Hi, this is my fourth birthday with you.

/October 2023

Today I have three things to do: the first thing is to accompany your birthday; the second thing is to write my graduation work, which is a novella, a field I have never tried before; the third thing is that I am going to write a disorganized tweet.

these three things seem unrelated, but as long as readers who have known me long enough, they know that the biggest connection between them is her.

I stay up late these nights, and I turned my previous Weibo to 04:00 the night before yesterday. There is a record of the past when she and I were still good friends. In our Weibo private messages, we complained about each other about the people we liked. There was an air of pure childishness in both of us.

before we were together, even in the year after we fell in love, I was condescending. Because I think I read more books than her, listen to a minority of songs than her, and know the truth more comprehensively than her. If you can't compare with her, there is only the weight of this feeling in our hearts.

but the situation was quickly reversed because I found the stubbornness in her bones. When I was just messy, I hovered on the edge of "doing" or "not doing" for a long time. I was not as firm as people thought, but she tried her best to hold on to my body. I didn't take a step back.

she will not praise me for my good writing, but "very bad, can not understand" and "very good, must send". If she says "OK", it means she knows I like the article very much, but she doesn't think it's good.

Haruki Murakami says every writer needs a dedicated reader who will live up to your trust and give their most subjective feelings at any time.

I think it's not just writers who need such "readers". Everyone's life is just looking for their own "readers". They don't need to fully understand themselves, they're just "very important people". They don't even need to keep an eye on us all the time to know which way the balance is tilted, and then they lift their hands, and our almost deviated lives are righted.

so when I realized that she was my "reader", I knew that not only did I read more books, listen to fewer songs, and know more than her, but even the weight of this relationship in our hearts. I'm going to surpass her.

it's just that this kind of "transcendence" cannot be explained explicitly. So no matter how much I argue, in her opinion, she still thinks she likes me more than I like her.

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but so what? this is the funniest part of our relationship. Both of us think they like each other better.

thanks to her responsibilities over the past four years, I was able to change from a boyfriend to an editor, and then from an editor to a messy editor, and now I have to write a novella.

I look forward to becoming an author again from editor-in-chief in the fifth year. On March 18, 2018, wrap a book beautifully and throw it to her:

"look, the birthday present I wrote for you."

then she opened the package carefully and told me not to disturb her. She had to fulfill her duties as a "reader" before she could continue her birthday.

finally I asked her, "how's it going?"

she said, "I like it very much."