Learn to precipitate (deep good text)

/April 2023

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Sanmao said:

"all people are hollow people at first.

it all depends on life experience to call out the direction, fill it with experience, and gradually become a solid person. "

along the way of life, we will constantly meet some people and experience some things.

after reading countless people and doing countless things, you will gradually understand.

Life is just a process of gradual precipitation.

relax your mind and take a long view.

what finally settles down are the really heavy things in life.

only those who know how to precipitate can live clearly, wisely and live a life without regrets.

precipitate emotion

Sukhomlinski said: "True love requires not only love, but also insight into each other's inner world."

when two people get along with each other, after seeing the good side, they should also understand the shortcomings behind it.

there is no precipitated feelings, is always a rootless duckweed.

Little woman tells the love story of a couple of young people.

Laurie is Joe's neighbor's child.

he and his grandfather live in a magnificent house, but they don't have any fun.

he envied the joys of the Joe family and hoped to be friends with them.

by chance, Laurie and Joe met.

Joe's liveliness and kindness shone into Laurie's lonely heart like the sun.

from then on, Laurie began to chase Joe's figure, playing, talking, imagining the future, and slowly growing love.

although Laurie's love for Joe is beautiful, pure and free of any impurities.

but emotions also need to precipitate.

Laurie thinks of Joe as everything. He wants Joe to live here with him.

but Joe doesn't think so.

she loves freedom, yearns for independence, and wants a future that two people can prop up together.

this is far from what Laurie can do today.

so when Laurie expressed her affection, she refused decisively.

feelings that have not been precipitated, no matter how intense the love is at first, will be slowly cold.

this blow brought Laurie back to his heart and began to think.

after a period of precipitation, Laurie found out.

it turns out that what you really love is Amy, a good friend who has been around all the time.

although their feelings are not as eager and strong as he is for Joe,

but in small days, tenderness can become each other's eyes.

Karen Mok sings in "like you slowly": "slowly like you, slowly intimate; slowly talk about yourself, slowly walk with you."

in the adult world, it doesn't matter who you walk with at first.

the key is who is left around us when the green has faded from the face and the time has run out of recklessness.

there is nothing to say, which is the biggest coolness between husband and wife.

if there is no precipitated emotion, it will only be empty in the end.

after the baptism of years, the feelings of helping each other will become the simplest way to depend on each other.

precipitate courage

Bai Shuo says: "all unflatness is produced after putting up with enough mediocrity."

if life is a glass of water, pain is dust that falls into the cup.

in the real world, the river runs.

No one's life will always be plain sailing.

We will have different dilemmas at different stages.

bear grievances and precipitate courage in order to withstand the storms of life.

A close call tells the story of a future world.

where the power of technology trumps everything else, and genes determine fate.

as soon as people are born, they are doomed to take the road in the future.

the leading actor Vincent is a "genetically dysfunctional" person.

with the help of genetic engineering, parents gave birth to a younger brother with "good genes".

the two brothers grew up together and often played a game called "Courage Competition": swimming into the sea at the same time to see who turned back first because of timidity or lack of physical strength.

Vincent was always afraid and didn't have the guts to swim to the deep sea.

he has never won,

but Vincent has always had a dream of traveling in space.

he first went to the most famous aerospace company at that time and found a suitable job.

one difficult test after another exercises Vincent's courage.

ridicule again and again, but made him more determined.

my younger brother is jealous when he sees that the gene is far inferior to his brother and is getting closer to his dream day by day.

ask for one last "brave game".

the two swam towards the deep sea for the last time,

but this time Vincent did not flinch, and his brother was convinced that he had lost.

he struggled in the sea and asked his brother, "how did you do all this?"

when you were a child, you were so afraid of water that you had no courage at all. "

he replied, "it is the weakness again and again that exercises my courage."

leave the back road ahead.Fang, you won't be afraid. "

time goes on forever, and days go on forever.

there is no plain sailing life, only those who refuse to make up their minds to change.

when you go through a difficult time, look back.

the original fragility has already become brave and the hard armor for overcoming difficulties.

precipitate experience

Wang Yangming said: "it is beneficial for people to hone things and do kung fu.

if you have no choice but to be quiet, there will be chaos when something happens, and there will be no progress in the end. "

experience is the best teacher.

people are not afraid of making mistakes, just afraid that after making mistakes, they will not have the ability to reflect.

precipitate mistakes and gain experience in order to avoid stepping on the pit.

those who are good at summing up experience from mistakes will never be knocked down by life.

