The appearance of a woman after middle age is very accurate!

/October 2023

broadcast Qianlang

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it is actually very fair to judge people by their appearance.

when I was a child, I didn't understand why adults always meet someone and know whether this person is reliable and worthy of deep acquaintance.

We often think that a person's inner world is far more worthy of attention than her appearance, but the more people we come into contact with, the more we find that it is reasonable to judge people by their appearance.

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have heard such a passage:

"character is written on her face, character is engraved in her eyes, and a person's external image is a true portrayal of her spiritual world."

that's true.

A friend once made a blind date with the daughter of his mother's colleague. His mother praised the girl at home, but after the real meeting, she found that this was not the case at all.

he waited for more than an hour that day before the girl came. She was really beautiful, but the other party never explained the reason for being late, which made his impression much worse.

later, he took the initiative to talk to the girl several times, and the girl either answered a few modal words, or played with her cell phone with a cold face.

he knew right away that girls were not interested in themselves.

but for the sake of his mother, he still thought that he should have invited the meal anyway, and explained the situation to the middleman when he went back.

but when he ordered the meal, the girl almost made him unable to help it.

he asked the other party to order freely, and the girl ordered the most expensive page on the menu until the waiter reminded them that they could not eat so much at all.

the meal was awkward. When he got home, he told his mother that he didn't hit it off with the girl and solemnly declared that he would never go on a blind date again.

my friend said that if I didn't explain, I would still think that the girl might be beautiful and delicate, and the explanation made me even more suspicious of her character.

besides, people who are in their late thirties still use this means to test, which makes me feel that rejection is the right choice.

many people say that this is an era of looking at faces, and ugly people have no future.

but what I want to say is that the "face" seen in this era is a person's comprehensive accomplishment, not only a beautiful face, but also your self-cultivation and business.

after middle age, women fix their looks by themselves.

there is a saying:

"A person's appearance after the age of 40 is determined by the heart, and a kind heart is beautiful."

this is true. A woman's beauty before the age of 40 may be due to a good birth or a good marriage, but after the age of 40, if someone still praises you about your beauty, that is the true beauty.

because the looks of women after middle age are slowly repaired by themselves.

some time ago, Lao Zhang went to a student reunion and came back with a lot of emotion.

I haven't seen you for decades, and some people can recognize them at a glance, but some people don't bear the slightest resemblance, especially the goddess Yufen, so that all of them dare not recognize each other.

when I was reading, Yufen was the goddess in the eyes of many boys, and she was almost as beautiful as a doll.

but several decades later, not only did the goddess grow old, but even her beauty disappeared without a trace, just like a doll in those days, just a dream for them.

as a matter of fact, no one is young anymore, but Yufen is still dressed the same as when she was young. although her face is very white and her eyebrows look newly made, it is not commensurate with her age at all.

on the way back, everyone lamented how the goddess had become like this now.

some people with knowledge of the situation said that in fact, she has had a very hard time in the past few years. After her husband died, she did a lot of work for her son.

after listening to Yufen's story, everyone is no longer in the mood to joke.

there are so many unpredictable things in one's life.

A decent life can be given to no one but yourself.

A woman's life, in many cases, the longer she is entangled and wasted with bad things, the more she consumes herself.

A person's energy is limited. If you put more where it is not worth it, you will naturally lose it where it is worth it.

as the old saying goes, after middle age, a woman's appearance is closely related to her mental appearance.

after middle age, no matter what life is like, you can't give up the cultivation of your soul.

try to be a "selfish" woman for the rest of your life. No matter how things change, you can't forget your love for yourself.