Shandong's 29-year-old husband was diagnosed. After the trip was exposed, everyone on the net was angry.

/October 2023


the recurrence of the epidemic has tightened the hearts of many people.

A report on the prevalence of a man diagnosed in Yantai, Shandong Province has become the focus of discussion of many people in the past two days.

according to the current survey report, the man had only two days to accompany his wife and sick daughter during the nine-day trip.

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for the remaining seven days, except for work, I am inseparable with my friend Wang:

pick up the car to and from work every day, drink milk tea, go shopping, go to the studio to chat, stay in another community.

as soon as this popular tune came out, netizens talked about it one after another:

"covering the word wife, I thought it was a babysitter."

"how did he manage not to come home for a week? Those who don't know still think that Wang's family is his family. "

"his wife took care of the feverish child for four days, and he was busy shopping with others."

some people even directly assert that this "friend Wang" is the object of the husband's affair.

the same story happened at the beginning of this year.

A couple in Shijiazhuang were diagnosed. During the 14-day tryout, the 26-year-old wife was all worried about the family's food, clothing, housing and transportation.

buy maternal and infant products, buy steamed buns, repair mobile phones, buy vegetables, and buy daily necessities.

twice, I took my child to the hospital alone to see a doctor.

while the husband's itinerary is much simpler:

from 27 to 31 December, I rode an electric bike to the Internet bar at 8 o'clock to surf the Internet, ate Spicy Hot Pot nearby at noon, and went home at 5 p.m.

on the morning of January 3, I went to the Internet bar to surf the Internet, and then I couldn't come out because the community was closed.

stay at home the rest of the time.

how ironic is it that Mom is Superman and Dad is surfing the Internet?

and after this time is quiet, how much the wife's efforts have not been seen, how many helpless days and nights are supported alone?

under the epidemic, we can see the hearts of the people and show human nature. A current tone, tearing apart the truth of how many marriages.

some people say that the meaning of marriage is because life is difficult and you need a person to be in the same boat.

but nowadays, the normal state of marriage is that the wife works alone.

nanny marriage

will your lover take the initiative to do housework? Zhihu has many answers to this question.

obviously he got off work earlier than me, but he didn't even want to buy vegetables and shouted tired. And before I got home, he slumped on the sofa and said, "come on, cook. I'm hungry."

ask him to throw out the trash and play with his cell phone when he says yes. Ten minutes I washed the dishes and came out, and he was still playing with his phone.

data show that in China, only 7% of husbands are the main bearers of housework, while wives account for 65%.

and in the nanny marriage, the husband ignores his wife's dedication, does not have a word of thanks, but also tells her what to do and chills his wife's heart.

his wife buys him the best clothes and cooks meals to keep the house in good order after work every day.

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even if he is lying idle on the sofa, he is not willing to help.

his wife went out at the weekend to tell him to take care of the child. As a result, the child was admitted to the hospital with peanut allergies. Instead, he blamed his wife who was not at home.

his mother was in hospital, and his wife, who could no longer ask for leave, took advantage of the rest time to deliver the meal, in exchange for a rebuke:

"Why did you come to take care of my mother at noon? you should come early in the morning."

his wife's work is not worth mentioning in his eyes, and his wife is just messing around with her children.

his wife's contribution, in his view, is "his job" and has to be picky.

there is a line in "Dayyan":

"many husbands only treat their wives like refrigerators, feeling that as long as they open the door, there will be food to eat at any time. It is obviously very inconvenient when it is broken, but it never maintains it. "

when a woman gives everything for this family, burning a candle at both ends, she can't get back a word of care and understanding.

when a woman doesn't know how to split up for trifles, the other person is used to it, and the slightest dissatisfaction is magnified by shortcomings and mistakes.

widowed parenting

I have seen such a joke.

the teacher asked the child, what is "fatherly love"?

the child replied:

"fatherly love is that no matter how busy my mother is, my father sits motionless on the sofa, as steady as Mount Tai.


it's funny, but it's so sad that it's realistic.

Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie have been married for 4 years, a pair that everyone envies in front of the camera.

until the news of the marriage change spread, people didn't know that the two were not as sweet as they had seen.

as a matter of fact, Jiang Hongjie is not a qualified husband, let alone a competent father.

it has been revealed in the media that Jiang Hongjie suspended training on the grounds that Ai Fukuhara was pregnant, but did not take care of his wife and children at home.

after the baby was born, Ai Fukuhara had no time to hire a babysitter to take care of the baby because she was running between China and Japan, but she was criticized by Jiang Hongjie:

"Taking care of the children is a woman's business, so you can pay for the babysitter yourself. "

Ai Fukuhara is going out to work on New year's Day, and Jiang Hongjie is angry again:

"if you want to go out to work, I'll leave the baby with my mother and go out in the middle of the night to play; if my mother is not free, she will let the child sleep in the car



the former Ai Fukuhara was full of Jiang Hongjie. Her decision to leave during the divorce was the result of disappointment over and over again.

Women are not afraid of hard work, but of bitter hearts.

I am not afraid to give, but I am afraid that there is no difference between living and losing a spouse when there is a partner.

A neglected and neglected marriage will one day fall apart in chills and grievances.

what should a good marriage look like?

writer Su Cen wrote:

"when you encounter something, you can have someone to discuss, when you are bored, you can talk nonsense together, and when you are tired, you can huddle together for a meal."

Life is too long, there must be someone to keep you company. Aboveboard company, down-to-earth miss. Maybe that's what happened. "

parents, children and friends can only accompany us through a certain stage of life. Only husband and wife can depend on each other to the end of life.

the happiness of a family depends on the wife. But behind a good wife, there is no lack of her husband's love and tolerance.

A British writer once wrote:

if you give her a pile of ingredients, she will give you a good meal. If you give her a smile, she will give you the whole heart. She will magnify and multiply what you give her. "

A woman doesn't ask for much in her life. Don't wait until she really has enough disappointment to leave before it's too late.

Mr. Lao she wrote in Camel Xiangzi: to marry a wife, you have to act like a thing; if you are kind to your wife, you look like a thing.

Communication, understanding and companionship are always the best medicine.

, feelings begin with knowing each other, always cherish each other, may you live up to what you love, and may you not have to be brave for the rest of your life.