I want to have a small yard where flowers bloom and blossom for a lifetime.

/October 2023

"there is a garden in the house, a house in the garden, a courtyard in the house, trees in the courtyard, the sky in the trees, and the moon in the sky." This is the courtyard written by Lin Yutang, and it is also the ideal courtyard in our hearts. Rush around the bustling city, physical and mental exhaustion, always longing for such a yard, can resist the world impetuous, can enjoy the spring, summer, autumn and winter. If you can, I would rather keep it, blossom and fall for a lifetime. I think it must be like this. There are flowers, grass and the world. Buddha said: "one flower, one world, one grass, one heaven." In the small yard, I want to plant flowers and green grass and decorate it with my favorite appearance. It can be full of flowers, green grass, can also be cinnamon fragrance, snow-capped. The prosperity of the world is three thousand, not as peaceful as it is. Flowers bloom and fall, without saying a word, but write all the four seasons. It is the hustle and bustle of "all kinds of red and purple fighting Fangfei" in spring. It is the splendor of "extraordinarily bright red lotus in the sun" in summer. It is the pleasure of "picking wild flowers by the fence" in autumn Is the winter "braving the cold alone proudly blooming" proudly. It can hold romance and happiness in the world, and it can also accommodate our joys and sorrows. Life, fame and fortune, is nothing but the blink of an eye. However, we fell step by step for this, until we lost our original heart. Sometimes, we are eager to escape, from all the hustle and bustle. In this small yard, throw away the sadness, forget the troubles, and return to yourself. Uphold a pure heart of flowers and plants, keep the indifference and innocence of life, and live life into poetry and distance step by step. Do not be surprised to see the pre-court flowers blossom and fall; go or stay unintentionally, look at the clouds in the sky. There are books, tea and stories. Some people say, "time in the yard is always slow, because it is not disturbed by the hustle and bustle of the world." Perhaps it is the warmest memory in Wang Zengqi's Garden; perhaps it is the purest pleasure in Lu Xun's hundred Grass Garden. I still remember the innocence of waiting for Cowherd and Weaver Girl to meet in the courtyard of my hometown when I was young, as well as the laughter of my parents whispering in my ears. Now, far away from my hometown, living in dozens of flat high-rise buildings, I dare not cry or laugh loudly. Because, the joys and sorrows between people are never the same. The city is so big, eager to have a small yard of its own, repeat the beauty of the old days. In my spare time, hide in a corner of the yard, make a pot of tea, smell the flowers in the fog, hold a book and read it carefully. Or beautiful scenery, or colorful. There is not only the beauty of "life is just like the first sight", but also the sadness of "everything is different and everything is not done". The joys and sorrows in the book are also the ups and downs in reality. The beautiful and painful are always repeating themselves. However, some beautiful, can no longer go back, only suitable for memories; some painful, too sad, only suitable for forgetting. How long the years are, how long the memories are, and how long the forgetfulness is. Wish, with a cup of tea, to warm a person; with a book, to warm a heart; with a story, to warm a memory. Have you, have me, have time. I like Mu Xin's "before slow" very much: In the past, the sun became slow, cars, horses, mail are slow, life only enough to love one person. Nowadays, everything is very fast. Two people fall in love, from the realization to the separation, it is only the distance between adding a friend and deleting a friend. Falling in love becomes easier and easier, but the heart becomes more and more distant. Across the mountains and rivers, through the sea of people, searching, we are ultimately just to find the right person. Writer Feng Jicai said: "choose one person to fall in love and wait for one person to grow old." If you are stupid and affectionate, you will be prosperous all your life. " That's all I want. Accompanied by flowers and plants, a pot of tea, and love you, day and night. Early in the morning, facing the rising sun, dancing with you in the sea of flowers In the afternoon, with the breeze, I will feel the pleasure of gambling on books and throwing tea with you. On a snowy night, we invite three or five bosom friends to cook wine around the stove, talking and laughing. Even if a lifetime of rough food, grass cloth clothes, as long as you, the years have been infinitely quiet. Life is a hundred years, no matter how slow it is, it can't stand the waste of fast food. Do not want to be vigorous with you, only willing to keep the flowers in the yard blooming and falling, in the fleeting years, hold hands and grow old together. Just like in the song: The most romantic thing I can think of is to grow old with you, collect bits and pieces of laughter along the way, and save it for later chat in a rocking chair. Until we are too old to go anywhere. No matter how big the world is, there is nothing but a yard. As the poem says, "there are flowers in spring, moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter." If you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time for the world. " Here, Qing Huan is like a dream, the time is very slow, the sun is very warm, separated from the complexity of the world, promise peace for the next life. For the rest of my life, I want to have a small yard where the flowers bloom and fall for the rest of my life.

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