"never be too nice to a person."

/October 2023

Night listening


saw a sentence on Weibo, which was liked by many people:

the best way to protect yourself is to never overestimate your weight in the hearts of others.

No hope, no expectation, no hope, no disappointment.

I think so.

A girl shared her story with me backstage the other day: in order to follow her love, she quit her job in her hometown and went to the city where her boyfriend lived.

get off work early every day in order to cook a delicious dinner for the one you love.

when her boyfriend lost his job, she didn't have any complaints. She worked hard to earn money to support her family.

because my boyfriend once promised him that after he had made a career, he would marry her and give her a good life.

but did not wait for the fulfillment of this promise, the person who once said that he would be good to her all his life, only used the word "no love" to sentence the relationship to death.

it seems that when we like someone, we will spare no effort to give. The more we give, we hope each other will give us the same reward.

but sometimes if you love too much, it is often a disaster.

the more enthusiastic you are, the less cherished you are, and the more you try to please someone, the more likely that person is to hurt you the most.

the saddest thing in the world is that you overestimate your place in the hearts of others, and the other person underestimates how important you are to them.

so, don't be too full of love, things will turn back at the extreme.

you have to understand that you don't love others more than yourself.

as the writer Bi Shumin wrote:

it is better to love yourself than to wait for others to love you.

Last night I saw someone in moments exclaiming:

Yes, it seems that when we grow up, our happiness becomes less and our worries become more and more.

We lost some freedom and gained some growth.

sometimes we feel unhappy, maybe just because we want so much that we forget to find the good things we have at hand.

remember that Mr. Yang Jiang said:

God will not let all happiness focus on someone, get love may not have money; have money may not get happiness; get happiness may not have health; have health may not always get what you want.

No one lives a successful life as they wish, so it is more important to cherish the happiness they have than to envy others.

if you love, life is lovely everywhere;

if you hate, life can be hated anywhere;

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if you are grateful, you can be grateful everywhere;

if you grow, everything can grow.

and when you learn to really love yourself, you will find that every moment in your life is meaningful.

Don't dwell on past regrets and disappointments, let alone win the love of others.

when flowers bloom for a season, people live a lifetime. Enough is enough, and the shade is appropriate.

Don't love too much, seven points is enough, leave three points to nourish yourself.

Don't stay up too late, insomnia is sad, injury will only be you.

for the rest of my life, I will spend the rest of my life with whoever I am comfortable with, with a degree of relaxation in my heart.

if you love others, you will be loved.

, always remember that he who loves himself can be loved by others.