The best living condition of a woman (must see at the age of 25-55)

/October 2023

see a sentence, which means that there are probably two kinds of girls.

the first is that you don't need to work hard, let your parents arrange everything, you don't have to work outside, and you can live a good life quietly.

the second is to give up comfort and try to live the life you like.

I used to think that most girls would choose the former, but in fact, many girls are duty-bound to choose the second way of life.

it turns out that Childe Qi is such a girl.

▲, originally a seven Childs, lifestyle blogger with 700W followers, was rated by fans as "cool enough to love the world and gentle enough to live all over the world"

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having worked for two years according to her parents' wishes, she found that she didn't like the days from nine to five.

so at the age of 26, she resigned to travel with her dream of traveling all over China and a restless heart.

the maverick girl insists that eyes in her twenties are used to see the world.

the seven princes are on the road 360 days a year, falling in love with mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, and meeting interesting souls.

Shanhai she passes by, she also passes by the streets and alleys, when you are still envious of poetry and distance, she has become the appearance you want most.

at the same time, Childe Yu wrote an average of one copywriting a day for four years.

and her copywriting, there is not only the romance of a little girl, but also the bravery of a big woman, with her extraordinary experiences and values between the lines, you will be moved by her content and want to know more about her.

she says keep a lot of love and a little ambition on the road.

in this way, she walked for 4 years and wrote for 4 years, sharing her travel experience with you, and talking about love and ideals.

but no matter what she writes, what she wants to express remains the same. She just wants to live the way she likes with those who like her.

seeing the world with rational eyes and writing feelings with emotional words has attracted many people who like her, from 0 to millions of fans and bloggers.

she says she really wants to do something for her fans, so a strange idea pops up-publish a book for her readers.

after waiting for about a year, I finally got the first book "Strange and Strange", which was originally written by Childe Qi.

and the new book just began to be pre-sold, and it was only one day before it reached the top of Dangdang's best-selling list.

there are 50 warm articles in "someone always likes you". Every word is like a friend who has known each other for a long time, telling me what's on his mind.

about travel, she said:

eyes in their twenties are used to see the world. I insist that an interesting life is half romantic and half full of mountains and lakes.

about love, she said:

the coolest time for a girl is that as long as she knows that a relationship is dead, she can simply say goodbye and stride forward in a chic way.

Girls are coolest when there is no one in their heart, probably the attitude in the face of feelings is: I like you, but I am not afraid of losing you.

about herself, she said:

I used to be very concerned about what other people think of me and wanted to be a person that everyone liked.

but now I feel more and more that it is better to be a person who recognizes me, because there will always be people who understand you.

it's like sharing some people and things in my eyes through my experience and thinking, and passing on some values that I think are right.

there are no standards for maturity and no boundaries for growth. Your life can only be defined by yourself, and you don't have to be who you are, but there are always people who like you because you are you, and there are always people who understand how strange you are.

Today, we talked with the original Childe Qi about her first book, "someone always likes your Strange". What's her story, from quitting her job to being a blogger with millions of fans?

▲ turned out to be the new book of seven princes, vlog

Q1: what did you think when you left a stable job and started traveling at the age of 26, when others thought you should start a family and start a business?

26 years old, in fact, I have begun to feel that time is tight, not in a hurry to get married or to succeed, but in the face of repeated mechanical work day after day, and then think about my dream of going out. I feel that it will be too late if I don't leave.

people think that I don't play my cards according to common sense, and I'm afraid I won't be able to get married in the future.

but in my eyes, being myself first is more important than getting married.

I have never regretted making this decision over the years, because realizing my dream is the most important thing for my generation to do, and it is never too late.

Q2: why is this the title of the book, "someone always likes your weirdness?" What is the message of this book?

this book has devoted my painstaking efforts over the past few years, but the title of the book is the quickest to determine.

because no matter how strange and unlikable we are now, as long as we don't give up on ourselves, we will be able to live the way we like, and someone will like you.

our youth should not live in the eyes of others, but must live happily, even if it is strange.

I hope my book will teach readers to live the way they like.

Q3: is it your attitude towards life that the cover of the book says "cool enough to enjoy the world and gentle enough to live all over the world"?

because I think the really cool is not smoking, drinking or tattoos, but the inner self-reliance, courage and self-reliance.What I want to do.

of course, waiting for a sunset, making breakfast for yourself, making a bottle of green plum wine and so on, these are the tenderness that life gives me.

live a good life and love yourself, and I tell my readers that loving themselves is the beginning of a lifetime of romance.

Q4: do you have any plans for life after the age of 30?

then after the age of 30, I think I will like myself better, because I know myself better than I am in my 20s, know what I want, and have more courage and ability to pursue my dreams.

about the plan, I hope I can write more words to warm and encourage more girls.

after chatting with Mr. Yu, I have a feeling that I know my heart better.

in fact, whether traveling or as a self-media blogger, he turned out to be an interesting girl who knows what kind of life he wants and that there are many beautiful things to pursue in the world.

can't be a perfect girl, but you can stick to the integrity of your world and be yourself.

what is more sad than not being beautiful and having no savings is that the heart grows old earlier than the body.

and the seven Childe's words have emotional expression, but also rational thinking, have seen the A side of the world, but also seen the B side of the world, this kind of text content is also really loved by readers.

become yourself with the original Childe. No matter how strange and strange you are, there is always someone to accompany you.

"there are always people who like your weirdness"