My sister is divorced, and I can finally tell what my brother-in-law has done!

/October 2023



my sister was born in 1981, nine years older than me.

I have envied her since childhood because she is very good-looking.

the skin is white and the speech is soft.

people often joke with us that neither of you is born to the same mother.

as a matter of fact, my sister and I are not born to the same mother.

she is the child of my father and ex-wife.

her mother is a beauty and the best tailor in town.

I have seen pictures of my sister and her mother when she was a child.

Sister looks like a little princess in a skirt made by her mother.

my father is a doctor in the town hospital. In the 1980s, he was a very decent job.

at that time, who didn't boast that he was a happy family? later, maybe God was jealous.

when my sister's mother gave birth to her second child, it was difficult for her to give birth, and none of her mother and son survived.

at that time, my sister was not even in primary school, and she didn't know that her enviable life was drifting away with the vigorous 1980s.


my mother married my father in 1989 and gave birth to me in 1990.

compared with my sister's mother, my mother is very ordinary, not so beautiful, and she can't make beautiful clothes.

but she is also an industrious and kind-hearted woman. After passing through the door, she did not treat her differently because her sister was the daughter of her ex-wife.

even if you have me, you will be treated equally.

in 1994, I should have just started kindergarten when my father suddenly died of illness.

for the three women in our family, the sky suddenly fell.

Mom is not highly educated and works for only a few hundred yuan a month, so it is very difficult to support her two children.

in my memory, in the most difficult time, I couldn't even afford to eat oil. I could only eat pickles or boiled vegetables every day.

when my sister graduated from junior high school, my mother went to the hospital where my father used to work, asked others to take care of her, and let my sister get a place in a health school.

it is a very rare opportunity for poor families.

so my sister left home in this way and met Yang Hao who moved her at school.


my sister in high school looks more and more like her real mother.

youthful beauty and gentleness.

when eating in the canteen, which window she queued at, the queue will be longer.

there are arrogant boys who will deliberately block her and make her angry.

because some boys say that my sister looks better when she is angry, like a cat who loses her temper.

later, there was a senior boy who always came to help my sister out and get rid of those boys who had too many hormones.

he is Yang Hao.

he is tall and handsome and likes to wear clean and good-looking white shirts.

when all his classmates like the four Heavenly Kings, he still loves Zhang Guorong.

he can sing every song of his brother.

my sister probably realized that she liked him during the art show.

on the humble stage, Yang Hao sang a song "the Wind continues to blow" in non-standard Cantonese.

"I have made you happy, and you have made me crazy."

two people, on and off the stage, met their eyes and confirmed their heartbeat from then on.

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when I was still longing for chocolate and braised meat, my sister had already tasted love.


but I must say, the first time I saw Yang Hao, I didn't have a good impression.

as a result, Yang Hao came to my house as a guest and deliberately teased me, saying that when he graduated, he would go to my school as a teacher and look at me every day.

in retrospect, my mother was quite grand that day, cleaning up the house in advance.

warned me not to be naughty and made a table full of delicious food.

when Yang Hao left, my mother gave him another big red packet.

that year, Yang Hao 17, my sister 16.

according to now, they are still children who revolve around their parents, but the town at that time was different.

when I graduate from high school, I have to go to work, and life events are decided much earlier than they are now.

my mother fell in love with Yang Hao at first sight.

his family condition is better than mine, his appearance and character are good, of course, the most important thing is that my sister likes it.

, my mother regarded Yang Hao as her future son-in-law.

my sister and he also gradually went public at school, which should be my sister's happiest time at that time.

they fall in love with each other, and they love each other. They just wait for graduation and work in the future, and then they will get married.


Yang Hao is one year older than my sister. After graduation, he went to work as an intern in a big hospital in Waixian County.

although they are all in the same province, they are a little far away.

in the 1990s, small towns had no Internet, no mobile phones, and even few families with landlines.

differentLove depends on writing letters.

you can call it romantic, but it's too slow to even get into a fight.

my sister went to my father's former hospital for an internship. At that time, Yang Hao did an excellent job and became a regular worker.

he wants to go to him after my sister's internship, because the hospital on his side is better.

but my sister is different from him, she is commissioned to train, the tuition fees are all paid by the hospital, and she must go back after graduation.

and leaving is not just a matter of losing money.

the opportunity that my mother begged everywhere before, how many favors she put into it, she can't just walk away.

