People with good faces are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.

/October 2023


the writer Ning Yuan wrote in the faraway Village:

judging people by their appearance is absolutely scientific. Character is written in the mouth, happiness in the corner of the eye, rational sensibility in the voice, sincerity and hypocrisy in the pupil.

in life, it is not difficult for us to see a person's attitude towards life and things from a person's face.

A person with a good face is the most worthy of deep acquaintance because of his mild appearance and gentle temperament.

good-looking people lead a self-disciplined life

I have heard a saying: "Life is made, and each other comes from the heart."

that's true. A person has what kind of state of mind, what kind of face.

it is not God or your parents that determines your face, but your attitude towards life and the degree of self-discipline.

remember that when the baby was 8 months old, the aunt who helped to take care of the baby went back to her hometown because she had something to do at home.

I couldn't find a suitable aunt, so I had no choice but to quit my job and go home to become a stay-at-home mother.

suddenly returned from the workplace to my family, the pace of my life has been disrupted.

usually only my baby and I are at home. When we cook good food for the baby, we don't bother to cook food by ourselves. Sometimes we eat a little casually, and sometimes we don't eat it at all in order to save trouble.

after the baby falls asleep at night, he cleans his cell phone all the time after tidying up at home. Sometimes, the baby wakes up before he sleeps. He doesn't sleep enough every day and is reluctant to sleep every day.

when I saw myself in the mirror one day, I dared not recognize myself. My eyes were empty, dark circles were obvious, even the corners of my mouth were drooping, and my bitter face was different from that handsome me before.

from that day on, I changed my lifestyle. I cooked for myself every day, uninstalled some unnecessary software on my phone, and squeezed out time for exercise, reading and rest.

after self-discipline for a period of time, my face slowly began to become friendly.

Russell said:

"A person's face is the appearance of a person's value. It hides not only your life, but also the life you are pursuing. "

people's facial features are born, but their complexion is repaired by themselves.

A person indulges himself all day and has no pursuit of life, and his face will change accordingly over time.

if you have no goal, your eyes must be dim;

you don't have a smiling face, the corners of your mouth must be drooping;

when you lose sleep, fatigue naturally comes to you.

only when you are self-disciplined enough to take life seriously will your face change.

A person's attitude towards life is ultimately reflected in his own appearance.

there is a good saying that those who are close to red are red, and those who are close to ink are black.

if you have a deep acquaintance with good people, you will also become energetic and self-disciplined.

people with a good face are gentle to others

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "those who have spirit must have pleasant color, and those who have pleasant color must have Wanrong."

A person's heart is good or bad, it always shows on his face.

people with good faces always smile at the corners of their mouths and have clear eyes, giving people a sense of comfort and closeness.

Soong Ching-ling, who has been gentle and kind all his life, speaks in a soft voice and has never blushed with anyone, is generally recognized as a good temper.

writer Xiang Mei once wrote in the Song Sisters: "Mrs. Sun speaks softly and slowly."

Soong Ching-ling is very kind to all the people around her and has no airs at all.

every time she goes out, she goes downstairs five minutes early to wait for the driver.

I often send money and clothes to people around me who need them.

the nanny Li Yan'e is even more in love with her sister, eating with her deskmate, talking and laughing. Li Yan-e was relatively fat, and Soong Ching-ling had a low bed specially remade to make it easier for her to rest.

later, Li Yan'e fell ill, and Soong Ching-ling was so worried that she personally brought her to Beijing to see a doctor and asked someone to take care of her.

Soong Ching-ling is not the prettiest of the three Song sisters, but he is the most kind and comfortable one.

as the saying goes, "if you have a good heart, you will face good, and if you have a bad heart, you will be evil."

what kind of soul, what kind of face.

A person's appearance is reflected by his heart, and a person whose heart is full of love and warmth will naturally show an amiable look on his face.

people with a good face treat others gently, and it is always refreshing to interact with them.

people with a good face are open-minded in doing things

and he himself belongs to the former, not only with a gentle complexion, but also with an open-minded personality.

once, Mr. Liang Shiqiu was invited to attend the school celebration speech of normal University, and the speaker was very late that day.

the teachers and students present waited impatiently, were very dissatisfied, and the scene was very awkward.

when the headmaster saw this, he asked Mr. Liang Shiqiu to come on stage and say a few words to save the scene.

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Mr. Liang Shiqiu gladly agreed when he saw that the scene was really chaotic and needed to be dealt with.

he strode unhurriedly onto the stage, smiled and said:

"in the past, in Beijing opera, before the real play was staged, we used to find a second-or third-rate role to jump on the stage and promote officials, so that the protagonists in the background would have plenty of time to prepare. I am now ordered to jump out and become an official. "

the words made the whole audience roar with laughter and swept away everyone's unhappiness.

Mr. Liang Shiqiu's relaxed and humorous words not only relieved the late speaker, but also calmed the dissatisfaction of the teachers and students present.

it is said that people with good faces are open-minded in doing things.

if so.

people with a good face are calm and calm when things happen, and know how to stand in other people's shoes and put themselves in the shoes of others.

they know that instead of complaining and angry, it is better to laugh it off.

since you have come, it is the rule of life for people with good faces to live with it.

it is a blessing in life to be friends with such a person.

people with good faces deserve the most deep acquaintance

the Sutra of retribution for Sin and Blessing says: "be upright, the color is white, and the appearance comes first."

the truth, goodness and beauty of human nature are often engraved on a person's face.

people with good faces know what to do and what not to do. they are well-intentioned and open-minded.

people will meet a lot of people in this life, but very few people really deserve to know each other.

when you meet someone with a good face, you must cherish it.

because you give them a smile, they will give you a warmth.

May you and I all have good friends for the rest of my life.