It turns out that this is the law of lazybones.

/October 2023


Life, true or false, what is important and what is not important, you have to have a bottom in your heart.

as the saying goes, "lazybones have their own blessings for lazybones, and a day of leisure is a fairy."

master the rules of laziness, remember the law of lazybones, and have a comfortable rest of your life!

be lazy with your mouth

it is better to be silent than to talk too much.

most of the time, a person's top self-cultivation: talk less.

once saw a conversation:

Zi Jing asked, "is it good to talk more?"

Mozi said:

"Toads, frogs, flies, singing day and night. My mouth is dry and my tongue is dry, but I don't listen.

what good is it to say more when watching the morning chicken, singing at night and vibrating all over the world? When it comes to his words. "

means that some insects bark day and night, but no one listens carefully.

the rooster crows on time every morning, and everyone listens and gets up early.

as the saying goes, if you don't make a sound, it's a blockbuster.

foolish people only talk endlessly; wise people know how to wait for opportunities.

I have seen too many people: no matter whether the other person has a need to listen or not, it is better to speak first;

when it is clear that he does not know what is going on, he uses it as a topic of conversation, and talks endlessly regardless of the feelings of the people around him.

illness comes from the mouth and evil comes out from the mouth. If you are not sure that what you say is beautiful or meaningful, keep silent.

Silence is not saying nothing, but choosing to speak out at the right time, one sentence at the top of a hundred sentences.

Please think twice before you speak, knowing people, not judging people, and keeping things quiet.

the mouth should be lazy and the work should be diligent. It is Confucius' gentlemanly demeanor that "a gentleman wants to be slow in words but quick in deeds".

eyes should be lazy

things are unpredictable, personnel are tedious, many things, be pessimistic, be kind to others, and be kind to yourself.

our ultimate goal in life is to make our lives better and better.

the ancients said: "people also, things also, do not see, know less, that is, peace."

the worries of the past and the future, do not look, focus on the present, do not confuse, can take the road ahead.

other people's shortcomings, look less, know how to look down on everyone, in order to get the same respect;

Bad people, bad things, look carefully, in any circle, there will inevitably be annoying people, if you don't like it, why not?

the most important thing for a person is to live his own life well. As for other useless things, it doesn't matter if you don't look at them.

as the old saying goes, "to be a man, you must learn to turn a blind eye."

the open eye is to see through the world, and the closed eye is introspection.

it's a wonderful journey to reflect on yourself. once you start such an action, you will find it hard to see nothing in your eyes, and your life is full of scenery.

Mr. Yang Jiang also said: "the world is our own and has nothing to do with others."

each of us has our own way of life, and each of us will envy others.

but the life you see, the life you admire, sometimes doesn't suit you.

so don't live in other people's eyes, and don't stare at other people's lives and envy them.

in your own world, keep the best appearance, stand in a higher position, and see more beautiful scenery.

to form your own state of life, if you have something to do, you will concentrate on doing things, and if you have nothing to do, you will find time to study and live, which is already very simple.

be lazy in your ears

right and wrong come to the ear, but if you don't listen, there will be nothing.

if you want to live an easy life, you really have to stay away from right and wrong and put aside right and wrong.

the story of Wang Yangming and deaf-mute scholar Yang Mao is recorded in Yu Tai and Yang Mao.

Wang Yangming wrote and asked Yang Mao, "you can't talk about right and wrong, and your ears can't listen to right and wrong. Do you know right and wrong in your heart?"

Mao replied, "I know right and wrong."

Wang Yangming continued to write:

"in that case, although your mouth and ears are not as good as others, your heart is no different from that of ordinary people."

Yang Mao nodded and folded his hands in a bow to express his gratitude.

Wang Yangming saw this and wrote on:

"all people come from the heart.

as long as this heart is good, it is a sage's heart, even if it cannot be spoken or heard, it should be a sage. "

Yang Mao was deeply moved by this suggestion and kowtowed to thank Wang Yangming.

all right and wrong are caused by the heart.

We can't control right and wrong, but we can choose which state of mind to face it.

Life is so interesting, why bother to be disturbed by unimportant things.

Life is a spring of vegetation. My ears are pure and I don't listen to right and wrong.

in order to live up to every moment and create a more beautiful scenery.

"Shengxinlu" says:

"turn a deaf ear to other people's faults, eyes do not regard people's shortcomings, and mouth does not talk about people's mistakes."

be lazy, it's none of your own business. Don't talk, watch less and listen less.

put aside unnecessary trifles, take care of yourself, respect others, let life travel light, calm down Enron!

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