Qixi Festival, this picture is crazy. After reading it, I burst into tears.

/October 2023


A "love letter" written on the medicine box went viral a few days ago.

Unfortunately, Grandpa Li and his wife in Nanjing both caught COVID-19.

due to different infection time,

the two men were isolated in different wards.

these are two old people who grew up together.

this is the first time I've been apart for so long.

Grandpa Li heard that his wife was in bad shape.

but the phone can't be reached.

when he was so anxious, he thought of writing a love letter to his wife with a medicine box.

A letter full of love diluted the haze caused by the epidemic.

the most reassuring thing in the world is

regardless of health or illness,

there are always people who care about you.

I can't be with you at the moment,

so I choose to send the truest love to you.

wife, take care of yourself and go home together.


on a rainy evening, people are hurrying back.

but the delivery boy, who has been busy all day, continues to deliver food.

his wife knows that in order to make more money,

will never go home for dinner,

he hurriedly prepared the meal and sent it to him.

look at him looking tired but eating happily.

my wife is a little distressed and happy.

I know the crowd is crowded,

I know the future is uncertain.

but as long as you are with me,

even if embarrassed,

I would also like to wander with you.


near Pingdingshan, Henan,

there lives a couple over 50 years old.

it doesn't dawn every morning,

the couple went climbing hand in hand.

such a warm and happy daily,

they have held on for more than ten years.

the old man often said, "hold hands and walk steadily."

others envy their healthy bodies,

before I met you,

I don't want to get married;

after meeting you,

I didn't think about getting married with anyone else.

in the future,

I just want to hold your hand,

share white hair with you for the rest of your life.


in the subway station,

an old lady gently hugged her grandfather from behind.

like a young couple in love,

romantic and sweet.

the deserted station suddenly becomes very warm at this moment.

the most romantic thing I can think of,

is to grow old with you.

from morning to dusk,

from youth to antiquity,

from the light of the sky to the dusk.

hold your hand and grow old together,

help each other, go and return together.


Grandpa is German and granny is Danish.

the two have been in love for a long time,

but none of them chose to live in each other's country.

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A sudden epidemic,

but that doesn't stop their determination to see each other.

Grandpa rides his bike 8 kilometers a day,

just to meet each other.

two white-haired old men sat at both ends of the barrier.

either read the newspaper or chat.

it's beautiful even if you can't hold hands and hug.

I used to think that the mountains and seas that I loved could not be leveled.

later, it was found that there were boats to cross the sea and roads in the mountains.

No matter how far apart, you and I will be together.


in a shopping mall in Lishui,

an old man is taking a picture of his wife.

in order to make his wife look more beautiful,

he keeps changing positions to find the most suitable angle.

I don't care if people say that my wife is strict.

I admit that I am henpecked.

for me,

there are only three important things for the rest of my life.

if you want to arrange them from light to heavy,

I think it should be

I love you.

Love you.



105-year-old grandfather facing 100-year-old grandmother,

express your love seriously and firmly:

"I love you. I have loved you for 80 years."

Grandma who has lost most of the language system,

can only smile and look at him in response.

Grandpa held his lover's hand tightly, and his eyes were full of love.

the old days were slow,

cars, horses and mail are all slow,

slow enough to love only one person in a lifetime.

I have loved you all my life,

has also been happy all his life.


In a card issuing shop full of young people,

Grandma picked out a hair card she liked and handed it to Grandpa.

Grandpa took it and gently put it on his grandmother.


his face was full of envy and longing.

have witnessed your youthful face,

also accompany you through the vicissitudes of time.

but no matter how time changes, my love for you will never change.

No matter how many years have passed, you are the little princess in my heart.


when Grandma gets old, it becomes more and more difficult to get downstairs.

so Grandpa made a special board.

every time you go downstairs,

step by step, help Grandma with her feet.

make it easier for Grandma to go downstairs.

from the moment you say "I do",

I decided to take care of you for the rest of my life.

whether it's wind, frost or rain or snow,

I will walk slowly with you.


in the nursing home,

A 94-year-old grandfather,

lost his wife last year.

because I miss too much,

he sleeps with pictures of his grandmother every night.

the staff in the hospital are afraid of cutting him with a photo frame.

gave him a pillow with a picture of his grandmother.

Grandpa was overjoyed when he received the pillow.

pick up the pillow and kiss and laugh.

say when you meet everyone:

"look, this is my wife. How beautiful she is!"

since you left,

see every little thing about you,

will think of you.

in your absence,

Fengxue is you, insipid is you,

the poor is you, the glory is you,

you are gentle at the bottom of your heart,

all eyes are on you.


Grandpa with Alzheimer's disease,

forget everyone after 20 years of illness,

but always remember his wife.


others asked him, who is Cao Xuemei?

he would say,


forgetful in old age,

only do not forget Acacia.

even if I forget the whole world,

will not forget you.

you are the one I have loved all my life,

from the day I fell in love with you,

you have taken root in my heart.


because of the epidemic,

A British grandmother was isolated in a nursing home.

she and her husband haven't seen each other for months.

after thinking about it, Grandpa decided to move directly to the nursing home.

the moment of reunion,

the two hugged and kissed passionately.

it's easy to fall in love at first sight,

it's too hard to help each other.

some people don't know what to say.

but no one can replace it.

even for a moment of separation,

makes me feel like a year.


Tianjin bus stop,

an old man held his backpack high,

shield your wife from the cold wind.

the granny was afraid that the other party would be tired and said:

"No, put it down."

Grandpa said:

"nothing. I've been here for decades."

in this way, Grandpa has been holding it up for more than 20 minutes.

until the bus came.

A little persistence,

reveal the most sincere feelings.

although I can't give you a better life,

but I am willing to protect you from the wind and rain all my life.

sharing weal and woe is not just talk.

this life is hard, but I will always protect you.


early morning,

Grandpa helped the wife of the sanitation worker who had just gone to work on the stool.

then wave the glow stick,

sing and dance by the side of the road:

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you."

on the empty and lonely long street,

the granny's happy laughter sounded slowly.

even if life is so hard,

you still remember my most important day.

because of you,

for me to live a long life,

becomes a blessing.

We have been in love all our lives,

now it turns out that life is still too short.


someone interviewed a pair of grandparents who had been together for decades.

want to know how they got together for so long.

it turns out that the reason is simple.

is to say "I love you".

express your affectionate love to each other every day

"I keep telling her that I love you."

romance is just a moment of surprise,

firewood, rice, oil and salt is the tenderness of a lifetime.

the best relationship,

doesn't make you cry all at once,

but you are spoiled by a long stream of water.

Love you,

how long do I live,


I quite agree with this paragraph:

"Love has no specific appearance, it only appears suddenly in a certain state."

sometimes sick, sometimes playful, sometimes caring, sometimes romantic. But no matter which kind it is, it is inseparable from the support of companionship. "

Yes, companionship is the most lasting confession.

not a certain day, a certain month, a certain year, but a lifetime, a lifetime.

maybe we won't understand until we are old. No matter how much we love, it is better to grow old with you.


this year Qixi Festival, may you also meet the person who can accompany you for the rest of your life, from the beginning of love to gray temples, spoiling you and loving you, never giving up.