get married. Good luck!"

hearing the news, she burst into tears and said, "Mom doesn't want to check again. Let's get married at the age of 60."

in March 2020, she came to the Reader stage with her book the Quotations of Grandma: a fat cardigan, double chin, fine lines that can be caught between the eyebrows and eyes.

the audience began to be in an uproar: "is this really her?"

in dealing with family and career issues, she is undoubtedly the best, living not only strong, but also so thorough.

well-informed people have a sense of happiness

Chen Daoming's prestige and reputation in the film and television industry have been praised by many people.

he not only has superb acting skills, but also attracts people with elegant temperament and character.

in fact, he has been living a semi-retired life. Except for occasional filming, he seldom takes part in variety shows, and basically spends most of his time reading at home.

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there is a particularly warm and touching picture of him at home on the Internet: his wife is watering flowers and he is making bags for his wife, full of happiness.

although he is famous, Chen Daoming is not a prolific actor. He has made his debut for more than 30 years.He has only starred in more than 30 films and TV dramas, which is not as many as some actors have performed in a few years.

he is very "picky" about the repertoire and is not interested in it. He does not perform anything that is worthless. He is famous for being lofty and "difficult to speak" in the circle.

in fact, what prompted Chen Daoming to change completely was a two-hour conversation with Qian Zhongshu when he played the hero Fang Hung-chien in the TV series Fortress besieged.

when Chen Daoming walked into Qian Zhongshu's house, he accidentally discovered the "secret" of Qian's family: except for the "nourishing" sound of an electric kettle boiling traditional Chinese medicine, there was no electrical appliance, not even a TV set.

the room was full of books, and there was no other sound in silence.

Qian Zhongshu and his wife Yang Jiang read separately and did not disturb each other.

that feeling suddenly made Chen Daoming feel as if he had walked into the painting. It was simply wonderful!

Qian Zhongshu led Chen Daoming into the study for a chat. When he came out, Chen Daoming said that his whole person had changed.

he once said with emotion: in front of knowledge and culture, his fame is nothing.

since then, Chen Daoming seems to be a different person. Except for going out filming occasionally, Chen Daoming does not participate in almost all the wine tables and social activities, and reading and learning has become his only hobby.

he is so fond of history books that when he played Kangxi in the Kangxi Dynasty, his 8-minute lines were passed over and over again, which surprised the director and the people present.

at the end of 2018, Chen Daoming was promoted to the post of president of the China Film and Television Association, and everyone thought he deserved the position.

A transparent person

prefer to learn and think

Life is impermanent and things are unpredictable.

everyone doesn't know what they will encounter or what they will face tomorrow.

only those who live thoroughly can see clearly the nature of the problem, so as to liberate themselves, face the future, and make life full of color.

well-informed people like to learn, learn from books, learn from practice, and then think about life.

they tend to be indifferent to fame and wealth, pay attention to self-cultivation, and are not confused by external things, but seek spiritual comfort and release.

they also like to keep company with excellent people and understand that "it is better to read thousands of books than to travel thousands of miles, to travel thousands of miles than to read countless people, and to read countless people is not as good as to guide the way."

finally reached the state of "flattery and disgrace, watching the pre-court flowers blossom and falling; leaving or staying unintentionally, looking forward to the clouds and clouds in the sky".