Liu Xuehua, 62, has lived alone for ten years, with the TV on 24 hours a day. Behind her, there is the pain of 100 million people.

/October 2023

bymooneye Recently, I watched a program that changed my perception of female stars. Liu Xuehua, do you still remember the most popular Qiongyao opera hostess, known as the "tears queen"? In recent years, she is still a professional family of the Empress Dowager and has played the Empress Dowager in many plays such as the Legend of Zhen Huan. Recently, she participated in bilibili's variety show "Summer on the Eaves". This program allows several young people floating in other places to live in the homes of several old people who live alone and record their state of living together. One of the old people living alone is Liu Xuehua. It turns out that this former superstar, who is 62 years old this year, has passed away and has no children. He has been living alone for nearly a decade. She said that she is a post-50s "house girl", very boring, usually do not go out. When I don't have a job, I sit on the sofa all day, watching TV while playing mahjong on my mobile phone. The TV in her house is basically on 24 hours a day. She has lived alone for ten years and can't use almost all modern things. In the program, bilibili's UP owner La Hongsang, a post-00 girl, lives in Liu Xuehua's home. Liu Xuehua enthusiastically wants to cook dumplings, but he doesn't know how to turn on the range hood. The little girl sent a message asking her if she wanted morning tea, but she would not reply when she saw it, so she had to call and say. Liu Xuehua said that she does not know how to surf the Internet, and that all the smart appliances at home have been used by her as stupid machines. The mobile phone has been used for five or six years, but it can only be used to make phone calls and play mahjong. The TV can only be turned on and off, and once someone changes the setting, she can't adjust it back. There are many such scenes in the program, which is not only surprising, but also a little emotional. Liu Xuehua made an early debut, was independent from an early age, was still a big star and made a lot of money. The things she comes into contact with and the environment in which she lives should be richer and more up-to-date than most people. However, at the age of 62, she is also out of touch with society. At present, there are about 260 million people over the age of 60, and more than 100 million people live alone and have empty nests. 100 million, what a huge number. Liu Xuehua can also be taken care of by a babysitter, and most of the elderly, especially those living alone, face difficulties far beyond our imagination. The trend is developing too fast, and the elderly living alone can not keep up with the development of science and technology, and there is no one to teach them, so they can only watch themselves being left behind. Tell me some real news. On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2018, a 58-year-old uncle made six trips to the Shanghai Railway Station and did not get a ticket back to his hometown in Anhui. The staff asked him to go online to see the tickets for the next few days, but he didn't understand at all. Later, the staff advised him to buy another train or a long-distance bus ticket, but he didn't seem to understand it and said no. In a hurry, the uncle knelt on the spot. He said that he is doing greening alone in Shanghai, and his daughter's family is out of town. He didn't want to bother his daughter, thinking that he had bought a ticket at the station and went home with a backpack. Unexpectedly, this ticket could not be bought at all. The Internet, which has given great convenience to young people, has become a great obstacle to life for the elderly. In August 2019, a pair of old people in Shenzhen went to the dentist and cried bitterly on the spot because they could not register online for three consecutive days. There is an 80-year-old grandmother in Guangzhou, with a wad of money to go to the business hall to pay, as a result, the staff "refused to accept cash", making her very anxious. Last August, Dalian, Liaoning. When an old man entered the subway station, the staff asked him to show his health code. But the old man didn't know what the health code was and asked repeatedly, "what is it?" Who gave it to me? " On the other hand, the staff strictly abide by the system and keep the elderly wearing masks and showing their health codes before they can take the bus. During the dispute, the old man became more and more excited and annoyed: "you child is unreasonable!" Finally, the security guard pulled the old man aside and asked him to show his health code, otherwise he would call the police. The old man was also very anxious: "what are you going to do?" You make it clear. " After explaining for a long time, the chicken talked to the duck, the staff didn't see the health code, and the old man didn't understand how to take a car. There have been many such things in the past two years. I often think that this class of old people may be the most difficult old people in history. You see, people 100 years ago, from birth to aging, their lives did not change much. It's all about farming, chopping wood, burning fire and raising chickens. When a person reaches the age of 70, he may still live in a 17-year-old village, doing 17-year-old labor. But today's old people are completely different. When they were born, they probably didn't even have electric lights at home and lived a simple and backward farming life. In the decades that followed, a variety of new technologies poured into their lives: radio, television, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, smartphones, high-speed rail, takeout, bizarre APP. They can still keep up when they are young, but the later, the faster the technology develops, the harder it is for them to keep up. Up to now, they are basically left behind by the times. They also find it inconvenient and want to keep up with the pace, but it is already very difficult to do so. Of course, in addition to the inconvenience, the elderly living alone are facing all kinds of dangers. In the Summer of the eaves, Liu Xuehua talked about living alone, saying: what I fear most is that if something happens, no one will know at all. This worry is very realistic. There have been too many such tragedies in life. In August last year, a grandfather living alone in Anhui accidentally fell on the balcony and could not move. He had no choice but to reach for a basin on the balcony and keep knocking, hoping that someone would hear him cry for help. On a hot summer day, he lay naked on the balcony for four days and four nights before he was finally heard by his neighbors and saved his life. During these four long days and nights, we can imagine the sadness and despair in his heart. And. Last year, a fire broke out in the home of an old man living alone in Shenyang. The old man with poor legs was trapped on the balcony, crouched in a corner covered with a piece of cloth, and kept shouting for help downstairs. However, by the time the fire engine put out the fire, the old man had died unfortunately. The elderly are a large group, and they Their loneliness, their inconvenience and the risks they face have all been ignored intentionally or unintentionally. This is very wrong. But it is also an eternal problem. At all times, at home and abroad, to be truly "lucky in old age"The old people of "Fu" are in the minority. Of course, we can always do something. I think the idea of the program "Summer on the Eaves" is good: let young people from other places go to the homes of old people living alone to be tenants. The young are often short of money, and the old are eager for company. If young people drifting away can keep company with the old people living alone in the city at a low or free rent, it is the best of both worlds. Young people save money on renting, and there are more vitality in the homes of the old. Both sides can also learn from each other and take care of each other. Liu Xuehua, who has lived with young people for 21 days, said the experience was "cool". She learned something new from young people and was infected by their vitality. And these young people, in addition to saving rent, but also feel at home in a foreign land, no longer worry about being alone, no one knows that they have been robbed by gangsters. I really think that society should make more such explorations and attempts. Help the elderly to think about whether there is a better way of life. Because there is nothing the old man can do. No matter how lonely and helpless they are, even miserable and desperate, it is difficult for them to think of how to change their situation. They may not even know how to reply to a text message, so it's hard for them to come up with any new ideas. So this is the responsibility of those of us who are not old. I hope that society and children will pay more attention to the elderly, think more about them, and give them more patience and help, so that they will not be abandoned by the world and live too miserable and helpless. Think about how we would feel if our parents were "besieged" on the bus because they couldn't use their cell phones, or fell at home without anyone noticing for days. Guangming Daily put it well: "the decent and convenient life of the elderly is part of social justice." Because we all have old people in our family. Each and every one of us will get old. No one should grow old alone and miserably. May every old man live a happy and decent life.

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