People's fate, do not look at the face, do not look at feng shui, only look at.

/October 2023

ask Zen with all your heart


Shen Congwen once wrote in Border Town:

"everything happens by chance, but the result is as inevitable as fate."

in this world, everything has cause and effect, and nothing is accidental.

whatever cause you plant, there will be fruit;

what you do, you are blessed;

you have the same fate as you are.

A kind-hearted person will help others when there is trouble, but will protect him when there is misfortune.

as the old saying goes, "the way of heaven has no relatives and is often with good people."

God is fair to everyone and will not be partial to anyone, but he will certainly be kind to those who have good intentions.

A kind person who is kind to others will be treated as well as others.

during the warring States period, a man named Feng Kui was a guest under the door of King Meng Chang.

on one occasion, King Meng Chang was too busy in official business to collect debts, so Feng Jie volunteered to go to Xue Di to collect debts for him.

Feng Kui came to Xueyi and saw that many people were unable to pay their debts and felt compassion, so he burned all their IOUs.

Feng Jie went back to life all night and said, "although I didn't take back the money, I will bring you benevolence and righteousness."

when Mr. Meng Chang learned of his move, although he was dissatisfied, he did not punish him.

later, King Meng Chang was suspected by the monarch and had to go back to his territory Xue Yi to take refuge.

the people of Xue Di have always been grateful for the kindness of King Meng Chang and greeted his arrival at the city gate one after another.

because of the deep support of the people of Xue, King Meng Chang was soon called back by the King of Qi.

Mr. Meng Chang could not have imagined that he would bring such a blessing to himself by agreeing to Feng Kui's good deeds, and it was only then that he understood the meaning of what Feng Kui said at that time.

I can't help thinking of the sentence: "but do good deeds, don't ask about the future."

as long as one keeps good thoughts and does good deeds, he does not have to worry about the gains and losses of future interests, because God will not be kind to the good.

Life is an echo. If you plant the seeds of good, you will reap the reward of good.

A rose is given, but the fragrance remains in the hand.

being kind to others will be rewarded with blessings.

the heart is broad, the person is safe; the heart is big, the blessing is big

there are too many helplessness in life, and there are some things we can't change.

but we can change our mindset and choose whether to be bitter or happy.

as the Buddha said, "bitterness is not bitterness, pleasure is not joy, it is only a momentary obsession."

whether life is bitter or happy or not, it all depends on our thoughts.

as your heart is, the world you see is the same.

if you have a good mindset, the world will be clear.

if the mentality is poor, the world will be shrouded in dark clouds.

there were two patients who had the same kind of cancer.

one of the patients, after learning about his illness, was depressed and depressed, and was immersed in uneasiness all day long.

because of this, his condition deteriorated so rapidly that he unfortunately died before long.

another patient, after learning about his illness, was not depressed because of it. Instead, he changed his previous thinking and did what he wanted to do, how happy he was, and how to live.

day after day, unwittingly for three years, his illness not only did not affect his life, but became better and better.

it can be seen that no matter when and where, the state of mind is good or bad, to a large extent, will determine our fate.

in that case, why don't you want to open up a little bit, let go of your worries and live happily?

people's luck is good or bad, there is cause and effect; the better the state of mind, the better the luck will be.

when you have a positive attitude, you will feel refreshed and refreshed, and your life will suddenly become clearer and smoother.

you will meet whoever you are

remember that Yu Dan had a saying:

"what kind of self you are, what kind of love you will meet."

Wanna look gorgeous in these mint prom dress and shake things up a bit to bring oomph to your figure? Find that perfect dress, it will stay timeless and trendy season after season.

that's true. What kind of person you are, what kind of person you attract.

in fact, in daily relationships, it is not difficult for us to find:

enterprising people, they must also be surrounded by optimistic friends;

people with correct values will certainly come together with like-minded friends.

as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

people with the same soul and similar temperament will meet sooner or later.

just like Yu Boya, a doctor in the State of Jin, and the woodcutter, two people who had nothing to do with each other knew each other because they had the same unique views on string music, and became bosom friends for life.

just like diving queen Guo Jingjing and rich second-generation Huo Qigang, one comes from an ordinary family and the other has a distinguished background, but they are attracted by each other's excellence and tie the knot.

just like Li Bai and du Fu, they are as many as ten years apart, but they are familiar with each other, have a tacit understanding in spiritual communication, have the same views on the three values, appreciate and inspire each other.

you will meet whoever you are, and you will have fate as you are.

all unexpected encounters in this world are not accidental, but the result of the recognition of each other's souls.

people with similar souls will eventually cross thousands of mountains and rivers to meet you.

believe that butterflies will come if you are in full bloom.

as long as you do a good job of yourself, you are bound to meet people who cherish your heart.

as the old saying goes: all laws are empty, cause and effect are not empty.

Therefore, in this world, nothing can escape cause and effect.

there is never an unexplained cause or an inexplicable effect;

everything is up to you.

if you want to have a good relationship, you must be a kind person; if you want to have less trouble, you must be a broad-hearted person; if you want to meet an excellent person, you must first become an excellent person.

May you and I all have a good fate for the rest of our lives, do good deeds, meet good people, and become better ourselves together.

encourage each other!