Qingmei Kurihara is one of the world-renowned gourmets.

since she decided to become a gourmet, she has been fighting "mistakes" every day.

once, in order to adapt to the season of apple production, she decided to study French apple tarts.

because of the different kinds of apples, she keeps trying and making mistakes, asking herself to accurately determine which kind of apple is suitable for what kind of heat.

Kurihara used more than ten boxes of apples before and after, but still did not get a satisfactory answer.

the assistant kept comforting her that it had been delicious enough.

but she refuses to include the vague concept of "a small amount of oil" in the recipe, insisting instead on the specific dosage of "1/2 tablespoons".

she cooked this dish over and over again 49 times.

she said in an interview:

"I'm going to write a delicious recipe for 100 people, and 100 people can make a successful recipe.

it is necessary to constantly sum up experiences from failures. "

keep trying and correcting.

accumulating experience in mistakes, Kurihara grew up rapidly.

there is a famous "lotus effect" in psychology: "it takes 30 days for the lotus to fill the pond, but it takes not 15 days to fill the pond, but the 29th day."

Lotus blossoms all over the pond and needs to accumulate strength constantly.

experience may not bring us an immediate return.

but to a certain extent, we will, like lotus flowers, fill the pond overnight.

settles the mood

Life is always bittersweet, and everyone has hard days.

in the face of the impetuous and noisy outside world, we need to precipitate the mood.

Lin Qingxuan said, "see the world with a pure heart and live with joy."

the situation is born from the mind, and the practice of life begins with precipitating the mood.

Walden, a world-famous prose, has cured the anxiety of countless people, nourished the hearts of thousands of people, and described the author Thoreau's two years of seclusion on the banks of Walden.

build your own house, farm and feed yourself,

fishing, farming, reading and writing every day.

Thoreau can become an influential writer and thinker in the world, which is inseparable from the mood of the past two years.

there has been a saying on the Internet:

"successful people always carry a book in their bag when they travel. It is Walden."

shows the deep influence of Walden.

precipitate the mood, baptize the mind, and find yourself in serenity.

the mood changes, the situation and circumstances will change with it.

the beauty of life comes from peace of mind.

as Bai Luomei said: "in this noisy world, we all need a place suitable for ourselves to put our souls."

give life a smile, breathe calmly, and listen carefully.

days with light clouds and light winds are more suitable for quiet understanding.

precipitate experience

every step today is for future layout, and this is precipitation.

precipitation is not only an attitude towards life, but also a way of life.

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when one reaches middle age, one's life is half-steep.

the baptism of time makes us gradually understand the essence of life.

precipitate experience, be wise and sober.

I have heard a very philosophical story.

one day, the old monk told the young monk.

the old monk asked, "someone wants to boil a pot of water and finds that there is not enough firewood in the middle of the fire. What should he do?"

some young monks said to look for it quickly, while others said to borrow it and buy it.

the old monk shook his head, smiled and said, "Why not pour some water out of the pot?"

most of the time, it is not that there are too many troubles in the world, but that we are not wise enough in our lives.

leisurely wisdom comes from profound experience.

Art Master Huang Yongyu is called "the real version of Zhou Botong".

with his pipe in his mouth and a smile on his face, he showed the vitality of a young man.

extreme chic is a kind of wisdom of life.

in the eyes of others, he should have lived a long time ago, but he made a breakthrough all the way.

learn driver's license at the age of 50, study abroad at the age of 70, more than 90When he is 20 years old, he can still drive a Ferrari with a young man.

at the age of 90, Father Huang also painted a self-portrait and laughingly called himself the "post-90s".

Bai Yansong said, "I pursue to be Father Huang Yongyu in my old age."

his wisdom in life is simply unimaginable. "

it is the road that takes longer and longer, and what becomes clearer and brighter is wisdom.

rich experience precipitates into the wisdom of life.

even if the face is wrinkled, the soul is still full, still comfortable and safe.

Zhu Guangqian said:

"all the good things that take time to precipitate are worth waiting for patiently."

the world is troubled, learn to be patient and precipitate in time.

precipitate emotion, enrich the soul; precipitate courage, enhance courage;

precipitate mistakes and accumulate experience; precipitate mood in exchange for serenity; precipitate experience and form wisdom.

the rest of our lives are not long. May we take our eyes back and listen to our inner voices.

precipitate yourself, both physically and mentally happy, both inside and outside are safe.

learn to precipitate and live the best life.