If you don't get in touch, it will fade slowly.

/October 2023



people's life, sometimes, like a dandelion, seems to be free, but always can't help it.

there are a lot of things that we have to be careful about, or else we end up with loss.

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when two people are together, we always feel that hand in hand is a journey, but walking is a robbery.

for a relationship, God will give you a lot of tests, only if you go on, it's possible.

when we are hurt, we always smile and say it doesn't matter, but only we know how out of sight that smile is.

many feelings, just simply do not contact, or reduce contact, slowly will fade away.

some people don't even understand. Just because they have less contact, it doesn't mean they have less feelings. Why do they end up going their separate ways?

in fact, the lack of subconscious contact shows that the other person is not important.

important people, how can they not contact each other?

if you want to cherish, you have to get in touch with each other more. Don't hold back what you want to say, and don't be afraid to disturb each other.

maybe the person you think of also happens to be thinking about you.

people cannot afford to be left out in the cold, so is love, and so is friendship.

some people, if there is no interaction, slowly have nothing to say.

wait until years later, see each other again, and find that it is difficult to blend in with each other's lives, just because you know nothing about each other's past.

A good relationship needs to be maintained before it gets better and better.

A good relationship needs to be connected in order to care more.

Yes, in this world, everyone can live without it. However, we are in a hurry on the road, because of lack of contact, because we are too lazy to maintain the relationship, we do not know how much sincerity we have missed.

if you don't contact, you will sooner or later lose someone who once cared about you.

can't find time. It's just an excuse for ourselves. The real reason is that we can't cherish it.

but a lot of feelings, when you want to cherish, it has already changed, no longer as eager, less trust, more alienation!

if you want to be a long-term companion, for years or decades, you have to give sense of security to each other. Be there when he needs you; don't wait when you miss him.

if you don't get in touch with each other, you will really be estranged. Once you are alienated, you will really separate.

cherish the person around you who is kind to you, and never take his kindness as the right thing for others.

if you don't know how to cherish, you will lose;

Don't know how to contact, it's a pity!