Not overdrawing yourself is the best way to exercise self-discipline.

/October 2023

sow Lin Jinglang

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there is a question on Zhihu: how do people get rid of it slowly?

A highly praised answer hit the nail on the head: advance happiness, delay pain, overdraw yourself.

what people fear most in life is not poverty, but too many desires.

not willing to the present but to escape the pain, fantasize about the future but deceive themselves, not only wasted time, but also consumed themselves.

Don't overdraw time

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when he was resting at home, Yu Tsai, like most people, lay at home every day to enjoy the comfort of the holiday.

browsing Weibo to watch the news, turning around to chase TV dramas, playing games before going to bed at night, wasting time day by day.

one day she suddenly realized that a week passed so fast that she would be ruined if she lay down again.

from that day on, she realized: the play will never end, and there will always be a new version of the game, but today's time is a thing of the past.

so she made a "holiday enrichment plan": finish reading how many books, practice a good word, and learn a new skill.

there are many busy things in life, and the leisure stolen by overdraft time will one day become the bitterness of life.

people who are really good should be like what Kong Hao said in the host contest:

practice ingenuity, in the repeated years, worthy of every inch of time.

Don't overdraw health

what are the realities that have to be recognized in the adult world?

when you think about it, it should be: the older you are, the more unbearable you are.

when you are 20 years old, in order to finish the game, you stay up late and play with your mobile phone, thinking that you can withstand any kind of "destruction" of your body.

at the age of 30, in order to save face, it is most important for you to be happy when you take glass after glass of wine handed over by a friend.

when you are 40 years old, in order to make more money, you want to have three heads and six arms to run around at work, thinking that there is a long way to go.

the body is damaged day after day, and health is overdrawn over time, so life has to press the pause button to make up for the consumption over the years.

I often feel that when I live a lifetime, everything seems to be in response to Zweig's classic saying:

"she was too young to know that all the gifts given by fate had already been secretly priced."

those who take health for granted will one day pay for it at the cost of their lives.

Varying from from the daring to the demure, our long formal gown with sleeves are surely your essentials. Our versatile selections suit all figures well.

those who regard pleasure as greater than anything else will one day grow up at the price of loss.

in the second half of life, you are really rich to eat on time, go to bed early and get up early, exercise regularly and take care of your health.

Don't overdraw your luck

there is a philosophical clip in the Swordsman.

Bai Zhantang was addicted to gambling and lost all his belongings. at the end of the game, the old man severed his finger and told him:

"betting is betting, there is no size. Because those who win still want to win, and those who lose want to turn the tables.

once gambling is on the rise, there is nothing to care about. As long as you go to the gambling table, no matter whether you are high or low, big or small, and no one will stop until you lose everything.

so, if you gamble for a long time, you must lose. "

in the past, I only thought this line was about gambling, but later I realized that it was the same with being a man.

if people always want to take advantage of speculation, try to reach the sky one step at a time, and fill their desires with false prosperity, they will eventually be swallowed up by desires.

because there will be a day when luck will run out, and then all that is left is the abyss.

Don't take shortcuts that seem plain sailing at any time. Sooner or later, shortcuts will turn into detours and come back to you.

never forget: there is always a trap in the pie that falls; behind all the bargains, there is a deep pit.

Don't overdraw the bottom line

as the old saying goes: to see a person clearly, you want to see the lowest point of that person's character.

and this lowest point is the bottom line of a person.

when you reach a certain age, you will face more and more choices, but no matter what you lose, you can't overdraw the bottom line of being a human being.

in front of interests, we should stick to the concept of right and wrong, ask for something but not ask for something, do something and do not do something.

between human beings, be kind at the bottom of your heart, do not hurt others, and do not give up principles.

in the face of the weak, keep a good upbringing and warmth, be above others, treat others as people, and treat yourself as a person.

although things in the world, there is always complexity. Although people in the world are not black and white, everyone is more or less gray.

but only by keeping the bottom line and living through this long life with a clear conscience can you live up to yourself.

No matter what age you reach, you must have a clear light in your eyes. After seeing black and white, there is still color in your heart.

knowing the world rather than being sophisticated is true maturity.

Don't overdraw trust

there is no one in the world who is an isolated island. If others are in need of help today, tomorrow you will have a weakness to help you carry it.

interacting with people often comes from the establishment of trust, but it is often destroyed by the collapse of trust.

is like the story of "here comes the Wolf" that has been around for many years, playing tricks too many times, in the endWill be alone.

Trust depends on character, which is the most important card.

be a man of conscience, do not deceive friends, and keep your word and promise, so that the road will become wider and wider.

Don't worry about things, be down-to-earth, and be reliable in life, so that everything will go well.

treat people sincerely, less routines, love between friends, there will be more and more happiness.

I agree with one sentence: the relationship between people is like bank savings. If you are sincere, you are replenishing your income, and if you are hypocritical, you are increasing your expenses.

make good friends sincerely, don't overdraw trust, don't overdraw relationships when you meet an important person.

Don't overdraw your feelings

A writer mentioned a point of view in the "fantastic Congress":

"those who really appreciate you will always appreciate your pride, not your pretend to be humble and agreeable."

if you spend a lot of time to please others, you will not only waste your energy, but also your precious feelings.

if a relationship begins with a humble attitude, it will end badly.

but many people do not understand this truth when they are young.

one day, you will understand that those who are angry are people with a good temper, and those who are considerate of others must always be considerate, while those who always take care of others are left unattended.

flatter will only get an inch in exchange for progress, unreserved pay will not only hug, but also hurt.

whoever you are comfortable with will accompany you for the rest of your life; if you are down-to-earth with someone, you will walk hand in hand.

like a little poem very much:

half poor, half rich, half self-safe,

half-life half-day and half-opportunity,

half give up and half do good;

half deaf, half dumb and half confused,

half wise, half stupid, half sage,

half human, half self, half free;

half desire, half Zen, half follow fate,

half of life is about me,

the other half listens naturally.

overdrawing yourself is just too much, too much effort, and it is bound to be a disaster.

in the following days, don't try too hard, try to accept the multifaceted nature of things, learn to accept yourself, and learn to change your life.

, may you always control your life in your own hands and let your heart go back to zero and be content.