In the adult world, what is more terrible than having no money is not cheating or unemployment, but.

/October 2023

in the hot TV drama "Yulou Spring", I like the heroine Lin Shaochun too much.

unlike the silly white sweet lady who is full of love, this young girl has not been simple from the beginning.

although her mother died early and her father was wronged, her family was once broken and everyone died, but with a bad hand, she was able to fight Wang Fei.

Lin Shaochun relies on nothing else, but to make money.

she knew very well that the gold and silver in her purse was essential if she wanted to stand on her feet.

so she borrowed money from large families, gathered poor girls from the street, and set up a housekeeping company in ancient times, which was specially responsible for cleaning the deep courtyard.

this is not over.

Lin Shaochun's business acumen is called a brilliant light.

in order to make money, she went to recycle the old clothes of large families, took them home and rebuilt them, and then sold them to ordinary families, earning one price difference after another.

employees are even allowed to harvest fruit and lotus seeds between housekeeping, which is another sum of money.

others are in love with each other, but she is busy making money and starting a career.

not only accumulated the capital of life for himself, but also helped the Sun family through the crisis of bankruptcy.

even the uncle can't help boasting: admire!

from the ancient Lin Shaochun to the modern Shenzhen money girl, I have to say that these days, he is a young man who is busy making money.

according to relevant data, statistics:

in 2020, a total of 60 million base people were added, of which the post-90s accounted for nearly 50%.

the people who used to gossip about celebrities after dinner are now talking about new energy, medicine and military industry.

No wonder some people say:

Young people, to measure the heartbeat, do not look at the ECG, but the fund fluctuation chart.

however, although everyone wants to make money, not everyone can get money.

if you have a passion for making money, but you don't have a good habit of financial management at all, it can only be "a meal as fierce as a tiger, and a profit of two and a half yuan."

@ Corn:

Last year, I just started to buy funds. Novice rookies don't know anything.

at first, 5000 yuan was invested. Although it is certainly not too much compared to the boss, it is a huge sum of money for me.

who knows, during that period, the market fluctuated very much. Staring at the fund income in the mobile phone, it went up and down as if it were joking. It was called a fear, for fear that if it was not careful, it would lose all its old capital.

as soon as the market rises, it follows the trend to buy, and as soon as the market falls, it will quickly redeem and cut the position. In a short period of three months, there have been no less than 20 trading funds, and the holding time of each fund is pitifully small.

as a result, it was a loss. The returns of those funds that seem to rise are almost motionless, while those that have been dumped are rising.

if you want to be Zhuge Liang afterwards, you can only say it's too late.

@ Shen Qiu:

want to manage money, but be lazy.

simply found a fund that seemed to be in good momentum and invested all the liquidity on hand.

in this way, it's easy to save time, but you have a lot to worry about.

after all, all my bets are on that fund.

market is good, it makes a lot of money, but when the market is bad, it loses no mercy. Staring at the opening of the fund, predicting the trend of rise and fall, in case there is an underworld operation, I wish I could swipe my mobile phone in a few seconds.

to put it bluntly, for those who don't know how to do it, centralized positions are purely lucky. If you put your eggs in the same basket, if something stumbles, the whole basket of eggs will suffer.

I have to say, it makes people laugh and cry when I read their stories.

as the saying goes: investment is risky, financial management should be careful.

the market changes are strange, and the fund fluctuates unpredictably. If you only rely on your own wishful thinking to test the waters on the road of financial management, you will only be beaten by reality.

of course, some people may say:

isn't there no money? If you have money in your pocket, do you worry so much?

to be honest, it's true.

read a story--

A British girl, Kelly Rogers, bought a lottery ticket by chance and won a jackpot of 1.87 million pounds, or about 16 million yuan.

overnight, multimillionaire.

but guess what?

in only six years, she squandered all her possessions, once to the point of poverty.

the difference is whether it is big or not and whether it is small.

in fact, the key is whether you have good financial habits.

for example, when you start to buy funds for financial management, it is best not to operate in the short term. When you see market fluctuations, you can chase up and down. You might as well try to hold for a long time and reduce the operation of buying and selling. Only in this way can you enjoy long-term returns.

for example, if you take a centralized position and buy only one fund, the risk you have to resist is much greater than that of a diversified position.

but if you hold no less than three funds, then you can spread the risk appropriately.

However, the formation of financial habits does not happen overnight.

like the long-term holding, reducing operations, and decentralized positions mentioned above, there are often many people who do not form this habit.

but don't worry, Uncle is here and has found the answer--

at the end of June, Ant Wealth teamed up with major fund companies to launch the "Financial seed" activity.

as long as you open


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"Financial seed"

, you can get the seed of financial management for free, experience fund investment and cultivate good financial habits.

as for the "financial seed", how do you help everyone develop good financial habits?

and listen to the uncle say to you.

the "financial seeds" on Alipay are divided into three types--

"cactus seed"

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, corresponding to the sound fund. If you want to try financial management, but have low risk tolerance, you can get it and experience it.

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you can get different seeds for free according to your own needs and start your own funding experience.

it is worth mentioning that in the process of seed growth, you can also learn financial management knowledge and cultivate financial habits.

if you complete the corresponding task, there is still a chance to receive a reward, which can be said to be very interesting.

whether you are a fund rookie or a financial veteran, you can try ~

Ant Wealth hopes that it can plant a "seed" in your heart and accompany you to form a good habit of financial management.

in that case, when you start to make money seriously, you won't know where to start.

of course, none of us can predict what will happen in the future, but it is not a bad thing to plant a seed that will germinate and prepare for ourselves in advance.

so, you might as well cultivate good habits of financial management from now on.

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