How can I meet someone I like?

/October 2023

Hi ~ you who read this email:

recently I have something to say, well, to be exact, I want to fall in love, but I don't know where the person is.

after I go to college, I always feel that I don't know as many classmates as I do in junior high school, let alone find a boy I like in a school with a boy-to-boy ratio of 3:7.

when I was a freshman, I joined some clubs and added Wechat, but I didn't chat with anyone once.

in the end, I probably hated this over-formalistic regular meeting system, which gradually retired, leaving only one student organization, an organization in which two boss men, who are not single, led 13 fairies to work.

of course, there are all kinds of social activities, but it is really contradictory to always hope that your boyfriend will not attend the ball.

do you know how to meet someone you like?

if you are Wang Zepeng, you must not know.

good luck.


first explain your first puzzle: why do you want to fall in love but don't know where the person is?

I'm saying, "do you know why you're still single? "there is a very simple calculation problem in it.

take myself as an example, the number of college classes, 50; the number of people in the community department, 30, later work, the work unit knows about 50 people.

if I work hard for 1.1 and a half years to change my job, there are about 313.3333 people I can know, among other social things, from my 20 to 30 years old. The male-to-female ratio is set at 1:1, so there are only 161.6666 girls I can know in this decade.

have you found that if I don't do some "non-essential" social activities, I can only find people I like from these 161.6666 people.

this calculation, even if you don't meet someone you like in ten years, it's a normal thing.


follow the routine. I should tell you now how to find the person you like.

but I'm sorry to tell you that I'm not.

instead, I want to ask a question: why do you want to fall in love?

have you ever wondered why you want to fall in love? Is it because people around you think you should talk? Or are you bored? Or, do you want someone to be nice to you?

I once asked myself, why do people fall in love? For sex? For company? But none of this has to be achieved in the form of "falling in love".

so, why do people want to fall in love?

the answer won't be given until I meet someone I like.

I told her: I may never get married in my life.

she smiled and asked me: what if I want to marry you?

I subconsciously blurted out: then I tie the knot.

it dawned on me when I realized that I had forgotten all my rational judgments about "how troublesome marriage is" and "how bad marriage is" at that moment.

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when you meet someone you like, people will abandon all standards and rationality, and there is only one thought: I want to be with you.

falling in love is not a rational decision after combining many aspects.

it is a "physiological" impulse.

an impulse of "I must have you when I meet you".


before I meet you, I want to fall in love later.

if you don't meet that person but want to fall in love, you should ask yourself where this desire comes from.

Don't look at the people around you with the idea of "I want to fall in love". Those who are singled out like that don't like them at all, they can only be regarded as "not bad".

Yes, when I am down, sad and lonely, I also have the idea of "I wish I had a girlfriend now".

but this idea will soon be put down by me, because I am more and more convinced that some people may not meet people who can make themselves physiologically impulsive all their lives.

luckily, you will meet someone you like when you fall out; if you are unlucky, no one will care about you when you travel around the world.

I can't control luck.

so what I think about is not how to meet the person I like, but how to make my life better.

in this way, even if I end up living alone, I can live alone.

and if I am lucky enough to meet her, when she is also in a lonely predicament, I would prefer to have the ability to save her at that time, rather than foolishly waiting to be saved.

good night.