The feelings of adults are separated like this.

/October 2023



I once saw a message from a girl under a topic:

"the most regrettable thing is that you can't even break up face to face. It was clear that something could be solved with a hug, but we chose to argue and have a cold war on Wechat countless times, and finally became strangers without any explanation. "

indeed, in this popular world, many feelings are separated because of the cold war across the screen.

in fact, in the adult world, there is no one who is not tired, not difficult, not aggrieved, but no matter how urgent, no matter how big, never quarrel on Wechat.

because of the conversation across the screen, language is sometimes the beginning of misunderstanding.

in the popular variety show "wife's Romantic Journey", Hu Ke once revealed some problems in her marriage.

I remember once Sha Yi sent Wechat to Hu Ke, hoping that Hu Ke would come and see him, because he had to go back to Beijing to record a program for three days, and Hu Ke replied, "if I hadn't filmed my show that day, I would have come to see you."

as a result, Hu Ke had no way to get there because of a temporary announcement, which angered Sha Yi. The two men quarreled across the screen on the phone.

in a fit of anger, Sha Yi directly blocked his wife's Wechat and went to bed.

I have to admit that even celebrity couples have quarrels and conflicts.

but the problem is that no matter how bad the mood is, don't quarrel across the screen.

after all, not all couples can finally get back together like them.

most of the time, the understatement you send to the other person on Wechat appears in the other person's mind, maybe it is cold, heartless and cruel.

I still remember seeing a sentence on the Internet:

"the biggest problem with communication is that we think we are communicating, but in fact we are not really communicating."

I thought I made myself clear, and you thought you understood, but in the end we misunderstood and missed our whole life.

in fact, most of the time, you just want to spread your concerns and the other person's worries out loud, but you don't expect to convey them to the screen or Wechat, and it will turn into a tit-for-tat.

it is clear that they are not malicious to each other, but in the end, because of the cold words, the brain makes up a lot of implication, and interprets it excessively with prejudice, which eventually leads to separation.

so, never quarrel on Wechat across the screen. If you could meet, I don't think you would say so many words that hurt each other, nor would you come to the end of separation.

hiding behind the screen, you may not know how powerful words are.

however, the beginning of many regrets is quarreled across the screen and lost across the screen.

once had dinner with several friends, during which a boy told his personal experience.

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four years after he broke up with his ex, he is still alone.

he still remembers that the two men spoke on the phone before they parted. On the phone, because his work was not going well, he said a lot of nasty words to his ex with a high fever, and finally the other party hung up in disappointment, so he never saw each other again.

after traveling to several cities and listening to common friends talk about each other, he knew that those cruel words had really hurt each other deeply.

it was then that he suddenly understood this sentence:

A good word warms you in three winters, but a bad word hurts you in June.

until later, he went to his ex's city again and tried to explain it to him, but it was a pity that he was married.

so, once some people miss it, it is really a lifetime.

We may never know how hurtful those impulsive words can be.

Wechat may be withdrawn in two minutes, but cruel words can never be taken back.

across the screen, cold text, it is easy to be misunderstood, because the other person can not see your expression when you say those words, sometimes with a quick tongue, you may be able to win the immediate relief, but you may lose love in the end.

the greatest harm caused by a quarrel across the screen is that the other person often feels a pain in his heart when he or she thinks of what you said, reminding her that you have hurt her so mercilessly.

so I hope you will never argue across the screen in a relationship, and make it clear face to face, whether it's a serious rapprochement, a good hug, or going your separate ways.

Haruki Murakami also said: "people who hold each other in their hearts should not miss it."

, it's not easy for two people to get together, so don't let "you could have" become difficult in the end.