Running is the cure for everything.

/October 2023

when I was 31 years old, I was a little depressed, and there were only a few things that brought me adrenaline. Running was one of them.

there is a wonderful saying on the Internet:

"the dopamine produced by the body during running is second only to falling in love. 3km specializes in treating all kinds of discomfort, 4km specializes in treating all kinds of internal injuries, and after 10km running, the heart is full of magnanimity and kindness."

3km is a hurdle, and it has to be supported by TV dramas in the mobile phone. After 3.5km, it becomes lighter and lighter, and it doesn't matter if there is no music and dog drama.

5km, I didn't want to stop. The murmur of the world disappeared and my heart became calmer and calmer. It seemed that running another 10km would not be a problem.

but I stop here every time. I'm afraid I'll run out of willpower this time. I don't want to run a kilometer tomorrow.

more than 30 years old, the small goals in life are built into results one by one, on the contrary, people are bound in the airtight walls.

is comfortable, he sometimes feels empty. He has enough, but he is still pushed forward by the anxiety created by the outside world, and a desire to vent is followed.

people say that the older you get, the more you should choose peaceful sports, but I always feel like I can't do it.

I may not be able to live in peace with myself. I need a little more intense and immersive exercise to torture myself and consume myself before I can relax completely.

the pain generated by the muscles the next day made me feel "alive" without pausing growth-growth was always accompanied by some form of pain.

running, an efficient weight loss exercise in my 20s, has been intermittently maintained by me, gradually losing the role of calorie burning and becoming a kind of dynamic meditation.

every time I run, there is always something in my mind that becomes clearer and clearer.

the frenzied music of the gym is gone, the repertoire on the phone is blurred, the men and women beside me are gone, and the rhythm at my feet is like a pocket watch in the hands of a hypnotist, leading me to no one.

A person in the wilderness has no time, distance, or even direction, and the burden in reality is left behind the same. The relationship between body and matter and spirit, these philosophical problems emerge, think and digest.

return to reality and get closer to yourself.

it is said that Jiro Ono, the god of sushi, was still in the habit of walking from home to the store every day when he was in his 80s. The nearly two-hour journey was mentioned by him:

"if I don't keep walking, how can I stand in the store all day when I'm in my 80s?"

sometimes I think he's talking about physical fitness, and sometimes I think it's more than that, like Haruki Murakami's morning run for years, no longer in order to lose the extra weight he produced after quitting smoking.

exercise is not just for the beauty and health of the body, but to create a possibility of thinking.

abandon all the anxiety, fear and self-doubt that reality brings, and pull yourself back to a pure land, day after day, making the appearance of life closer to what your heart wants.

I have tried several different exercises over the years, including yoga, aerobics, high-intensity interval training. Most of them need to be in the crowd.

in contrast, I prefer the exercise of being alone, probably lonely in nature, or thinking must be lonely, and I can't feel the peace of heart in the crowd.

in addition to running, swimming is also dynamic meditation.

sink into a state of devotion and heal my heart with the energy of the water itself. unfortunately, sometimes the children running about in the pool and the crowded swimming lanes make me step back on the treadmill.

in my twenties, I only got physical benefits on the treadmill, and in my thirties, I got mental gains in running.

for example, when I thought of the writer Amy Tan's speech yesterday, I suddenly felt that there was nothing wrong with people suffering, especially in the business of writing, they should keep a keen sense of pain, and not numbness is the source of creation.

Today, I am thinking that the breadth and depth of life cannot be both. What is my happiness? Is to do one thing at hand to the extreme.

these are the things I can't get in the busy daytime world.

the daytime life is a car, a house, a secure life in a universal sense, busy debating whether to satisfy one's own income or go further.

it is only at that moment in the evening that you can feel the feeling of stepping on the ground. if the material cannot reach some places in the heart, you have to adjust the distance from the original heart by yourself.

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running, which I hated but had to go, has now become a pleasure.

is not a calorie goal, not necessarily running a few kilometers, I just want to get that moment of self-understanding and self-acceptance.

holding on for a moment like this and that, I am getting closer and closer to myself.