Sure enough, the people of sa Bing collapsed!

/October 2023

recently sa Beining has been on the hot search again. Click on it under curiosity, and only then do you realize that-- We know nothing about the power of CCTV's famous mouths! Sa Benin met Negmati, how much can we talk? That is, more than two hours of uninterrupted output, the drivers are talking about the degree of vomiting. It is said that the driver resigned directly later, because their voices were always in his mind every time he picked up the steering wheel. Ask for the psychological shadow area of the driver. What is even funnier is that teacher sa, the "culprit", also vividly described to teacher Cai Ming the driver's reaction after getting off the bus. Just these two, there's no cure! It made the audience happy and caused netizens to sigh: "sa Bing, give me a little bit of social bullying!" There should be no cure for their social bullying disorder. We are not surprised to see such an operation on sa Bei. After all, teacher sa's "leather monkey" temperament has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Sa Bing is simply a mudslide among the hosts of CCTV. Only sa Bing dares to be so presumptuous. According to legend, the only one who dares to "splash and roll" in CCTV is sa Bei. A few days ago, CCTV held a Mid-Autumn Festival party program, visiting class live invited YSboys-- sa Benin, Kanghui, Zhu Guangquan, Negmati four people to sit down. Boy, sa Bing is like a monkey in a peach party. As long as he opens his mouth, he can deflect the rhythm and grab the camera to death. The host here is still introducing moon cakes. Sa Bing made fun of Xiao Ni-- You finish it! There's half left! Don't waste it! Before he finished nagging at Nicky, he turned his head and complained to the audience. Host and Kanghui: watching you quietly Zhu Guangquan: I can't watch it any more. Stop him. Xiao Ni: don't dare to talk. Finish eating obediently. The scene was out of control for a time. Fortunately, Mr. Kanghui knows the best way to deal with him: "Don't worry about him, we'll follow the normal process." Once again, the hostess continued to ask questions in accordance with the process: how do you understand "CCTV boys"? As soon as the words were thrown out, sa Bei couldn't sit still! Passionate speech: What does B O Y S mean? Best of CCTV! The best in CCTV. Dare to speak madly in the talented CCTV, sa Bei, it is you! As soon as Zhu Guangquan, who was next to him, could not sit still, he quickly held down sa Bei: Battle of CCTV, not Best. Kang Hui on the other side also had to come forward and quickly look for repairs: In fact, I think the four of us are called boys, which means we are pretending to be young. Now our Xiao sa teacher disagreed and picked up the microphone: I am really young, we do not care about age. He also stepped on Kanghui, who was almost 60 years old. The honest man Kanghui had no choice but to show his senile spot, but sa Beining said earnestly that there was a place outside that could be done. Can't help sighing: teacher Xiao sa still has two faces? Last second: Kanghui is almost 60 years old. The next second: be considerate and helpful. After a meal, do you remember what you were talking about at first? Anyway, I don't remember. I just want to give him a thumbs up as a sign of admiration. The great thing about teacher sa is not only that the topic is wild and wild, but also that he can pick up the conversation no matter what others say. Xiao Ni and Zhu Guangquan praised their good costumes today, which are the white moonlight in the hearts of the audience. Sa Bing immediately took over, you two added white, that is, for nothing (homophonic "good-bye") ~ The host said that the two books just published by Kanghui and Xiaoni weighed as much as two jin and thirty taels. Mr. sa turned on the alternative mode of carrying goods: Their books are at the same price as cabbages! There is no shortage, neither the old nor the young. As long as the mouth is open, I can let others say a word, even if I lose in Benin! Who can take care of his mouth? But you think it's okay not to talk? No, Xiao sa can steal the scene even if he doesn't open his mouth. It's really hard, Mr. Kanghui. In this live broadcast, although there were only five people on the scene, the atmosphere was called lively. After all, if you play Benin alone, you can lead a team. It can only be said that teacher sa has become like this, and everyone present has something to do with it. Once upon a time, sa Bing was a beautiful man who would try his best to restrain his nature and maintain a decent image. In spite of this, he has not escaped the eyes of netizens-the more restrained he is, the funnier he is. After the funny gene was discovered by netizens, sa Bing's way to release himself also opened rapidly. Take part in the "Great Challenge" of CCTV Variety and draw yourself 8 abs. There is no idol burden at all, changing from black height to hilarious. Go