It really matters who you're with.

/April 2023


some people say: making a good friend is like reading a good book.

some people make people feel comfortable, some people make people interesting, some people make people down-to-earth.

if you associate with different people, you will have a different physical and mental state.

choose to associate with the right people and support others as well as yourself.

spend time with comfortable people and keep in good health

get along with each other comfortably, but also warm without words.

Life is expensive. You have to live comfortably every moment.

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once saw a conversation and benefited a lot.

someone asked: "apart from paying attention to diet and rest, what is the best way to maintain good health?"

below there is a highly praised answer: "the best way to maintain good health is not as good as being with comfortable people."

I think so.

the best way to maintain good health is not to be a good tonic, but to be with someone who makes you comfortable.

when you are with them, you don't have to be careful, you don't have to talk, and you feel at home all the time.

as long as people are in a good mood, all diseases will go away, and everything will be all right.

writer Su Cen also said:

"stay with whoever you are comfortable with, including friends, and stay away when you are tired." Those who can enter my heart will be treated as kings, and those who do not enter my heart will disdain to be perfunctory. "

when you are comfortable with each other, you will be full of spring and contentment. If you don't get along with each other, you will only be on pins and needles and feel like a pain in your throat.

socializing with people is like wearing shoes. You must fit your feet in order to walk comfortably.

otherwise, it will be difficult to move an inch.

it is written in Huangdi's Internal Classic: "people have five internal organs and change five qi to give birth to joy, anger, sorrow, sorrow, worry and fear."

the best way to keep fit in the world is to be in a good mood.

be with interesting people and raise people

A good-looking skin is the same, and an interesting soul is one in a million.

with interesting people, people will become more and more active, and life will become more and more interesting.

Su Dongpo, a brilliant scholar through the ages, is notoriously interesting.

once, Su Dongpo went to visit his good friend.

he thought, "it must be Foyin who hid the fish."

so he had an idea and gave a couplet to the Buddha: "Xiangyang Gate is always there in the first spring."

without thinking, Foyin made the following couplet: "there is more than a celebration of the good Family."

Su Dongpo laughed and said, "Oh, there is fish (surplus) in the chime. Take it out."

it was only then that Foyin realized that he had been "trapped" and brought out a big fish, and the two began to enjoy the delicacy and talk.

socializing with interesting people is like getting a treasure, which can surprise you from time to time.

Mr. Liang Qichao is also a famous interestationist. He once wrote in "living in fun": the most important thing in life is to be interesting.

choose to make yourself interesting, nurture well-intentioned, boring life can also blossom.

when you try to be interesting, you will find that everything can end with joy.

spend time with reliable people and nourish your heart

the supreme charm of a person is reliability.

what is reliable?

you can answer in 15 words: "there is an explanation for everything, a reason for everything, and an answer for everything."

at home, they are down-to-earth and steady, giving their partner enough sense of security; at work, they are not impatient, organized and seldom make mistakes; in dealing with the world, they are humble, honest and kind-hearted, and never worship high and tread low.

A reliable person is like a lamp that illuminates wherever he goes.

cleverness is only a person's gift, and reliability is the foundation that makes people in an invincible position.

A smart person can help you for a while, but a reliable person can help you for a lifetime.

only by spending time with reliable people can you see yourself clearly, cultivate yourself, and change yourself.

it is the luck and blessing of a lifetime to be with reliable people.

enter the restaurant of abalone, for a long time but do not know its smell; into the room of orchids, do not hear its fragrance for a long time.

different friends bring us different changes.

the rest of my life is not long. Love yourself and cherish the people you know deeply.