Yang Hao came back from the Spring Festival holiday and advised my sister not to delay her future for the sake of the so-called human feelings.

people go high and talk to the dean well, and everyone will understand.

but my sister thinks that if we don't keep our word, no one will help us in the future.

the hospital took care of us so much that she was afraid of breaking the contract and blocking our way.

both of them are young, do not know how to make concessions, and make a lot of trouble.

I remember that Yang Hao came to my house specially before he went back.

but my sister didn't see me and asked me to come out and spread the word.

I said loudly to Yang Hao, go, my sister doesn't want to see you, she wants to calm down.

and then whispered to him, Brother Yang, stop bullying my sister, she is crying, would you please apologize to her?

Yang Hao's eyes turned red.

even though I was a pupil at that time, I could feel that they were in love.


there has been no news from Yang Hao since he left.

in the first few months, my sister thought he was angry, but slowly found out that he might be really angry and stopped writing letters.

she never received a reply to her letter to him.

my sister has never been an active person. Yang Hao has done so well, and she doesn't want to chase others upside down.

of course, at some point, my sister must have wanted to go to Yang Hao and ask her face to face, but she was only 17 or 18 years old at that time, more or less young.

my heart was choked with anger, as if I was bowing my head first.

in fact, there were a lot of people chasing my sister as soon as she entered the hospital.

is a beauty after all.

there is a male doctor who is the most enthusiastic.

his name is Zhou Qingguo. He is 10 years older than my sister. He has been courting since my sister entered the hospital.

nothing. Through ward rounds, I always run to my sister's side, instruct my sister to work, and give her some small things.

is a little fierce.

Clinical internship seems to be a year, and when it comes to becoming a regular employee, Yang Hao has nothing to do with it.

my sister gave up on him and slowly accepted Zhou Qingguo's pursuit.


Zhou Qingguo is not ugly either. Except for his age, he is better than Yang Hao in all aspects.

after all, he is a doctor and a key cultivation object in the hospital.

my mother agrees with him and is interested in this point.

and my sister also felt that Zhou Qingguo was more down-to-earth and could be entrusted for life, so she got a certificate with him.

it was the end of the year, and the two families were preparing to get married after the new year.

it was at this time that Yang Hao came back to find my sister during the Spring Festival holiday.

I remember it was the fourth day of the Lunar New year. My sister saw him and blocked the door and said, "what are you doing here?"

Yang Hao said, "I want an ending. You can't break up with me without a reply."

it was a bit strange to say that he never came back and never heard from him.

my sister asked him to come in and get this straight.

only then did she know that Yang Hao had written a lot of letters, but my sister had not received them.

he also called my sister a lot, but people said that my sister didn't want to answer it.

so he thought my sister really didn't want him, and he was very hurt.

you know, at that time, there was no mailbox at home, so it was easy to lose it. Letters were usually sent to the unit and sent by the reception room.

there is no phone, and there is no extension in my sister's department.

all calls have to be made to the reception room and asked to answer by radio.

it is clear that someone has tampered with the reception room.

my sister's heart hurts so much that she wants to ask him very much. She hasn't received a reply, can't she come back and ask him face to face?

but when she thought of herself, she didn't travel all the way to find him at that time, and suddenly she couldn't ask.

my sister remained calm on the surface, saying to Yang Hao,'it's too late to say anything now. I've already registered with someone else.

up to now, I still remember Yang Hao's expression at that time. I inhaled it in one breath and followed the tears for a long time.


after Yang Hao left, my sister went to Zhou Qingguo.

he must have done it, it can't be someone else.

Zhou Qingguo did not deny that he had a good relationship with the two uncles in the reception room and paid special attention to them blocking Yang Hao's letters and phone calls.

Love can withstand mountains and rivers, but it cannot withstand malicious mischief.