out of CCTV and make a gag in "Star Detective" And contributed our favorite oxygen meme. Chest pain meme. Sa Bei, you think: upright and awe-inspiring, CCTV famous mouth The real sa Bei: a big meme, where to catch and use it. Among the hosts of CCTV, his painting style is the clearest and most presumptuous. Sa Bing, what on earth are you based on? Sa Bei, the male master of Shuangwen in Jinjiang. He Jiong once gave an appropriate explanation to Versailles: "show off the highest profile with the lowest-key words." Therefore, he elected sa Benin as the "ancestor of Versailles". If you have heard the story of seeing Peking University off, you will know why. When several CCTV hosts sat together to show off their college entrance examination results Sa Beining, who sent him to Peking University, disdained: Sitting with a bunch of people who still need exams is really... Seemingly careless, coldly uttered words beyond the reach of ordinary people. Yes, this is Versailles. And if you have heard the story of "Peking University is OK", you will further grasp the essence of Versailles. In the third year of high school, Peking University held a winter camp, and only top students were eligible to attend. Sa Beining stood out. "Unfortunately, I am one of them," he said. " While his classmates were still preparing for the college entrance examination, he received an admission letter from Peking University. You don't have to take the college entrance examination, just walk it off. But Xiao sa went so far as to struggle with-- "go, it's so far." "but not to go, north, big, also, also, can, to." Irritating, isn't it? You lost when you were so angry with him. The essence of Versailles is "suppress first and then"Yang "is very much like high achiever told you that he didn't do well in the exam, but he took out the test paper with full marks. Seeing Peking University off is enough to make people envy and hate. However, only sa Bei himself can surpass sa Bei. He sent off the graduate students of Peking University again! Is it sour? The acid can only be swallowed by itself. It is always the netizens who can't tell the bitterness. Whenever there is a # style hot search of # sa Beining's first home in Beijing, netizens who click in will always be severely beaten-- This guy is talking about Peking University again. In theory, such Versailles will be severely beaten by strict netizens. But sa Bing did not, but set off a legend. About his life, netizens gave an accurate definition-Jinjiang male configuration. What is the male master of Jinjiang? The hero who hangs all the way to the pinnacle of his life. It was mentioned earlier that Xiao sa is famous for seeing off undergraduate and graduate students of Peking University. In fact, the legend of him has been circulating in the campus of Peking University. The head of the choir, the deputy station of the radio station, the president of the basketball club, the president of the Chuangdian Society. He also led the team to win the gold medal in the Global College Chorus Competition. Literary and artistic activities blossom in every aspect. This is not difficult to explain why sa Bei was able to perform well in both singing and dance programs. In his sophomore year, he was also chosen to make a TV series Sunshine Road with his elder sister Zhang Quanling. Xiao sa is not only rich in extracurricular activities, but also has good grades of more than 85 points in all subjects. High achiever's reserved program-- playing with classmates by recitation. Excellent like this, I was scheduled to go to Beijing to work in the Supreme Law right after graduating from my senior year, because Baoyan gave up. As a result, as a graduate student, sa Bei, a law student, began to get in touch with jobs in other industries. With a non-professional background, he took part in the host contest of CCTV and won the championship. This is not an ordinary champion, but the 100-point champion given by the four judges as an exception. This piece of gold shines. Sa Bei, who is still studying for Kenyi, joined CCTV to host a new legal program, "Today's statement." Professional legal knowledge, coupled with the calm and generous host, let him sit firmly in this position. A few years later, the program once surpassed that of the news network. Back to the question: why won't Versailles be scolded? Because he's really good. Because of his professional knowledge reserve, profound cultural heritage and strong ability to control the market, he has become a famous mouth of CCTV. Do you remember? The prologue of "God" for 30 seconds: Amazing talent, soul-stirring. Sa Bei, the male master of Shuangwen in Jinjiang, there is always a "full point" behind the "opening and hanging" of life. Sa Benin, stop pretending. Some people say that the host of CCTV is indecent and harms the image of CCTV. Sa Bei took the funny route, and the man was set to collapse. Oh yeah?

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