Men who can accompany you to the old age all have these characteristics.

/October 2023

Zhao Yonghua sings in the song: "the most romantic thing I can think of is to grow old with you."

indeed, it is a dream for many people to grow old with their loved ones.

just choosing a partner does not rely solely on fate and providence, but more on the need to polish your eyes.

the men who can accompany you to the old age have the following three characteristics.

A man who can accompany you to an old man

it's not easy for you to feel sorry for you

there is a saying on the Internet:

"bad couples compare badly with each other, and good marriages love each other."

I think so.

my cousin went to get divorced two days ago. She has been married for four years and her child is two years old. Her husband has no bad habits such as drinking, gambling, domestic violence and so on, but she says she can't live another day.

because two people are always in a miserable competition.

after the baby was born, my cousin had no choice but to resign and concentrate on taking care of the children at home because neither of the parents was in good health and could not spare no time to help.

from that day on, the pattern of her relationship with her husband has become like this:

my cousin said that taking care of the children was too tiring. My brother-in-law said that taking care of the children was nothing. I was even more tired at work, so go and cook the meal quickly.

cousin said that children always cry, coaxing is useless, crying makes people have a headache, cousin husband said this is nothing, Party A's strange customers are even more troublesome, hurry to wash the clothes;

my cousin said that when a full-time housewife felt out of touch with society and was a little anxious, my cousin said you had nothing to worry about. I was more anxious to bear the life of the whole family alone.

this is also a very common strange phenomenon nowadays. When a person feels very depressed and wants to talk to him, he has to turn it into a miserable meeting, which can be solved by a hug and a word of comfort.

it seems that as long as I suffer more than you, your pain will no longer exist.

but pain is not happiness, you and I meet each other together, bang, you can all disappear and relax.

each person has his or her own difficulties. If the couple want to live together, it is not because they are miserable, but because they love each other.

in the documentary four Springs, the daily details of a golden couple are recorded.

the old couple in the film live in a small town in the south. The husband is a retired teacher, the wife is a housewife, and their children are working outside. Although the family conditions are not rich, there is always a smile on the faces of the two old people.

there is one detail that impressed many viewers. The old couple washed their medicinal materials in the yard and were busy until noon.

at this time, the husband was hungry and went to the kitchen to cook porridge. After the porridge is cooked, it is the wife who feeds the spoon with a bowl to eat first.

many people say that this scene makes them see "the most beautiful appearance of marriage".

A harmonious and happy marriage does not lie in how much each person has achieved, but in being able to love each other.

you feel sorry for my hard work in doing housework, and I love that it is not easy for you to work outside. I will give you a glass of water when you are thirsty in the middle of the night, and you feed me a mouthful of porridge when I am so hungry.

Marriage that can love each other can last a long time.

A man who can accompany you to an old man

will abide by the loyalty to marriage

the two popular TV dramas, "just 30" and "the World of husband and wife", both talked about the last thing people want to face in marriage-cheating.

the situation of the two groups of families in the two dramas is very similar:

married for many years, my wife is beautiful and generous, smart and capable, and has cute and lovely children.

but the husbands are having an affair with a younger girl.

it is said that art comes from life. In real life, it is not new for people to have a third party in middle age. Almost every year, there are several news that wives commit suicide with their children because their husbands cheat.

two people have lived together for ten or twenty years, and they have already become so familiar that they hate each other. Before you open your mouth, I know what you are going to say next, and there is nothing new in life.

coupled with the fact that he is getting older, the face that he could not see enough when he was young is now full of fireworks, and there is no longer the look that fascinated him at that time.

cinnabar moles turn into mosquito blood, and moonlight turns into rice grains. This is a necessary stage for almost every couple, but everyone has a different choice.

some people choose to get tired of their families, look for fresh excitement outside, and call it "true love".

Zhang Zhilin talked about his view of marriage in an interview. He said:

"I always think that everyone will grow old. How beautiful can a beautiful woman be?"

that girl is eighteen years old, beautiful, beautiful and youthful. You suddenly think that if she becomes 48, it is impossible for her to be a honeymoon forever.

in retrospect, when you first got together with your wife, didn't you think she was beautiful?

it's just as sweet. You might as well keep that feeling in mind and remember it in different ways. For example, replace your wife's phone call photo with a picture of your two first acquaintances. That's what I did when I was 18. "

the man who can accompany you to the old age will not be because of your age.Old and indifferent, will not escape because of the dull life.

they will keep their loyalty to their marriage, actively refuse all kinds of temptations from the outside world, and give you full sense of security.

because in his eyes, you will always be the best-looking person in the past.

A man who can accompany you to an old man

will respect the thoughts of the other half

among my classmates, there is such a couple who have been together since high school, but have been admitted to different cities for four years.

Be ready to buy yourself the elegant bridal maternity gown and stand out in a crowd. You'll be surprised by the confidence you'll have!

they are always together when everyone thinks they will be defeated by distance. But when everyone thought they would get the right results, they broke up quietly.

all the friends around me don't understand. They all survived when it was so difficult. How do you say points are divided?

later, at a party, the girl said why. Because in the past few years together, the boy has never respected his idea.

where to play, what to eat and who to return for the Spring Festival are all decided unilaterally by the boy and have never been discussed with her. Once they disagree, they must end up with a female concession.

the last straw that kills the camel is to look for a job after graduation.

two people come from north and south of their hometown, and the girls have been looking for an opportunity to discuss where they are going in the future, and they have repeatedly told the boys that they hope to discuss with themselves about signing a job.

as a result, the boy agreed, but secretly signed the company in his hometown.

as a result, the two men quarreled, and the boy said, "what is there to discuss? why don't you just follow me?"

A sentence cooled the girl's heart and completely gave up the seven-year relationship.

because she understands that they are not equal in the boyfriend's heart, he just regards himself as an accessory. She doesn't need to have thoughts, she doesn't need to have her own considerations, just "just follow him."

there is no equality and future without mutual respect.

there will be too many disagreements in life, if every disagreement is a fixed one side insists and the other gives way, then in the long run, it is inevitable to hurt feelings.

when two people are together, they are running in with each other, rather than one being self-centered and asking the other half to revolve around him in everything.

A man who really loves you and can accompany you to the old age will be willing to make concessions for you, or two people will find the best solution through consultation.

because I love you, so respect, and because of respect, two people can go for a long time.

I especially like a sentence on the Internet: "the most beautiful love is not a couple hugging and kissing in the street, but an old man walking hand in hand in the setting sun."

it's easy for two people to be together, but it's hard to be together for a lifetime.