Zhou Qingguo explained that he did so because he loved my sister very much.

although the means are dishonorable, but the starting point is good, is to love her.

my sister came home and cried bitterly.

but my mother said, kid, what are you talking about! I got all the certificates and divorced before I passed the door. how will your sister be a man in the future?

sometimes I think that's why I don't like the town. It's too closed.


my sister married Zhou Qingguo with resentment and helplessness.

she gave birth to a daughter the next year, gave birth to a difficult birth and experienced a narrow margin of death.

although Zhou Qingguo wanted his son, the unit required that he would not be promoted if he had a second child, so he had no choice but to give up.

look down on our family and think my family is poor.

party, I said in front of everyone that my sister was not highly educated and had only appearance.

I was so angry that I couldn't help satirizing him. That's not what I said when you chased my sister.

if you hadn't hidden my sister's letter, who would have married you, so old.

Zhou Qingguo was furious.

when I came home in the evening, my mother taught me that I should not say those words and affect the relationship between husband and wife.

I roll my eyes straight.

as a result, the next day, I had something to do with my sister. When I went to her hospital, I found that the corners of her eyes were bruised.

began to ask her, she didn't say, I said I was going to find Zhou Qingguo, she grabbed me and told me to leave me alone.

in the evening, I told my mother, but unexpectedly, my mother already knew about it.

this is not the first time!

I said angrily, then why don't you help my sister?

my mother said, how can I help? the most I can say is your brother-in-law. What else can I do? That's between husband and wife.

I said, let them divorce!

my mother hit me on the head and said:

"Don't talk about that later. We three haven't had enough hardships before, have we?" You have to push your sister into the fire! "


sometimes, I really don't know what a fire pit is.

do you spend your whole life with a violent man, or do you grow up with your daughter alone?

if it were me, I would definitely choose the latter.

it's a pity that my sister is not me, or I'm too young to know the horror of town gossip.

later, I was afraid to provoke Zhou Qingguo.

it's not that I'm afraid of him, but that my sister won't leave him. If I make him angry, I get my sister beaten.

I was admitted to the key points of our county in high school and went to Suzhou in the university.

it's not because the work is so good, but because I don't want to go back. I can't stand the atmosphere.

it's too unfriendly for girls with personality.

every Spring Festival, I go back to my hometown.

I miss my sister very much, but I'm afraid to see her.

because she's having a hard time.

as he grew older, Zhou Qingguo gradually became a greasy and arrogant fat man.

but my sister has become more feminine because she is mature.

arrogance and inferiority have distorted Zhou Qingguo, and his control over my sister is almost crazy.

he won't let my sister use her cell phone, so he must take his daughter with him on the street, or scold her for seducing men.

later, at 9 o'clock every night, I had to go to bed, otherwise it would be a wave.

every time I hear this, my teeth itch with anger. I ask my sister, why don't I leave? What's the point of you being with him?

my sister just sighs.

she said that her daughter hasn't grown up yet. Let's wait for her to be admitted to college.


my mother died in 2016.

my sister has no one to complain about.

she dared not tell me, for fear that I would tell her, or that I would persuade her to divorce.

at that time, the second child was opened, and Zhou Qingguo immediately thought of having a son.

but my sister will never be reborn when she dies. Her own mother died in childbirth, and she was never saved.

and her first child was difficult to give birth, and she went through a circle.

for her to have a baby, the shadow in her heart is not usually big.

then it was 19 years.

I was so surprised and pleased that I asked her how she had figured it out.

my sister said that Zhou Qingguo has an illegitimate child.


sometimes, the only reason to arouse the resistance of traditional women is the children.

Zhou Qingguo finally found a mistress outside and gave birth to a son.

when my sister found out, her first reaction was not heartache, but to check his property to prevent him from transferring it to the mistress and his son.

her most precious thing is her daughter. She wants to protect everything that belongs to her daughter.

my sister told me that what I fear most in my life is being helpless. In the end, I still have to rely on myself.

I should have listened to you and left that son of a bitch earlier.

growing up, I have never heard her swear.

put cruel words gently and gently, which makes me want to laugh and makes me sad.

sometimes when I think about it, I'm sorry to my sister, too.

in her most difficult time, did not spend more time with her, did not understand her from her point of view.

it is not easy for her to stand up and resist when she lives under the control of Zhou Qingguo every day.