I earned a SLR by substituting classes.

/October 2023


I remembered that at the beginning of the first semester of my sophomore, a senior sister, my "regular customer", sent me a message: sister, are you still taking classes this semester?

during the poor and crazy days of the freshman semester, I was either in class or "picking up". Just one second ago, I found that I inadvertently wrote "pick up" as "pick up".

but there is nothing wrong with it. "pick up"-"pick up"-"substitute", the process is all too familiar. If I have done anything against my conscience in my life, "substitute" should be able to enter the top three.

you see, when it comes to "I don't want to go to class", I still have a say.

during the period when business was the best, I almost contracted a small class for my sister. At first, as soon as I saw her send a message to find a substitute class, I would answer it. When I got acquainted with her several times, she simply sent me her class schedule directly and asked me to tell her all the courses I had time to replace.

Primary school is a liberal arts major, which, in her words, is "useless" and "even fossil researchers can compete with me for jobs." When she was clearly aware of the dilemma, she felt that she had to do something. She tries to explore new areas, develop new skills and look for job opportunities.

so when an academic job and a job are placed in front of her at the same time, she is duty-bound to choose the latter, even if she has to pay a substitute fee of more than 800 yuan a month for it.

when she said it, she took it for granted: "anyway, I'm not going to work in an industry related to my major, so why take classes?"


at that time, I only regarded the words of a short novel as a story, and it was not until this semester, when I was faced with the same predicament as her at that time, that I really understood her choice.

I began to be confused about my future. I wanted a lot, but I didn't seem to be able to grasp anything. I've learned a lot, but I can't come up with anything I'm proficient in.

so I decided to find an internship. I read a lot of job postings, and almost all of them required interns to be on duty at least three days a week. I don't have many classes, but they are scattered. One class today, two classes tomorrow, and no class the day after tomorrow. This made my time allocation very embarrassing, but even so, I sent out my resume with the mentality of giving it a try.

soon, I received an email reply from the personnel department of an enterprise. The other party said that my resume passed the primary election, and I need to confirm my working time before the formal interview.

despite my apprehension, I honestly sent out my class schedule intact and told them frankly and sincerely that although my classes were scattered, my time without classes added up to meet the requirement of arriving for work at least three days a week.

I said, I really hope to get this job offer.

but it is clear that no employer wants its intern to show up at the office after class at more than 10: 00 in the morning, or to leave after three o'clock in the afternoon.

so I got another email reply: Hello, after our discussion, I feel that you do not meet the requirements of our position for the time being.

I didn't even get an interview.


sometimes I feel very sad and wonder angrily why the school should arrange the curriculum so scattered. I also thought angrily that I might as well find a substitute.

but in the end, I didn't take this step. I'm scared. I have the courage to substitute for others, but I just don't have the courage to find someone to help me.

not to mention substitute classes, I feel frightened to skip classes. Although everyone is saying that today's college teachers don't know their students at all, I'm still scared.

I'm afraid the teacher will remember my face. But in fact, I hope the teacher will remember my face, the one who sits in the front row in class, takes notes carefully, and has never been absent from work.

"but I really don't want to go to class."

I was licking the ice cream when I said this. I complained to Aileen that the teacher's lecture was too bad and had no standard at all, which made people sleepy.

Aileen said that in fact, most of the teachers are very good, and they should communicate with them more when they have time. They may not give a good lecture, but they must have their own strengths in research or industry.

even so, I still don't want to go to class. After all, a good professional is not the same as a good teacher. They only follow the PPT or books. I don't think such a course makes any sense.

most of the time, teachers don't really give us anything, academic knowledge, practical experience, even the most basic ways of dealing with people and dealing with people, there is nothing.

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I admit that there are many good teachers, but in fact there are still some teachers whose teaching level needs to be improved. Many teachers will complain that students are playing with their mobile phones and not listening to lectures.

but when a teacher comes in with the bell, finishes the task of reading PPT, and leaves with the bell,

I really have no reason to listen.


in fact, the matter of substitute classes is quite large in many schools, and there has even been an "industrial chain", and it has existed for quite a long time.

this kind of substitute industry is the product of the conflict between the needs of students and the university system.

the larger the industrial chain is, the greater the demand is and the more serious the conflict is. I have many brothers and sisters who skip class to do internships, but when they are asked by HR if they need to take classes, most of them will gnash their teeth and say no.

when we say, "I don't want to go to class, but I don't think I'm wrong," we don't really want to be.A student who is ignorant and wastes his time. But we feel that we have more important and valuable things to do.

sometimes, it's not that we don't want to go to class. It's just that we can't do well between "doing something valuable" and "the university system."

good night.

good evening. I'm Zepeng.

Li Xiaohuan is our new writer. She is a very skilled old driver with some interesting experiences. After reading some of her articles, I think people will like her gradually.

then, say for her: "Nice to meet you, please give me some advice." Good night. "